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Dream trip postcards 5.28


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Dream trip postcards 5.28

  1. 1. Dear Mom,I am in Italy!! It is a fascinating place filledwith lots of tourist attractions. I am herevisiting the Leaning tower of Pisa. I am goingto see if it really actually leans, and how far.Fun fact about tower, it was supposed to beused as a bell tower for the cathedral nextto it. another place I am visiting in Italy isthe Colosseum. I want to visit theColosseum because it is an ancientmonument in Rome. Also because it is ahuge Amphitheatre. Finally I am visiting theCathedral, Duomo Di Milano in Milan, Italy. Iwant to see it because of it’s amazingarchitecture. Also because it is the 6thlargest cathedral in the world!! Well, that’swhat I’m doing in Italy, next stop – Ireland!!From,LucyKaren Daley105 millsberry rd.Orange county CA 36519
  2. 2. Dear Mom,I am traveling to the land of our ancestors –Ireland! The first site I will visit in Ireland isthe Cliffs of Moher. I want to visit thembecause this is where they filmed a scene inHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Iam also visiting Giants Causeway. I want tosee it because of how it looks – it’s almostimpossible! Also because of how it formed,by an ancient volcanic eruption. Last butdefinitely not least, I am visiting Rock ofCashel which is a castle. I am visiting itbecause of the myths it holds. Apparentlythe Rock of Cashel originated in the DevilsPit (20 miles north of the castle) when St.Patrick banished Satan from a caveresulting in rocks landing in Cashel. Well,that’s where I am going, see ya soon!!From,LucyKaren Daley105 millsberry rd.Orange county CA 36519
  3. 3. Dear Mom,Bonjour! I am in France! It is full of historicalartifacts and amazing sites to see! The firstthing I am going to see is the Joan of Arcstatue next to Rue di Rivoli. I want to visit thisstatue because I did Joan of Arc for mymedieval travelers project and want to seemore of her. Joan of Arc was not only a bravesoldier but also the only girl soldier. This andmany other statues have a huge historicalsignificance showing that Joan of Arc was abrave and inspirational person. Another site Iam going to see is the Eiffel Tower. I want tosee it because of it’s amazingly detailedarchitecture and because I want to see theview from the top. Finally I will visit Le Louvre,a museum in Paris. I want to see it because ofhow big it is and because it’s an historicalmonument. Well I sure am busy!! See youlater! From,LucyKaren Daley105 millsberry rd.Orange county CA 36519
  4. 4. Dear Mom,I’m am in my last stop on my Dream Trip –Russia!! The first thing I am going to visit onmy stop in Russia is Saint Basils Cathedral. Ihave always wanted to see it because of it’samazing and detailed architecture. Alsobecause of it’s pop of color it brings intoRussia. I am also going to see Vladimir Leninstomb. I want to see his body and to see if it’sstill in it’s form, being held together bychemicals. Vladimir Lenin formed a dictatorship and was the leader of The RussianRevolution. the last thing I am going to see onmy Dream trip is the Annunciation cathedral. Iwant to see it because of it’s gold dome ontop. Also because of it’s simplicity and beauty.see you real soon!!!from,LucyKaren Daley105 millsberry rd.Orange county CA 36519
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