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Magazine cover

  1. 1. Magazine Cover/Contents/Double Page Spread Reviews. By Daniel O’Riordan.
  2. 2. Green – Connotes the outdoors. Barbeque – Connotes the ‘At Home’ theme for the cover. Cover line, which advertises the main interview of the magazine, it’s quite a well known band so it draws attention. The Masthead. Of the magazine is dark compared to the brightness of the colour scheme which contrasts it and makes it stand out. Barcode is put in the corner of the magazine in order to maintain the look. Yellow contrasts with green – Connotes the sun. The whole magazine cover has a ‘light-hearted’ feel about it, something which is uncommon for Kerrang. However, the army helmet worn by Corey Taylor not only suits the colour scheme, but goes with the recurring theme of other Kerrang covers.
  3. 3. The title is bold, and follows suit with the red colour scheme of the front cover. This is the main sell line, and, much like the title, is in bold, red writing for the same reason: in order to stand out and draw attention, as this new band will attract people into reading their interview. The header summarises the main bands that will feature in the magazine. It is also red, which follows the colour scheme, and advertises other bands that will draw the attention of the readership. This is the coverline of the magazine. The serif font contrasts with the sans serif ‘&’. The main image of the magazine is a mid shot, back-to-back image of the two main artists, Alex Turner and Miles Kane. The black clothing they’re dressed in is used effectively, as it doesn’t clash with the colour scheme of the cover. The pull quote draws the audience in to reading the magazine. It is in sans serif which stands out against the serif. The barcode is stored in the corner of the magazine, which is efficient whilst not damaging the look of the cover.
  4. 4. The title is given 2 nd priority to Cheryl, as she is more likely to attract readers than the brand name. It is in the colour scheme . The BBC logo is shown in the colour scheme of the magazine as not to tarnish the image. This is noticeable first due to the bright pink colour, and attracts the reader with the promise of ‘Being Cheryl’. The main image is also a medium shot of Cheryl Cole, and is effective as she is idolized by the magazine’s prime audience – young girls. A familiar theme throughout all music magazines, the barcode is tucked into a corner of the magazine in order to preserve the image of the magazine. Colour scheme is purple/pink which connotes feminism, and pop music. This draws their attention, as they are attracted by the cover, and are then intrigued by the stories advertised about their favourite stars. This is a smaller picture that is used in order to advertise the stories inside, and is used with a pull quote in order to draw the reader in.
  5. 5. This is an alternate contents list, that has the name of bands mentioned in the magazine with a page reference. It is done in red to make it stand out, and the white boxes make it look less upmarket. NME logo placed atop the contents. This is a deal for an NME subscription, and is given a large space on one of the most important pages in order to assure that it is seen. White-on-black is a recurring theme throughout this contents cover, and it is used here on the dividers used to arrange articles and features in this issue into different categories. This is done in bold in order to pull the audience into reading the article, and it is deliberately misleading, as the first part of the header is in small, sans serif writing above it. This is the date line for the magazine, and it is set in a white-on-black format. This makes the date stand out, and fit in with the colour scheme.
  6. 6. What makes this contents cover unique is the fact that main articles are illustrated by large accompanying images, in order to give the reader a taste of what to expect. A deal promotion is included on the front cover, much like NME’s. It has yellow in it to set it apart from the rest of the magazine and draw attention. The contents is done in the colours of the main logo in order to create company colours. The larger parts are in sans serif whereas the smaller text is not, to create a professional image. The main logo for the magazine cover is included at the top, a familiar theme. The sans serif ‘F’ contrasts with the rest of the logo.
  7. 7. Another familiar technique used in contents covers, what/who the article is based around in done in bold, with a short description aimed to pull the reader in. As is the nature of contents pages, the main title/logo of the magazine is showed in bold at the top. This Sans Serif quote is done in red to make it stand out against the black and white image, and it is used as a caption of sorts to the main image. What’s unorthodox about this cover is the fact that there is a cover picture on the contents. This may be due to the fact that the magazine had to draw on Pete Docherty in order to attract more readers.
  8. 8. This black box is bold against the cream used for the text blocks, and this is because it makes the advertisement inside the box stand out. This series of images is used as a way of illustrating the article in a variety of different ways and points of view. They are all in black and white in order to stay in contrast with the cream/black colour scheme of the main body. This Serif title stands out and allows the reader to establish the main subject for the article. This quote is a shade of red that doesn’t appear anywhere else on the pages, which emphasizes it’s importance and makes it stand out.
  9. 9. This picture takes up a whole page, and illustrates the article well. His t-shirt matches the introduction of the piece to create a colour scheme. This tearaway look of the introduction goes along with the untidy theme of the title. This large ‘T’ is in the same, messy font as the title, and is white on black to stand out. The use of fonts here is important, as this font related somewhat to the music this person produces. White-on-black format.
  10. 10. This title isn’t a direct explanation of the article, but it is a pun on the subject. Small image has subtle colours, so they don’t contrast too largely with the rest of the article. The writing is small and in a 5-column format. It looks professional, as if it were in a newspaper. Familiar enlarged letter is used to start the piece, which proves it as a convention of double-page spreads.