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What Makes Good Web Content? Produce videos and blogs that engage your audiences and motivate action.
Wednesday, February 9, 2011, 1-2:30 pm EST
Rebecca Krause-Hardie & Sidney Skybetter

Ever watch videos or read blogs, only to have have your eyes glaze over? In this webinar, two social media consultants will identify the key elements that are essential to posting great content, for videos, podcasts, or blog posts, drawing examples from the dance field. They’ll tell us what to do and what to avoid, to get it right and build the buzz about your art and performances, transforming your social media from Blah to Wow!

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Great content 2 9-11

  1. 1. What Makes Good Online Content? Sydney Skybetter, Partner, Design Brooklyn Rebecca Krause-Hardie, Manager, EDA Learning Community Suzanne Callahan, Project Manager, Engaging Dance Audiences Rachel Bell, Communications Specialist, Dance/USA Engaging Dance Audiences is generously supported bythe Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation.
  2. 2. First, the GoToWebinar dashboardYou can raise Be active!your hand by Ask a questionclicking here. using the space here.
  3. 3. First, the GoToWebinar dashboardIf the dashboardminimizes andyou want to ask aquestion, You can expand the dashboard by clicking on the red arrow here.
  4. 4. Second, some housekeepingIf you are using a telephone for audio,• Please take a moment to mute your line by pressing *6.• You may un-mute your line by pressing *7.
  5. 5. IntroductionsSydney Skybetter Rebecca Krause-Hardie
  6. 6. Today’s Plan Intros What do You want? The Five Canonical Rules of Online Content Seven Simple Blog Strategies Q& A (but don’t wait til the end!!!) Online Resource Guide at
  7. 7. What Do YOU Want? What kind of online content have you created in the past? How do you feel about its relative success, failure, or ROI? What questions do you have about online content that you want addressed?
  8. 8. The Five Canonical Rules of Online Content
  9. 9. 1. Tell a Story What’s the point?
  10. 10. Make an emotional connection! Fear of emotions!
  11. 11. Have the right Protagonist! Who is the hero of your story? Hint: not you!
  12. 12. More is not Better! One message per story
  13. 13. Draw people InUse humor or suspense
  14. 14. How do you want people to feel? Use humor or suspense
  15. 15. Supplies - talking points “Give your ideas ‘handles’- If others can take your ideas and run with them, they’re apt to comment on their gratitude, and/or their new variation on what you did. Encouraging that is a great way to build more conversations.” Chris Brogan
  16. 16. Include Call to action? WWF campaign
  17. 17. 2. Collaborate!
  18. 18. Jordan Matter + Ballet Hispanico = Awesome!
  19. 19. Jordan Matter + Ballet Hispanico = Awesome!
  20. 20. Ballet Hispanico on facebook
  21. 21. Jordan Matter on facebook
  22. 22. 3. Have a roll-out plan Schedule All stakeholders coordinated and engaged Online and offline coordination Central management – one point person
  23. 23. Larry Keigwin’s “Dark Habits”
  24. 24. On Facebook
  25. 25. On Twitter
  26. 26. 4. Be Personal Psychic numbing
  27. 27. 5. Short! Really!
  28. 28. Seven Simple Blog Strategies Short! 250-500 words max! Personal Voice Avoid long paragraphs (people don’t read!) Use titles to convey key points (think key words) Don’t bury your best stuff – put it up front! Invite questions and further discussion Link to content that you reference
  29. 29. Qualities of successful messages They are unique They have utility to the recipient Fair exchange (between sender and recipient) Trust – (trust that you will be thoughtful in what you send us) They are entertaining or inspired
  30. 30. Just for Review:The Five Canonical Rules of Online Content Tell a Story Collaborate Have a rollout plan Be personal Short!
  31. 31. A great video!
  32. 32. Questions?Thank you!
  33. 33. Thank you for your kind attention! There are just two more items…
  34. 34. Join us for the next webinar TBADate: March 9, 2011 (Tentative) 1-2:30 pm EST
  35. 35. Continue this ConversationFor additional dialogue about this topic, visit the EDA Learning Community at’ll keep talking on the discussion boards (Communicate tab, Discussions).