New teachers orientation


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New teachers orientation

  1. 1. Casa Del Nino Schools System Inc.
  2. 2. MISION STATEMENTWe commit ourselvesto produce students who haveCharacter,Academic Excellence,Scientific Mind and anAchiever
  3. 3. VISION “To be an educational institution valuedfor its ability to positively impact the livesof all its stakeholders, producinggraduates of the finest caliber.”
  4. 4. CORE VALUES Sincerity Enthusiasm Respect Vigor Initiative Compassion Empathy
  5. 5. GENERAL INFORMATIONCasa del Nino Montessori School is now on its32nd year of operation. The school is licensed bythe Department of Education and is a family-owned corporation also known as The Casa delNino Schools System Incorporated (CDNSSI).CDNSSI was founded by Rosario Gangan AciertoEd.D in 1981 and continuous to be the schoolPresident at present.Currently the school has 9 branches serving thecities of San Pedro, Binan, Sta. Rosa andCalamba as well Ilagan City and the town ofRoxas in the province of Isabela.
  6. 6. THE ADMINISTRATION The administration is responsible for: Delivering the programs and services tothe students as well as implementing thelong range plans for the school andcarrying out the policies directed by theCasa del Nino School Board.
  7. 7. THE EDUCATION STAFF The education staff is responsible for: Implementing classroominstruction, activities andprograms, monitoring and reporting onthe progress of individual students andmaintaining good professionalrelationship with the parents.
  8. 8. What you can expect fromCASA Provide you with a decent working environment so thatwe will continue to be known as a “great place to work.” Train and develop competent teachers and staff whounderstand and meet our objectives in line with ourMission and Vision. Respect individual rights and treat all employees withcourtesy and consideration. Maintain a mutual respect in our working relationship. Select people on the basis of skill, training, ability, attitudeand character without regard toage, sex, color, race, creed, religious and politicalaffiliation, marital status, or disability that does not prohibitperformance of essential job function.
  9. 9. What CASA expects fromyou: Your first responsibility is to know yourown duties and how important yourduties are to the total operation of theschool.
  10. 10. What CASA expects fromyou: Secondly, you are expected tocooperate with the Administration andyour fellow employees or co-teachersand maintain a good team attitude.
  11. 11. What CASA expects fromyou: Whatever your position, you have animportant assignment: perform everytask assigned or expected of you to thevery best of your ability.
  12. 12. Code of Ethics Use proper channels and chains ofcommand. Discuss confidential information onlywith authorized persons. Adhere to the terms of our FacultyManual and MRPS Refrain from gossip, derogatoryremark, criticism, “grapevine”communication, and judgment of fellowteachers, students and administration.
  13. 13. Code of Ethics Respect the positions of the otherpersons on the staff with the school. Be aware of personal appearance andbe neatly and appropriately dressed. Refrain from discussing the deficienciesof students in a way that would beembarrassing to the child , the parent orthe school Practice patience, perseverance andcalmness
  14. 14. AdministrativeRequirementsYour Personnel file (201 File) All employees are required the followingdocuments on file: Birth Certificate Medical Certificate Transcript Of Records and othercertificates received Photocopy of Diploma
  15. 15. AdministrativeRequirements Resume Pre-Employment Application Employment Contract NBI Clearance SSS Form E-1 or E-4 Tax ID Number (TIN)
  16. 16. AdministrativeRequirements Pag-Ibig Number Philhealth Number Montessori Credential (for MontessoriCertified Teachers) LET ID or number Two pieces latest “2x2” ID pictures
  17. 17. AdministrativeRequirements Keeping your personnel file up to datecan be important to you with regard topay, deductions, benefits, and othermatters. Please be sure to notify theoffice as soon as possible if you have achange in any of the following items:legal name, home address, e-mailaddress, telephone number/mobilenumber, marital status, person tocontact in case of emergency.
  18. 18. COMPENSATIONWage and Salary Policy Salaries are calculated on an individualbasis based on position, education, yearsof experience and performance. The amount is agreed to by both theemployee and the school and is apermanent part of the employee’sEmployment Contract.
  19. 19. COMPENSATION Salaries are reviewed annually and willbe modified or updated each year basedon above mentioned considerations andnumber of enrollment. All employees are required to time clockin and out each day.
  20. 20. COMPENSATION All employees are paid every 15th and 30th ofeach month. If either of those days falls on aSaturday, you get paid on a Friday but if it fallson a Sunday, and then you get paid on aMonday. For Lead Teachers, Class Advisers andSpecial Teachers, the last pay of the schoolyear will not be issued until all student reportshave been submitted and classrooms havebeen cleaned and inspected by yourimmediate supervisor and your clearance havebeen signed by the school authorities.
  21. 21. IMPORTANT: Personnel issues such as salary isconsidered a private matter between theemployee and the employer thereforediscussion of such matter is strictlyprohibited and is considered grounds fordismissal.
  22. 22. Qualities of a CASAN TeamMember Be a part of a team – have a positiveand cooperative attitude Show self-respect and treat others asyou would want to be treated. Be punctual, dependable and willing tocomply with school policy. Dress appropriately and maintain a goodappearance.
  23. 23. Qualities of a CASAN TeamMember Smile, be happy, love children, andmake it fun! Follow proper lines of communication. Be in good health and emotionallystable. Have a sense of order and be able tostay organized.
  24. 24. Qualities of a CASAN TeamMember Be willing to serve at all times. Use neither rough nor excessiveaffection nor physical handling ofchildren or students. Exemplify grace and courtesy to thechildren/students. You are the example.
  25. 25. Qualities of a CASAN TeamMember Respect the dignity of the student andothers on the staff. Have a lot of patience, understandingand sense of humor. Avoid domination. Help plan and communicate with otherstaff members on a daily, weekly, andmonthly basis.
  26. 26. Qualities of a CASAN TeamMember Like to work with children. Have a passion for teaching. Call well ahead of time if you are sick. Plan interesting things to do inside theclassroom.
  27. 27. Qualities of a CASAN TeamMember Make sure that the environment youwork (classroom, faculty room etc) ismaintained at all times. Return borrowed materials (likeLCD, CD player, paper cutter, etc.) tothe office or their proper place after use. Make suggestions that will make theschool a better place for children andstudents to learn.