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9-29-16 DPPortfolio-NW Learn-Performance


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9-29-16 DPPortfolio-NW Learn-Performance

  1. 1. 1 Danette Peterson, M.A. Portfolio Instructional Designer/Trainer Coach/Inside Sales Trainer
  2. 2. Instructional Designer/Trainer/ Coach/Inside Sales  Strategically executed 80+ monthly sales of home, auto and power sports insurance policies.  Built customer relationships with confidence utilizing my enthusiastic personality, high energy and excellent follow through.  Processed 30-40 sales calls a day while closing 20% exceeding daily quota.  Consistently recognized for outstanding sales and excellent customer service skills.  Led team huddles on a regular basis highlighting positive achievements and leading motivational exercises increasing team productivity.  Closed sales efficiently and effectively for vest business results.
  3. 3. Instructional Designer/Trainer/ Coach/Inside Sales  Consulted with internal business partners on insurance skills.  Certified facilitator for “Coaching Skills” Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness Program/Facilitated several sessions for internal business groups.  Consulted with internal business units to determine insurance Continuing Education Needs & Developed Life CE workshops.  Consulted with insurance trainers & leaders to update new hire training materials and taught Personal Lines Pre-licensing test.  Facilitated Shared Learning Services courses to mixed internal business groups ( Assessment, Diversity, In-House Sales)
  4. 4. Instructional Designer/Trainer/ Coach  Led New Hire Orientation Facilitator at CHS, Principal Residential and CitiMortgage- Updated the program and facilitated weekly sessions. Certified Citi new hire facilitator for: Your Key to the Citi; Mortgage Banking Basics; Respect at Work & Diversity SOS.  Consulted with internal business leaders/focus groups & developed curriculum design to create a new Mortgage Banking Certificate Program. Partnered with CampusMBA for distance learning capabilities. Revised Program for CitiMortgage. Received national recognition for this program through CampusMBA.  Facilitated Customer Service workshops and Time Management; Work/Life Balance, plus Change Process Improvement.  Consulted and partnered with various department managers to identify gaps and implement Human Performance Improvement processes creating productive teams.  Researched Manager Leadership Program.
  5. 5. Learning and Performance Specialist/Instructional Designer/Trainer Lead facilitator for New Employee Orientation sessions. Earned high evaluation scores and led the continuous improvement of the program. Quest customer service team member: Executed Performance Consulting and developed a customer service process to change the customer service culture in the hospital and clinics. Developed and delivered curriculum and continuously evaluated and improved the program. Implemented up to a Level Three evaluation process insuring a quality program creating a positive, measurable impact on the customer service culture at CHS. Developed Curriculum and instructed manager workshops and others including: Time Management for Healthcare Professionals’, Effective Meetings and Unit Secretary Certificate
  6. 6.  Peterson Training Services Executed Performance Consulting with service industries, factories and other businesses to assess training needs, develop training plans/processes, align determined solutions with company goals, researched and developed curriculum/processes, instructed and evaluated programs/processes while implementing continuous improvement. Focused on DISC Personality Profile  Bank of America Consulted with eight Senior Vice Presidents to create a departmental training/process improvement plan as a Training Director. In addition, my responsibilities included: Creating and directing a new Rewards and Recognition Program. Presenting team building activities for staff development. Developing curriculum for a workshop “How to Use the Managers’ Handbook”. Learning and Performance Specialist/Instructional Designer/Trainer
  7. 7. Learning and Performance Specialist/Instructional Designer/Trainer  Outcomes: I have project management experience. I have a vast amount of instructional design/performance improvement and facilitation experience with external and internal business partners including large and small groups and a variety of professions and levels. Skills developed include: Consulting, process improvement, management/leadership, mortgage banking, customer service, project management, negotiation, communication, supervisory, budget control, needs assessment, developing training plans, research and curriculum development, instruction, evaluating programs/continuous improvement, DISC Personality Profile I am a people person who has a passion for all phases of performance consulting, instructional design/training and thrive in a fast paced environment!
  8. 8.  Owner & Operator of Peterson Training Services (PTS)  Contracted with Kirkwood Training Services as a Special Project Consultant/Facilitator Executed consulting skills & assessed company training/process needs. Developed training partnerships. Researched and Developed Curriculum/process plans . Aligned module-based/customized training/processes to organizational needs. Facilitated performance improvement processes, workshops and certificate programs. Focused on Manager/Leadership area utilizing the DISC Personality Profile. Learning and Performance Specialist/Instructional Designer/Trainer
  9. 9. Special Consulting Projects  Consulted with internal business leaders and developed a Mortgage Banking Certificate Program for Principal Residential Mortgage/revised for CitiMortgage. Partnered with CampusMBA to enable distance learning for this program. Received National Recognition by CampusMBA for this unique program.  Consulted & developed Hiring tool & Team Building utilizing the DISC profile.  OUTOME: Consulted & assessed company training needs.  Developed training partnerships.  Researched & developed customized curriculum to blend with module training. Aligned hiring & promoting perfect team members while training/processes to organizational needs. Facilitated and delivered workshops and certificate programs. Evaluated and continuously improved the program.
  10. 10. Special Management Training Project/Process Improvement  Business Partner Training Thirteen plus companies combined training dollars to support training offerings to meet common training needs. Outcome: Consulted & partnered with internal and external customers to determine training needs. Designed and developed common training needs programs. Facilitated and delivered soft skills training or contracted the services.
  11. 11. Program Certifications (Training and Facilitation) Personality Profiles (DISC, Myers Briggs, Colors) Coaching Skills-CMOE Vital Learning Leadership Programs Achieve Global Supervisory Programs Integrity Systems Customer Service Program Zig Ziglar Sales/Service workshops Pope & Associates Diversity SOS Program
  12. 12. Development of Performance Improvement Processes/ Training Programs  Manager/Leader START Program  DISC Personality Profile – Used hiring/promoting/teambuilding  The Quest for Excellence: Building Human Relations in Healthcare  New Employee Orientation programs  Train-the-Trainer  Presentation Skills  Time Management  Change Management  In-house Sales Training Program  Outcome: A wide variety of knowledge and training that includes certification programs and personally developed workshops. My consulting skills and training experience are an asset when partnering with internal and external clients to assess training needs/processes and create plans, evaluate and measure impact.
  13. 13. Leadership  Developed many personal leadership skills while working at Nationwide and in Learning & Development at Peterson Training Services, Carolinas Healthcare Inc. and Kirkwood Community College.  Consulted & developed, facilitated, personally completed the START Manager/Leadership Program.  Developed and personally completed Manager/Leadership START. Developed training programs and long-term partnerships. Utilized DISC Profile hiring/promoting/teambuilding Board Member for the ASTD Chapter Led the Principal Residential Mortgage Advisory Group. Led New Employee Orientation facilitator for CHS and CitiMortgage. OUTCOME: I am a leader! I have developed personal leadership skills.