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  1. 1. DAZAH We Connect People Mountain View, CA NYC, NY 718 229-2900
  2. 2. “ ” IF I HAD ASKED PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANTED, THEY WOULD HAVE SAID FASTER HORSES. ⏤ Henry Ford Customers don’t know what they want until you show it to them.
  4. 4. FINDING PEOPLE WITHIN THE CURRENT LANDSCAPE eHarmony requires you to fill out a 100 question personality and compatibility questionnaire, which fails if customers are not brutally introspective thinks the best way to your soulmate is to list everyone in their database filtered to a gender, an age range, and a geographical location Tinder’s algorithm uses swiping data to classify people based on their initial desirability (a.k.a. physical attractiveness) LinkedIn has a huge problem with recruiter and marketing spam Meetup is a time consuming and inefficient way to meet people with purpose, and has no functionality to search profiles of attendees
  5. 5. OUR PATENTED TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCES THE LIKES OF THE AMAZON RECOMMENDATION ENGINE TO THE WORLD OF USER MATCHING We are the only algorithm to focus on instant gratification and positive engagement by automatically matching you with people most likely to converse with you.
  6. 6. OUR PROCESS IS PATENTED • We don’t match you with people just like you • We do match you with those that have a strong affinity for people just like you Mine user engagements across a social platform Create a profile for each user comprised of common attributes amongst people they interact with and common attributes amongst people they actively choose to ignore Provide sorted matches for an end-user of those that have a history of engaging with people with attributes similar to the end-user
  7. 7. EXAMPLE User A Enjoys Hiking Web Developer Watches Thrillers User B Gamer Electrical Engineer Watches Comedies You Enjoys Hiking Web Developer Watches Sci-Fi User B initiated a conversation with User A, and they are now connected You are presented with User B as a potential match, because you are a hiking web developer, and User B has demonstrated an affinity for hiking web developers
  8. 8. BENEFITS Users no longer need to know what they want Matching people by behavior means the platform can act based on what the customer has demonstrated they want and not what the customer may think they want Less perceived spam because connection invites and unsolicited messages will come from people with characteristics the recipient likes Instant gratification and higher retention by presenting user suggestions that are the most likely to result in real-time, positive engagements
  9. 9. DANIWEB.COM CASE STUDY DaniWeb Technology Q&A site is free to post tech-related questions and answers Founded in 2002, with a long history of being an entirely free community In 2013, began optionally allowing askers to pay in exchange for DaniWeb notifying the top 5 users most likely to answer 22% of users asking questions chose to pay between $1 and $10 per question for this benefit Each user sponsored an average of 4 questions Sponsored questions received double the responses, with 0% left unanswered, despite answerers not being compensated
  10. 10. TIMELINE 2002: DaniWeb was founded by computer science sophomore Dani Horowitz in her dorm room 2003: Became one of the first online publications to independently track and monetize user behavior 2010: Bootstrapped DaniWeb to 10M visitors per month and $850K annual gross revenue with 1 employee and no debt 2013: Developed and launched an algorithm to match askers with likely answerers 2015: Launched the Dazah business networking web app and API 2016: Filed patent application 2018: Rebranded the Dazah API as DaniWeb Connect, giving API users access to 1.2M users and 100M data points for matching April 2019: Patent on the matching algorithm granted Ramping up third-party apps utilizing DaniWeb Connect with our single sign-on Licensing to enterprise communities and social platforms