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What your agency didn't tell you about Responsive Design


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From JBoye12 - Aarhus

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What your agency didn't tell you about Responsive Design

  1. 1. Dan Lewis – The Judge Group - USA
  2. 2. My name is: Dan LewisI am from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -USAI work for: The Judge Group, Inc.As the: Leader of the Mobility SolutionsConsulting PracticeFor my job I: Eat, sleep, and breathmobilityI used to: Build intranets, web, anddatabase stuff
  3. 3. One site for many different view, this sounds great
  4. 4.  To deliver web content adaptive to devices based on their viewport size using the following techniques:  CSS Media Queries  Flexible Images  Fluid Grids Read More:
  5. 5.  The first media query is NO media query Progressive Enhancement over Graceful Degradation Start small and get bigger (Mobile First) Feature Detection over User Agent Sniffing Responsive is part of your project’s DNA
  6. 6. Wow this all sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch
  7. 7.  Flexible images (<picture> element) Bandwidth management and detection (standards-based) Server vs. Client responsive patterns
  8. 8. Does responsive mean just shrinking a screen and elements?
  9. 9.  Great User Experience Perfect for menus and complex navigation
  10. 10.  Because a Pixel isn’t always a Pixel Arbitrary Viewport sizes from vendors Scale with easeRead more:
  11. 11. So you would like to see who is doing this well?
  12. 12.  Grey Goose ( ) VisualDX ( ) Mighty River Power ( )
  13. 13. Dan LewisPractice Leader – Mobility SolutionsThe Judge