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Clothing distribution at haku village 2010


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Clothing distribution at haku village 2010

  1. 1. Clothing distribution at lower Haku Village only landslide affected area 2010Special Thanks to Australian Nola Ainsworth, Marylyn Lowder, May Bartlett,Tricia small their friends who donated those clothes to Nepali poorest mountainPorters’ communities similarly British Dr. Sandy Scott, Mr. John Bean, CanadianMartin Bough, American Gordon Fowls and every individuals who have helpeddirectly or indirectly in our mission. Mountain porters association Nepal would like toexpress heartfelt thanks to the individuals, volunteers and organizations for theirgenerous help and support to high Himalayan poorest porters communities whohave contributed clothes, stationery and many more.On the occasion of the lord Buddhas 2554th birth day we visit at lower Haku Village todistribute these clothes. This is a small separate village where are only73 houses altogether and one of the landslide affected area which is situated in 1460m from the sealevel but also we have to pass 2200m hill then descend again to reach there and lies innorthern Nepal, close to the Tibetan border and at the bottom of the Langtang and GaneshHimalayan region which is just a shadow of famous trekking route. Being a mountainousregion, lands are not very fertile. Although 100% people depend on agriculture, villagerscannot produce enough crops to feed their families. Only two boys are educated (havereceived intermediate degree 10+2) among 2987 population and a girl is going to finishher school education this year. Literacy rate of Haku village is very low.In 2007-08 (HDI report) Haku is the poorest VDC of Nepal among all but in these daysforeign employment and remittance helping their living standard and slowly changingnow but nothing change in knowledge. Foreign employment to UAE, Qatar, India andMalaysia is their main target both of the girls and boys after getting sixteen years oldwhile they will get passport.487 girls and 697 boys are in foreign countries for work inthese days according to the VDC official data. If we ask the primary students about theiraim, every body will tell us UAE, Qatar, India and Malaysia after primary school finish.This is a trend in this village. In Lower Haku there are 510 people live al together (childto elderly) and the village is a majority of mountain porters. In Haku VDC there are morethen 3000 people are living, all they are landless people even they are farmers andseasonal porter, the area of the Haku development committee is the property ofSwayambhunath Guthi (monkey temple) Kathmandu.There is currently we have built a primary school in April 2009 was completed where is153 children are studying for primary level. Children come there from nearest four othervillages. After finishing the primary level they have not any option for secondary levelbecause the nearest secondary school is 4 hours far from the village so it is impossible forthem. We are collecting some fund for this village to build a secondary school in nearfuture.In this visit we have distributed warm hand knitted 174 caps, 53 pairs of shocks, 87sweaters, 23 jackets 72 trousers, 11 pair of gloves, 14 pair of sunglasses 139 pair ofchildren verities altogether 134 school children and few poorest and vulnerable childrenwho cannot attain at school including orphanages, helpless, disabled, babies, primarylevel students, mothers and few old people were benefited and all these people areextremely Happy and grateful with all our donors, volunteers and supporters and theywould like to express their heartfelt thanks to all of the donors and wishing continuesupport in nearly future too.
  2. 2. Finally our sincerest thanks again to the chair person of Haku VDC, secretary of theHaku VDC, teachers of the primary school, local villagers and all our donors, partners,volunteers and friends! And if you would like to make a contribution to assist thesevulnerable groups, we appreciate donations of clothing, food, and stationery. No matterhow you choose to contribute, you can affect great change in this part of world and theseporters’ children’s lives.SOME PICTURES ARE AS FOLLOWS.THANK YOU!Kind regards,Harikrishna devkotaGeneral SecretaryMountain porters association NepalLower Haku Village affecting by land slide where we have distribute d clothes.
  3. 3. Ready to distributionTwo teachers are selecting matching clothes for children
  4. 4. Taking clothesChildren are eating potatoes
  5. 5. Eating Millet Dhido with Local family at Lower HakuVillagers are carrying their basic needs from Market and two are carrying our distributing clothes
  6. 6. A child is taking a sweaterA girl is taking a sweater
  7. 7. Giving clothes to the girlChildren are in queue
  8. 8. Taking sweaterFirst priorities to girls
  9. 9. Wearing a capWearing a cap in front of his mom
  10. 10. Two young girls (teachers) are choosing the matching clothes according to children sizeA household lady is requesting more clothes for her 9 children
  11. 11. Some children are wearing sweaters already
  12. 12. Children are standing in queue
  13. 13. She is carrying grass to feed her buffalos(Note: school dresses for the school children are sponsored by Andrew USA and David Canada inApril 2010 and to attract the children at school to study we always focus to distribute the clothes toschool children which makes an impression to other parents who never send their children at school)Thank you very muchHari Krishna devkota