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Free Social Media Tactics for Many Platforms: Grow an Audience, Get Sponsors, Monetize


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Learn free ways to grow on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Live Video (FB Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Instagram Live), Stories (Snapchat, IG, FB), Pinterest, Instagram. Build your channels so you get sponsors, work with fun brands, get more speaking engagements, get discovered more easily, monetize and get more business growth, more customers and clients, or build a side income, and have free marketing that is working 24/7 for you.

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Free Social Media Tactics for Many Platforms: Grow an Audience, Get Sponsors, Monetize

  1. 1. General - Use the Same Image Everywhere - - Study SM Social Media for Audience Growth Q&A
  2. 2. DanaGarrison.comSocial Media Examiner’s 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  3. 3. Best Practices Study: Take the Time to Learn – You’ll Grow Fast if You Do Photo: Use the Same on All Platforms
  4. 4. Featured In or Worked With
  5. 5. YouTube About Page: Keywords Add Your Website: About, Description, Channel Trailer, Thru/End Video Title: Research, 2 Keywords, No Episodes Thumbnails: Face, Colors, Keywords, Mobile Description: 10 Keywords, Long, Website, Links, Call to Action Tags: Keywords, Unique ID, Specific, General
  6. 6. YouTube Upload: Private Cards: Sub, YT Choose, Recent Playlist: Autoplay, Keywords, Front Page, Multiple, Official Series Tools: Editing, Music, Sounds Content: Evergreen, Pod, FAQ, Welcome, Testimonials, How-To, Tips & Tricks, Current News, Vlog, Product Demo, Review, Countdown/List, Trending, Current Events, Actionable, Educational, Pod Interview/Recording, Audio with Image
  7. 7.
  8. 8. YouTube CTA: Ask, Say Why Growth: Collab, Influencers, Contests, SM Blast, Embed, Schedule, Comments, Analytics Cards: To Other Videos End Screen: Sub, YT Choose, Most Recent Uploads Pod: Change Title on SM Teasers Based on Episode Nuggets
  9. 9. Text MessageText Your Email Address to (415) 320-8010 Get Free Online Classes
  10. 10. LiveStreaming: YT, FB, IG, Periscope Content: Recording Pod, Contests, GiveAways, Educational, Emotional, Entertaining, Travel, On Set, Launch, Announcements, Behind the Scenes, Q&A, Chat, Milestones Prep: Announce Beforehand, Use Hashtags, Script Best Times: Depends on Audience Intro: Immediately, Speak to Replay Viewers, Intro Topic, Engage Viewers IG Live: Pin Your Own Comment on Topic of the Live, Replay Viewers - Invite a DM, Promote on IG & Story B4 & After
  11. 11. LiveStreaming: YT, FB, IG, Periscope YT Live: Retitle Video, Add Descriptions, Tags Periscope: Superhearts FBLive: Share Filming: Face or PPT, Back Facing Camera Apps: OBS, WireCast
  12. 12. Because of LiveStreaming / Stories
  13. 13. Stories: SnapChat, IG, FB, Messenger Content Types: Available 24 hr – In App Pics or Video Clips, Camera Roll/Graphics Content: Snippets of Pod, Interviews, Staff, Your Personal Life, Teachings, Behind the Scenes, Promotions, Anything Entertaining List Building: Snap/IG Swipe Up, Website, Short Code - Get Followers on Snap: Snap Name, Snap Code, URL: DL Story: Repurpose DM: Comment Privately - Encourage Engagement
  14. 14. DanaGarrison
  15. 15. Instagram Bio: Photo, Keywords, Link Image: Filters Apps: B612, Camera+, SnapSeed, Canva Growth: SM Blast, Follow, Engage, Hashtags, Hide, Unique Hashtags, Link Follow: Competitors Content:1 Min Video IG, 15 Sec Stories Video: Captions
  16. 16. Twitter Profile: What You Post About, Personal Photo: Face, Smiling Header: Smiling Face, Words Tweets: Articles, Quotes, Images, Evergreen, Repeat, Schedule Apps: TweetDeck, Buffer, Hootsuite,
  17. 17. Twitter Growth: Follow, Engage, Hashtags, RT, Direct Tweets, Reach Influencers, Give Out Your Handle, List: Topics, Influencers - RT Content, Superfans
  18. 18. Facebook P-Profile: About - Website, SM Links, Tell Story, Follow Button, Share Page’s Posts B-Page: Website, Description, Links - Pod, SM, Blog, Products, Re-Org Page Tabs, Ask Q’s to Engage, Content: Live, Videos - Captions, Competitors for Inspiration Messenger: New Listeners, Sales
  19. 19. Facebook Groups: Give Value, Network, Collab, Don’t Sell, Read Rules Start a Group: Rules, Promotions, Invite Questions, Networking
  20. 20. LinkedIn Profile: Update Frequently Growth: Connections - Not Strangers, Personalize Invite, Join Groups - Engage, Status Updates Updates: 2-3x/Day Articles, Questions, Comments, Interesting, Helpful, Pod Endorsements: Give, Request Groups: 3-5, with Manager, Find Relevant, Nurture, Start One, No Spam
  21. 21. LinkedIn Company Page: Invite People to Follow Managing Groups: Moderator, Send Invitations, Approve Discussions, Influencers - to Recruit Members, Lead Discussion, Promote 1x/Week
  22. 22. Pinterest Image: Thumbnail, Infographic, Nuggets, Vertical Best for Mobile, Text-Short, Bold, Contrast, Tutorials, All Important Info for Repin Description: 150-300 Words, 350 Max, Link, Keywords, CTA Board: Keywords in Description, Link, CTA CTA in Description: Repin, Learn More, Enter Our Sweepstakes, and Buy Now Frequency: 5x/Day, Spaced Out
  23. 23. Pinterest Schedule: Buffer, Tailwind, Viraltag, ViralWoot, EveryPost Growth: Group Board (collab on a board), Follow Others, Analytics, Contest (Use Unique Tag), Repin Old Pins, Topics - Follow, Engage App: PinGroupie - Group Board Directory
  24. 24. Pinterest Content: Research Competitors, Evergreen, Repin Others, Interest - Content to Repin, DIY/Teach Group Board: Create or Find, Network Interests: Find, Follow, Content to Repin, Find Active Pinner, Invite to Collab on Group Board Group Convo: Chat with Your Super Fans - Build Relationship, Find Up to 4 Followers, Send Recent Pin, Ask Questions, Engage Superfans
  25. 25. Pinterest Video: YT, Link to Video, Keywords Pod: Audio Clips (30 sec teaser hosted on Soundcloud), Unique Image Website: Plug Ins to Make Images Pinnable, Widgets to Promote Profile or Board Contests: Unique Hashtags, One Entry, Land Page - Rules, Prizes, Example Pin, You Choose Winner Based on Your Brand
  26. 26. Free Social Media Marketing Online Classes ● Growth Hacking (Growing Fast) ● Building Audience/Community ● Monetizing ● Getting Sponsors ● Working with Brands ● Influencer Marketing ● Set Up Funnels and Ads Text Your Name & Email (415) 320-8010
  27. 27. Text MessageOr Sign Up At Get Free Online Classes
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Text MessageText Your Name & Email Address to (415) 320-8010 Get Free Online Classes
  30. 30. Text MessageOr Sign Up At Get Free Online Classes