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Jrgenius.com project

  1. 1. www.jrgenius.com 1 Jrgenius.com ProjectJrgenius.com Project By: Dana Horochowski Founder of Jrgenius.com The Way to an A!
  2. 2. www.jrgenius.com 2 Project GoalsProject Goals  Education for the New World Paradigm  Local and Global Community Involvement  To create Independent Thinkers conscious of honoring Mother Earth and the needs of others.
  3. 3. www.jrgenius.com 3 Vision and ObjectivesVision and Objectives 1. Balancing Male and Female Energies - Less Hostility, More Nurturing - Barriers will disintegrate (between people, countries and religions.) - Healing on a Global Scale. - Balance in the Ecosystem. 2. Native American teachings and of those who respect the land are introduced 3. Consciousness Shift from one of living on the Earth to one of living with the Earth. We will be working together more instead of being in conflict. That will be the most significant change.
  4. 4. www.jrgenius.com 4 Vision and Objectives cont’dVision and Objectives cont’d 4. Expressing Our True Selves -as long as we express it with integrity. -make peace with ourselves, -then we can naturally express ourselves with empowerment and love. 5. Changing our Societal Systems. - willing to work with each other. - More tolerance, compassion and genuine love. - this will put less stress on our religion and government systems
  5. 5. www.jrgenius.com 5 Vision and Objectives cont’dVision and Objectives cont’d 6. Balancing Relationships at Home, School and in the Workplace - allow each individual to be the strongest, healthiest, most balanced individual they can possibly be. - create a space for the individual to grow in their own self-support. i.e. consider teaching the poor to feed themselves, instead of just giving money to a charity that only hands out food. - The lasting benefit is to teach someone how to be self-sufficient.
  6. 6. www.jrgenius.com 6 Vision and Objectives cont’dVision and Objectives cont’d 7. An education system that promotes passion and independent thinking  The excitement to be educated is the most important thing.  Children will choose want they want to learn in a less rigid education format.  Many different philosophies taught. For instance, there were many people in America before Columbus. Different perspectives will be taught to gain more multidimensional thought and the children be given the opportunity to choose  Visuals, learning from feeling and experiencing as opposed to reading.  Holographic technology used more widely.
  7. 7. www.jrgenius.com 7 Education OptionsEducation Options  International Schools  Grade Grower Groups  Homes’Cooling  Private Tutoring  On-line Tutoring
  8. 8. www.jrgenius.com 8 International SchoolsInternational Schools  the main subjects are taught- English, mathematics, science, humanities, foreign languages, drama, art, music, physical education, information technology and design technology.  private tutoring, extracurricular activities such as a school play, athletic teams, after school programs.  The indigenous language and culture taught to preserve its uniqueness.  Global Student Exchange reinforces language, cultural skills and co-op education.
  9. 9. www.jrgenius.com 9 Grade Grower ProgramsGrade Grower Programs 1. Eager Readers - Pre School - Gr. 1 2. Reader Ready - Gr. K-3 3. Writer Ready - Gr. 3-8 4. Math Menders - Gr. 3-11 5. Science Seekers - Gr. 3-10 6. Languages (eg. French Fasters-Gr. 3 to 8) Curriculum ( downloadable) Cram Notes, Mock exams, Virtual Classroom, videos, on- line, private and small group tutoring 7. Holy History: (all ages) 8. Daisy Dishes: (all ages) 9. Garden Gurus (all ages) 10. Artsy Smartsy (all ages) 11. Biz Whizzes: (all ages) 12. Cooperative Education SOCIALS Hen Hangouts, Geek Gatherings
  10. 10. www.jrgenius.com 10 HOMES’COOLINGHOMES’COOLING  Works like a daycare for all school ages.  a safe home setting.  Networking with businesses and organizations for learning experience. (coop, volunteer, community currency)  Whole community involvement in academic, life, entrepreneurial and global skills.  A self-reliant system that generates income and prosperity
  11. 11. www.jrgenius.com 11 Earn credits by a point systemEarn credits by a point system  Jrgenius.com, school programs, coop placements or other services  credits are transferable to community currency or points that can be used in the barter and trade e-malls.
  12. 12. www.jrgenius.com 12 I See, I Do, I Teach MethodI See, I Do, I Teach Method Students who have successfully completed a program, teach the material to the next student. This reinforcement builds confidence and places the learning in the hands of the learners. Student evaluation and program reinforcement empower all parties.
