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Make YOUR Mark on Israel 2


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Make YOUR Mark on Israel 2

  1. 1. Israel Seminar Final ProjectPowerPoint Presentation By Dana Prottas February 2013
  2. 2. Leave YOUR Mark on IsraelBy Dana Prottas
  3. 3. Israel For thousands of years, people gravitate toward the Land of Israel.What is this connection to the land?Why does it pull people so strongly?Do you feel pulled to the land?
  4. 4. The Land of Israel is...• Am Yisrael /‫ - עם ישראל‬The place for the Jewish people.• Torah /‫ - תורה‬The land of the Torah.• Eretz /‫ - ארץ‬The land of the Jewish people.• Medinah /‫ - מדינה‬The Jewish state. What is/are YOUR lens(es)?
  5. 5. What are the VOICES in Israel?Let’s name them…
  6. 6. Palestinians IsraelisChristians Secular Israelis Arab Religious Israelis Israelis
  7. 7. Artistic Expression Throughout time people havesought to leave their mark as a way of making a deep connection to the land, thepeople, and the state. Artistic expression is one way to connect more deeply to an experience.People turn to the ARTS to express and to connect.
  8. 8. Let’s take a look at some art found around Israel...THINK ABOUT IT...• In what ways can you leave a mark? What do you see?• What voice do you think is behind the work?• What message do you think is being conveyed? ART
  9. 9. THINK ABOUT...“This sculpture sits on the axis connectingmultiple galleries of art. In essence, like the museum, it symbolizes the link between the past and the future.” - Jeremy LeighJewish History and Israel Studies, Hebrew Union College (Notes from tour to the Israel Museum)
  10. 10. Sculpture of Nimrod byItzhak DanzingerIsrael Museum, Jerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas
  11. 11. THINK ABOUT...“The Wall...At first I am stunned. Then I see: A Wall of frozen tears, a cloud of sighs.” - Abraham Joshua Heschel Israel: An Echo of Eternity, New York 1969 (from Jerusalem: The Challenge of Sacredness)
  12. 12. The KotelJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas
  13. 13. Prayers &Wishes inthe KotelJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas
  14. 14. THINK ABOUT...“We need to present Israel as a work in progress,legitimize competing visions, and remember thatmachloket, debate and disagreement, has alwaysbeen an integral—indeed, a defining—element of the Jewish experience.” - David Mendelsson The Challenges of Teaching ‘Israel’
  15. 15. Graffiti inJerusalem Translation: “So…” © Dana Kanter Prottas
  16. 16. Graffiti inJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas Translation: “You are what?” Or, “What are you?”
  17. 17. Graffiti inJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas Translation: “Those who believe him [Netanyahu] are afraid.” A play of words on the religious song: “Those who believe are not afraid.”
  18. 18. THINK ABOUT... “Shalom, Chaver.” - Bill Clinton“How much evil can we swallow?” - David Grossman & Hadag Nachash
  19. 19. Graffiti in Rabin Square inTel Aviv © Dana Kanter Prottas
  20. 20. THINK ABOUT...“…the land of Israel has an intrinsic meaning. It isconnected to the Jewish people with the knot of life; its very being is suffused with extraordinary qualities. The extraordinary qualities of the land of Israel and the extraordinary qualities of the Jewish people are two halves of a whole.” - R. Avraham Yitzchak Kook (from Jerusalem: The Challenge of Sacredness)
  21. 21. Graffiti inJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas
  22. 22. Graffiti inJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas
  23. 23. Collaborative Art Mural Located in Holon © Dana Kanter Prottas
  24. 24. Graffiti inJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas
  25. 25. Gan Sippur(The Story Garden)Located in Holon © Dana Kanter Prottas
  26. 26. Mural inJerusalem © Dana Kanter Prottas © Dana Kanter Prottas
  27. 27. Wall MuralLocated in Holon © Dana Kanter Prottas
  28. 28. THINK ABOUT... “Israel is a multi-vocal, multi-layered, textured weave that affords the possiblity for intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social engagement with the Land, People,and State of Israel in a way that cultivates arich sense of belonging and commitment to the Jewish collective.” - Lisa Grant and Ezra M. Kopelowitz Israel Education Matters, p.22
  29. 29. Graffiti in theArab Quarter © Dana Kanter Prottas
  30. 30. Graffiti in theArab Quarter © Dana Kanter Prottas © Dana Kanter Prottas
  31. 31. Graffiti at theChurch of the Holy Sepulcher © Dana Kanter Prottas
  32. 32. Musical Expression The song heard here in the background is by Israeli singer Ehud Banai and is called Avodah Sh’chorah/Black Work. This song explores another voice in Israel – the EthiopianJews. The lyrics express that they are now literally in the land of Israel, but they are metaphorically still on the outside.
  33. 33. THINK ABOUT... “The Land of Israel isthe centre of the world…” - Babylonian Talmud, Tanhuma Kedoshim 10
  34. 34. Map of Jerusalem in Center of the World -
  35. 35. The End