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Mozy presentation


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A little description of the cloud and Mozy a backup company

Published in: Internet, Technology
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Mozy presentation

  1. 1. WHAT IS THE CLOUD ???
  2. 2. THE CLOUD PRINCIPLE  The Cloud is a service in which you can store and share your files Online. It is also a great way to protect your data.  With this service you can access your files anytime & anywhere with your Smartphone or tablet (internet connection required).  This kind of product is safe and it works like an online hard drive.
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS  Backup files on an external server to limit maintenance costs.  Simplified Access to data thanks to internet access  Opportunity to share information internally and externally.  Data secure.  Encryption of data sent to the cloud.  High security of the storage’s server.
  5. 5. HOW TO SET IT UP  Register on Website of this kind of service provider.  Choose the size of storage and the multiplicity of channels used(PC,mobile,tablets).  Then you just have to save your files on the site or choose the type of backup which you want (automatic or not).  When you back files up you can also choose which users can have access to your files.  All these procedures are carried out safely & securely.  You can now access to your data base anytime & anywhere.
  6. 6. PERSONAL EXAMPLE  Allow me to introduce to you; Mozy, a company which offers this kind of service. I used it at work and it is a pretty good one.  Mozy‘s product :  ‘Military grade‘ product  Double encryption of data with possibility of individual password to assure you that your getting the best security Ability to restore data  Restore youre deleted files or your old Hard drive
  7. 7. SOURCES