  13. 13. www.jrgenius.com 13 The Homes’Cool SystemThe Homes’Cool System  Jrgenius English and Math programs are designed to maximize learning in minimum time.  Once this foundation is given, students are free to explore all subject areas unsuppressed.  English and Math skills are reinforced through hands-on experience  application of knowledge is meaningful and life giving to the individual.  Students learn all levels of responsibility while interacting in a home with others.
  14. 14. www.jrgenius.com 14 Right Brain BoostersRight Brain Boosters  Daisy Dishes  Garden Gurus  Biz Whizzes  These activities develop the right brain intuitive learning, while reinforcing left brain language and math skills  Artsy Smartsy  Science Seekers  Holy History
  15. 15. www.jrgenius.com 15 ““New” Science TechnologiesNew” Science Technologies  Alternative energies and technologies are freely explored  Free Energy and Nicola Tesla  Colloidal Silver, Dome Homes,  Orgone, Ozone and Frequency Generators  Metaphysics  Organic Gardening, Holistic Cooking,  Survival, Medicine Trail  Natural Healing, Aromatherapy  Crystal Healing, Light and Sound  Creation of natural products and remedies,  .
  16. 16. www.jrgenius.com 16 Global CompetitivenessGlobal Competitiveness  CO-OP experience and product creation help shape the future entrepreneur or skilled worker. Students learn how to create and market their own products from Seed to Service.  The community works together to ensure lifelong learning and self-sufficiency.  Marketing locally or globally- holistic products can be sold on a pay or point system.  Travel to other global locations creates limitless learning opportunities.  Create Micro- Industries using the Internet as a storefront.
  17. 17. www.jrgenius.com 17 Schools and Community CentersSchools and Community Centers  Schools operate as community learning centers for All Ages.  Grade Grower Groups are social and fun.  A place to interact (Hen Hangouts/ Geek Gatherings), eat healthy and learn hands on.  Replace the pesticide, poisoned lawn with a hobby farm, kennel or organic garden.
  18. 18. www.jrgenius.com 18 Private TutoringPrivate Tutoring  The fastest, most efficient way to get results  Individually geared to improve skills  Designed for the student's needs  monthly evaluation progress report
  19. 19. www.jrgenius.com 19 On-Line TutoringOn-Line Tutoring The INTRANET SYSTEM  Globally- Instructors can invoice, generate progress reports, select students and programs to teach  Clients can access their account and information.  Students can choose instruction online or in person.
  20. 20. www.jrgenius.com 20 Global Intranet AccessGlobal Intranet Access  Jrgenius education time and products produced by the students are Community Currency Compatible  Global economic/internet involvement, using e-malls with a pay or point system for barter and trade of goods and services.
  21. 21. www.jrgenius.com 21 Integration for the New WorldIntegration for the New World  Students manage a media system based on integrity (www.canadastreetnews.com)  Newspapers sold in every city help the less fortunate- financially. (Toronto Street News)
  22. 22. www.jrgenius.com 22 Building a New ParadigmBuilding a New Paradigm  Helping the less fortunate - through halfway houses, hostels, or other resources that implement, nurture and teach healthy living and recovery. - become self-sufficient, financially independent and having the skills to succeed in a global paradigm. www.serenityglobal.com  Freedom Farms - learn how to become Whole again.  Connect with Nature - HEAL - learn how to make natural products using recyclables and earth friendly materials.  It can also be a private holistic hospital, boarding school or treatment center.
  23. 23. www.jrgenius.com 23 Competitive AnalysisCompetitive Analysis Conventional Education – Does not encourage independent thought – Is Profit Centered – Controls the Curriculum
  24. 24. www.jrgenius.com 24 Competitive AnalysisCompetitive Analysis Jrgenius.com Strengths – encourages independent thought - Students choose where, what, when, how, and why to think - logical, efficient, holistic, foundational curriculum – Study to Succeed Method encompasses all learning styles – Unbeatably affordable and effective – Community Currency Compatible – Community Involvement
  25. 25. www.jrgenius.com 25 Contact Us for more informationContact Us for more information Jr. Genius Educational Services Inc. 416-419-9023; 1866-9-WAY-TO- A; 1866-992-9862 danah@jrgenius.com www.jrgenius.com  Toronto Street News Subscription- Home Delivery $60/yr  Donate to help our homeless and less fortunate  Other Websites  www.canadastreetnews.com  www.serenityglobal.com  www.holyhealthy.com