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Lifestyle monitoring with AIRS


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A quick intro into how to start using the AIRS lifestyle monitoring platform

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Lifestyle monitoring with AIRS

  1. 1. @2013 TecVis LP Using AIRS to record your life
  2. 2. @2013 TecVis LP Starting up Install AIRS from Google Play Start AIRS Install default recording template Add recording Shortcut to home screen
  3. 3. @2013 TecVis LP Starting up Add home screen widgets for manual annotations Start recording From shortcut From AIRS app
  4. 4. @2013 TecVis LP Check Recording Check current recording (from notification window) Click specific input to see latest values
  5. 5. @2013 TecVis LP Annotate Recording Select mood or add own Select existing event note or add new one Associate mood with note Add blood pressure measurements
  6. 6. @2013 TecVis LP Stop Recording Press Exit to stop AIRS (under Options for the measurement window) OR Go into the AIRS app to stop it
  7. 7. @2013 TecVis LP Synching recordings Open AIRS ->Go into Sync tab ->Press synch icon ->Wait for file to be created Select where to send the data file
  8. 8. @2013 TecVis LP ADVANCED OPTIONS
  9. 9. @2013 TecVis LP Configure AIRS Select what sensors to be recorded Change recording intervals for certain types of sensors Connect heart rate monitor Change size of annotations list And more...
  10. 10. @2013 TecVis LP Select sensors Decide what data you would like to record See tips at: ware-2/storica/tips-for- recording/
  11. 11. @2013 TecVis LP Using AIRS templates Save all current settings as template (open Options menu) Name template Get back to Record tab Select template
  12. 12. @2013 TecVis LP Using AIRS templates Load the template you want Create home screen shortcut Start recording
  13. 13. @2013 TecVis LP Want to visualize your data? Get ! Have anything to say? Find us at