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Microsoft Project Continuous Momentum


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Learn about Project Online capabilities and managing projects for an organization in O365.

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Microsoft Project Continuous Momentum

  1. 1. Microsoft Project Continuous Momentum Gary Crich PPM Solution Specialist – Central Region Global Black Belt Microsoft
  2. 2. MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Modern work management vision How Microsoft’s work management ecosystem addresses today’s PPM needs
  3. 3. Modern work management problems MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Transparent Get the big picture: all work, from tasks to portfolios, across multiple services Versatile Collaborate on projects with flexible methodologies and familiar Microsoft tools Intuitive Start fast with simple interfaces and modern web experiences Integrated Run your end-to- end business processes on a single platform Compliant Innovate with confidence on a highly compliant, secure, scalable platform Work is happening everywhere all the time – we lose track Our teams choose their own tools to work the way they want Our accidental PMs and millennials want simple, visual tools Our business processes cross functions and systems A single compliance, security, or platform issue can disrupt business Modern problems Modern solutions
  4. 4. Modern work management strategies MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Get the big picture Gain visibility across the enterprise into all work, no matter the size or complexity, from tasks to portfolios, across multiple services Make better decisions Work the way you want Collaborate on work using the right methodologies and tools to match project type and preferred work style Get more done Start fast Get started quickly with easy-to-use tools for all types of work, modern web experiences, and familiar Office 365 apps Deliver quicker Model your processes across functions and systems Integrate workflows, business processes, sales, and financials on one platform Run your business your way Focus on business, not technology Minimize business risks with a cloud platform that helps meet rigid compliance, security, performance, and scalability needs Innovate with confidence
  5. 5. Modern work management ecosystem MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL EPMO PMO Project teams Project Online Roadmap Project Online Project Home Microsoft CloudPlatform Portfolio-level PPM Execution-level PPM Collaborative work management Business processes Project Office 365 Teams / Planner Power BI Dynamics 365 Azure DevOps PowerApps, Flow, CDS
  6. 6. Modern work management outcomes empowers companies to achieve better results by aligning investments with projects and resources, working with agility and flexibility, and collaborating globally—all using intuitive, consistent tools in the Microsoft Cloud. Online Project Teams work the way they want Executives get the results they need MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL
  7. 7. MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Modern strategies How a modern PPM solution should help achieve desired outcomes
  8. 8. Work the way you want Work their way Manage projects using the team’s preferred method, like agile, waterfall, ad hoc, or a hybrid, for greater flexibility Use agile task boards to track Scrum sprints, or keep it lean with Kanban-style boards Use tools that match their work style Familiar capabilities ad collaboration through native Office 365 tools help eliminate traditional project team silos Manage tasks and time from anywhere Enable teams, not just individuals, to report on and own tasks until completion anywhere, anytime, on any device Maintain governance Meet internal compliance requirements with built-in governance tools, like workflows A modern PPM solution should help teams… MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. Start fast Empower all information workers Enable everyone, from accidental to professional project managers, to manage projects • Accidental and occasional PMs can benefit from simple task boards for managing smaller projects • Professional PMs can use advanced tools for a more nuanced and complete approach Boost productivity with familiar tools Get project teams started fast with intuitive PPM tools and modern web experiences that resonate with users A modern PPM solution should help teams… MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL
  10. 10. Get the big picture A modern PPM solution should help enterprises… Make better decisions Get more done Deliver quicker Run your business your way Innovate with confidence Align investments to strategy Identify, select, and deliver project portfolios that best align with business strategy to maximize ROI Choose projects objectively Prioritize project-based sales opportunities with built-in intelligence to plan for successful outcomes Monitor progress toward business goals Monitor progress toward business goals using integrated business intelligence dashboards Gain visibility across work Quickly understand status and investments for all work efforts, from portfolios and programs to projects and tasks Build visualized roadmaps to see all projects in one place. Learn more about Roadmap here.
  11. 11. Easily access all projects and roadmaps from across the ecosystem through a centralized hub Create new projects and choose the preferred methodology—all within the hub Drill into individual projects for more details no matter where it’s being managed (i.e., VSTS, Project Online, Planner, or Dynamics PSA) Project Home MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Get the big picture to make better decisions
  12. 12. Quickly launch new projects with an easy- to-use, familiar web experience Project Home
  13. 13. See all portfolio roadmaps and proposed/current projects in one place Create roadmaps and define key dates at the portfolio level for more accurate portfolio planning Connect to key project tasks and milestones from VSTS, Project Online, Planner, and Dynamics PSA to get the latest health status Prioritize projects inside roadmaps to achieve top- down planning Portfolio Roadmaps MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Get the big picture to make better decisions
  14. 14. Roadmap Visualize project tasks in a roadmap view
  15. 15. Business governance & structure Business goals & initiatives in a single view IM, presence, tagging, attaching files Roadmap of Q1 objectives Live or reoccurring team meetings from Azure DevOps from Project Online
  16. 16. MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Project Home / Roadmap Demo
  17. 17. Customize your PPM experience Get the PPM solution you need with native Office 365, Dynamics 365, and VSTS capabilities Easily extend functionality Use Power Apps and Flow to create custom apps and automatic workflows—no coding experience required Collaborate with integrated tools Foster greater collaboration and avoid tool proliferation with a PPM solution that includes integrated solutions for simple task management, scheduling, communications, and more A modern PPM solution should help teams… MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Model your processes across functions and systems
  18. 18. Scale automatically Manage up to 30,000 projects and resources on a single platform while maintaining enterprise-grade performance Forget about infrastructure Automatically meet the highest levels of security and compliance requirements, including regional and industry standards Work securely and achieve compliance Get enterprise-grade security, privacy, and transparency through Microsoft 365 Meet compliance requirements across industries and regions, including HIPAA, FedRAMP, EU Model Clauses, GDPR, ISO 27001 & ISO 27018, and many more MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL A modern PPM solution should help teams… Focus on business, not technology
  19. 19. Our promise The five critical tenets of Microsoft Project No feature will be added that degrades Project in these areas All features will require a clear plan for addressing each tenet Easy and intuitive to get started and use for every IW Collaborative by nature Scales to more than 100,000 projects and resources Meets the highest levels of compliance and security Highly performant
  20. 20. MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL What’s next How Microsoft Project continue to support modern PPM strategies
  21. 21. Portfolio roadmaps Project Home Power BI Content Pack Scrum and Kanban boards Planner integration Continuous PPM momentum Project 2019 Planner enhancements GDPR support FUTURE INVESTMENTS RECENT RELEASES Improved Microsoft 365 collaboration integration Support for 30,000 projects Timeline enhancements Greater accessibility Flow integration Planner enhancements Planner in GCC MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL New Project Management experience
  22. 22. All licensing agreements include Microsoft’s commitment to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) GDPR needs met through: • Deletion, rectification, transfer of, access to and objection to processing of personal data • Extensive global partner ecosystem for expert support • Timeline security support and notifications General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL Focus on business, not technology to innovate with confidence
  23. 23. © Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Thank you. MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL