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Open Look 2011 info letter

  1. 1. DANCE HOUSE ‘KANNON DANCE’ presents 13th International Summer Dance Festival in St.Petersburg, Russia OPEN LOOK 2011OPEN LOOK festival is an international event offering training and performance programs that covera wide range of contemporary dance forms. Held each summer during the beautiful St.-PetersburgWhite Nights, the festival gathers Russian dancers, choreographers and students for a series ofintensive workshops held by well known dance masters from all over the world. Aside from training,OPEN LOOK presents an exquisite concert program featuring performers from abroad and Russiaon several stages of St.-Petersburg. The main aim of the festival is, with the help of all theseprojects, to share the best of Western culture with Russian public and dance society, to provideatmosphere and space for international artistic collaboration, knowledge and experience exchange,creative work and education.The festival started off in 1999 with workshops and performance of Bill Young and DancersCompany (USA) - a New York company, and since then it has introduced over 60 dance companiesfrom all over the world to Russian audiences. The list of artists that took part in the OPEN LOOKfestival includes DCDC (USA), Doug Varone and Dancers (USA), Nai-Ni Chen (China-USA), DavidDorfman Dance (USA), Niles Ford and Urban Dance Collective (USA), Eiko & Koma and MargaretLeng Tan (USA-Japan), Aurinko Ballet (Finland), Russell Adamson (Finland), Granhøj Dance(Denmark), Kitt Johnson (Denmark), Danish Dance Theatre (Denmark), Dance Works Rotterdam(the Netherlands), Jo Strømgren Kompani (Norway), Pedo Gomes and NDT(Netherlands),Francesco Scavetta and Wee (Norway/Italy), Karttunen Kollektiv(Finland) and manyother choreographers, teachers and dancers. The festival received official support from theCommittee for Culture of St.-Petersburg City Administration, Consulate General of the USA in St.-Petersburg, Consulate General of Norway in St.Petersburg, Danish Cultural Centre, French Institutein St.- Petersburg, Goethe Institute, Pro Arte Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding (USA) andother organizations.Nowadays contemporary dance draws more and more attention and public interest in Russia anddevelops intensively. Participants, audience and mass media are attracted to the festival by anexcellent diverse performance program and unique dance techniques (such as Pilates, butoh, aerialdance).OPEN LOOK 2011 program will include master classes and workshops for dancers, andchoreographers. Evening performances will take place at the well-known contemporary dancevenues of the city. Contacts: Dance House „Kannon Dance‟ Vadim Kasparov Festival Director +7 921 942 28 73 Olesya Kazakova International Events Coordinator +7 911 784 03 31 St. Petersburg Please send your applications and DVD materials to: Vadim Kasparov Dance House “Kannon Dance” 7A, Kazanskaya str. St. Petersburg, Russia 191186
  2. 2. Information for dance companiesWe are happy to invite you to take part in OPEN LOOK 2011.The application deadline is Thursday 31 March 2011.The application kit should contain: letter of application where you state why you want to participate in the festival and why you thinkyour work should be presented at the festival 1 DVD of the performance that you would like to present at the festival (full length performancewithout cuts, not promotional DVD); the full length video can also be uploaded online and the linkand password sent to us some publicity materials and reviews of the performanceThe festival covers: performance space rent and all necessary technical assistance in-city transportation between airport/railway station – hotel and festival venues if necessary advertising and publicityThe festival doesnt cover: travel costs any personal expenses of the participants including in-city travel not connected with festivalnecessities any expenses connected with sets transportation and customs procedures visa costsIf agreed the festival will cover: accommodation of dance companies and teachers artistic fees per diems Information for teachersTo participate in OPEN LOOK 2011 as a teacher you should apply by sending us not later thanThursday 31 March 2011: letter of application where you state why you want to participate in the festival and what kind ofspecial knowledge you can share with the festival participants your CV containing full information on your background, teaching experience, participating invarious events and festivals, styles you can teach 1 DVD of your lesson clearly showing what you are going to teach and the way you are going todo it at the festival (it can also be a piece broadcasted on You Tube or Facebook but not less than15 min) reference letters from people who know you well as a teacher might be helpfulThe festival covers: teachers accommodation for the festival period in-city transportation between airport – hotel and festival venues if necessary advertising and publicity per diems classes fees (according to the signed contract)The festival doesnt cover: any personal expenses of the teacher including in-city travel not connected with festivalnecessities visa costsIf agreed the festival will cover: all or some part of travel costs For further information please contact Olesya Kazakova at