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Different Types of Computers


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A powerpoint for people with no or little knowledge of computers.

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Different Types of Computers

  1. 1. Different Types ofComputer By Daniel Atkinson
  2. 2. Desktop A desktop PC (Personal Computer) is a computer meant for a desk or a home, it is not wireless or portable. Desktop pc’s have a mouse, a keyboard and a base unit which includes the computers components. Some newer models have the base unit in with the monitor to save space. Desktops are generally cheaper than laptops and have a longer life span. An example of a Desktop is an Apple Mac.
  3. 3. LaptopA laptop is a portable wireless PC, it can doeverything a desktop can do, but it can do it onthe move which makes laptops generally morepopular because you can use a Laptopanywhere in the home. Laptops are generallymore expensive than desktops and netbooks.Instead of a mouse, laptops have touchpadswhich is built in with the integrated keyboard.An example of a Laptop is the Dell Inspiron andApple Mac.
  4. 4. Netbook A Notebook or Netbook, which is what it is sometimes known as, is a PC that is similar to a laptop but is cheaper, lighter and a lot small (e.g small like a notebook) Netbooks are great for business men because they can use them on the move and they can also easily put them in a brief case or shoulder bag without taking up too much space.
  5. 5. TabletA tablet is a wireless phone-like computer with atouch screen. The touch screen enables you tocontrol the pointer by moving your finger aroundthe screen, this is instead of using a mouse. Youalso use a virtual keyboard rather than aphysical one. Tablets are bigger than PDA’s andMobile Phone’s and are more limited to whatthey can do compared to aLaptop or Notebook.An example of a Tablet is the Ipad.
  6. 6. PDA A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a phone- like device that manages information. Most modern PDAs can access the internet and can operate like phones so they are now commonly know as Smartphones. PDA’s are becoming uncommon mainly because phones can do all the things PDA’s can do, but they can also do more.
  7. 7. Games Console The purpose of a games console is to play video games. Like most modern devices you can now access the internet, play other types of media (DVD & Iplayers) and talk with friends. An example is the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The PS3 and Xbox are 4th generation games consoles.
  8. 8. MobileA mobile phone is a portable phone device thatallows the user to phone someone while on themove, as well as writing a text message. Mostmodern phones can also connect to the internet,social networking sites (e.g twitter & Facebook),play games and send emails. Some examples ofmobile phones are the Iphone, blackberry andHTC.
  9. 9. Base Unit A Base unit is a case that contains all of the desktop components. It contains components like the DVD Drive, RAM and Motherboard. Form factors (e.g size & shape) of the case may vary. Portable computers like Netbooks,laptops and tablets don’t have a base unit. Newer Desktops have a base unit built into the monitor.