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  • Daniel Carens-Nedelsky's Slidecast

    1. 1. BackgroundBackground  Two previous UN conferences on populationTwo previous UN conferences on population concernsconcerns  19741974 World Population Conference in BucharestWorld Population Conference in Bucharest -produced the World Population Plan of Action-produced the World Population Plan of Action  1984 International Conference on Population in1984 International Conference on Population in Mexico CityMexico City --88 further recommendations added to the Plan of Action88 further recommendations added to the Plan of Action  The Plan of Action was the foundation for the draft ofThe Plan of Action was the foundation for the draft of the Programme of Actionthe Programme of Action
    2. 2.  19921992 Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro Convention on Biological Diversity -established international the relationship between-established international the relationship between development and the environmentdevelopment and the environment  5 regional population conferences from 1992-19935 regional population conferences from 1992-1993 -Asia and the Pacific-Asia and the Pacific -Africa-Africa -Europe and North America-Europe and North America -Latin America and the Caribbean-Latin America and the Caribbean -Arab States-Arab States  Smaller sub-regional preparatory meeting and expertSmaller sub-regional preparatory meeting and expert groupsgroups  Round table discussion on important issuesRound table discussion on important issues Shaping the Draft of the Programme of ActionShaping the Draft of the Programme of Action
    3. 3. Major targets for 2015Major targets for 2015  Reproductive health services for allReproductive health services for all  Universal primary educationUniversal primary education  Closing the gap between female and maleClosing the gap between female and male education by 2005education by 2005  Reduction of infant mortality rate below 35 perReduction of infant mortality rate below 35 per 1000 live births, and under-five mortality rate1000 live births, and under-five mortality rate below 45 per 1000 live births.below 45 per 1000 live births.  Reduction of maternal mortality 75% belowReduction of maternal mortality 75% below 1990 levels1990 levels
    4. 4. Contents of the Programme of ActionContents of the Programme of Action  Chapter IIIChapter III InterrelationshipsInterrelationships between Population, Sustainedbetween Population, Sustained Economic Growth andEconomic Growth and Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development  Chapter IV, Gender Equality,Chapter IV, Gender Equality, Equity and Empowerment ofEquity and Empowerment of WomenWomen  Chapter V, The Family, ItsChapter V, The Family, Its Roles, Rights, Composition andRoles, Rights, Composition and StructureStructure  Chapter VI, Population GrowthChapter VI, Population Growth and Structureand Structure  Chapter VII, ReproductiveChapter VII, Reproductive Rights and Reproductive HealthRights and Reproductive Health  Chapter VIII, Health, MorbidityChapter VIII, Health, Morbidity and Mortalityand Mortality  Chapter IX, PopulationChapter IX, Population Distribution, Urbanization andDistribution, Urbanization and Internal MigrationInternal Migration  Chapter X, InternationalChapter X, International MigrationMigration  Chapter XI, Population,Chapter XI, Population, Development and EducationDevelopment and Education  Chapter XII, Technology,Chapter XII, Technology, Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development  Chapter XIII, National ActionChapter XIII, National Action  Chapter XIV, InternationalChapter XIV, International CooperationCooperation  Chapter XV, Partnership withChapter XV, Partnership with the Non-Governmental Sectorthe Non-Governmental Sector
    5. 5. Dr. Nafis Sadik, Secretary-General of the InternationalDr. Nafis Sadik, Secretary-General of the International Conference on Population and DevelopmentConference on Population and Development  ““You should not be modest about yourYou should not be modest about your achievements. Compared with any earlierachievements. Compared with any earlier document on population and development, thisdocument on population and development, this Programme of Action is detailed in its analysis;Programme of Action is detailed in its analysis; specific in its objectives; precise in itsspecific in its objectives; precise in its recommendations and transparent in itsrecommendations and transparent in its methodology. In our field, it represents amethodology. In our field, it represents a quantum leap to a higher state of energy.”quantum leap to a higher state of energy.”
    6. 6. Verbal complaintsVerbal complaints  AfghanistanAfghanistan  Brunei DarussalamBrunei Darussalam  El SalvadorEl Salvador  HondurasHonduras  JordanJordan  KuwaitKuwait  Libyan Arab JamahiriyaLibyan Arab Jamahiriya  NicaraguaNicaragua  ParaguayParaguay  the Philippinesthe Philippines  Syrian Arab RepublicSyrian Arab Republic  United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates  YemenYemen Written complaints.Written complaints.  ArgentinaArgentina  DjiboutiDjibouti  the Dominican Republicthe Dominican Republic  EcuadorEcuador  EgyptEgypt  GuatemalaGuatemala  the Holy Seethe Holy See  IranIran  MaltaMalta  PeruPeru
    7. 7. Progress madeProgress made  1.3% annual growth rate as opposed to the 1.7%1.3% annual growth rate as opposed to the 1.7% from 1975-1990from 1975-1990  Almost universal reduction of fertility in 1990sAlmost universal reduction of fertility in 1990s  Reproductive health programmes established inReproductive health programmes established in many countriesmany countries  Raising contraceptive use among couplesRaising contraceptive use among couples indicating greater access to family planningindicating greater access to family planning  Average life expectancy at birth in the worldAverage life expectancy at birth in the world increased by about 2 yearsincreased by about 2 years
    8. 8. ChallengesChallenges  UNFPA estimates that 137 million women whoUNFPA estimates that 137 million women who want to use contraception cannot obtain itwant to use contraception cannot obtain it  920 women die for every 100, 000 lives births in920 women die for every 100, 000 lives births in Sub-Saharan Africa, as opposed to the 24/100,Sub-Saharan Africa, as opposed to the 24/100, 000 in Europe000 in Europe  Lack of information on youth sex.Lack of information on youth sex. -1.3 billion 10-19 year olds, the largest generation-1.3 billion 10-19 year olds, the largest generation of teenager in historyof teenager in history  Significantly falling short on spendingSignificantly falling short on spending
    9. 9. Journal of Public Health reviewJournal of Public Health review OptimismOptimism  Obama has removed theObama has removed the Mexico City PolicyMexico City Policy  The chance for aThe chance for a combination of forces withcombination of forces with HIV/AIDS objectivesHIV/AIDS objectives  The Cairo conference hadThe Cairo conference had the right ideasthe right ideas ChallengesChallenges  Abortion still a contestedAbortion still a contested issueissue  HIV/AIDS drives focus andHIV/AIDS drives focus and money away from populationmoney away from population concerns.concerns.  Millennium DevelopmentMillennium Development goals leave out many sexualgoals leave out many sexual and reproductive healthand reproductive health issuesissues
    10. 10. ConclusionConclusion  The ICPD was a landmark eventThe ICPD was a landmark event  Substantial changes have been affectedSubstantial changes have been affected  Significant challenges remainSignificant challenges remain  Hope for future changesHope for future changes