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Introduction for amazon SEO and SEA


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Day one of SEO training and you come away learning one thing, Google own search… But what if it doesn’t? When it comes to Search and eCommerce, no one dominates quit like Amazon. Amazon rose to overtake Google back in 2016 and now 62% of customers started their search for a product on Amazon. 70% of Amazon searchers never click past the first page of search results and 35% of Amazon searchers click on the first product featured on a search page.What would say is a good conversion rate for your site? 3-4%? Current conversion rates on Amazon are around the 13% mark for standard customers and for Amazon Prime members it’s 74%. So why is Amazon SEO and PPC not a major factor in your SEO Strategy?

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Introduction for amazon SEO and SEA

  1. 1. 1 @DanSaunders86
  2. 2. @DanSaunders86
  3. 3. @DanSaunders86
  4. 4. 2018 -62% @DanSaunders86
  5. 5. Over 70% Of Amazon Users don’t click past the first page @DanSaunders86
  6. 6. Over 35% Of Amazon Users don’t click past the first search result @DanSaunders86
  7. 7. Traditional department stores Online growth only increased by 1.8% 2018 @DanSaunders86
  8. 8. Third party Seller platforms Online growth increased by 74.8% 2018 @DanSaunders86
  9. 9. @DanSaunders86
  10. 10. @DanSaunders86
  11. 11. Target the right Keywords
  12. 12. @DanSaunders86
  13. 13. Get your Keywords right!
  14. 14. How can I find that out?
  15. 15. How do I do keyword research? For keyword research use the Amazon Keyword Tool. It’s free to use and gives you long tail keywords based on Amazon suggestions
  16. 16. Your Data needs to be connected across all Platforms But First things first! @DanSaunders86
  17. 17. Know your customer and Amazon is yours for the taking @DanSaunders86
  18. 18. Segment your Data Demographics • The youngest group • x% are families • Long distance travel Behaviour • Summer time travel • Book 4-6 months in advance • Less likely to visit in 12 months Lifestyle • Into music • Follow current affairs • Shop online • Lower income % of Base – a% % Value – b% Spend per visit - £c HH 3 year value - £d @DanSaunders86
  19. 19. Analytics maturity Market sizing Market sensing NBA modelling Proposition development Price modellingCampaign evaluation Data visualisation A/B testing PREDICTIVE Profiling / segmentation Customer lifetime value PRESCRIPTIVE Web analytics Propensity modelling Machine learning PRE-EMPTIVE KPI reporting Research analysis Upsell modelling DIAGNOSTIC DESCRIPTIVE COMMERCIAL VALUE COMPLEXITY Attribution / marketing mix
  20. 20. v Organic results 115- 144 characters Ads have around 30- 33 characters Mobile titles have between 55-63 characters How to use your content
  21. 21. Lets get started
  22. 22. Name your campaigns
  23. 23. Plan your budget
  24. 24. Target your ads
  25. 25. All Set up, now it’s time to optimise
  26. 26. See where your sales are coming from
  27. 27. Look at the cost
  28. 28. No bites?
  29. 29. 2021 -50%of all US e-commerce @DanSaunders86
  30. 30. Final thought from me.
  31. 31. Target the right Customers
  32. 32. Get your Keywords right!
  33. 33. Know your customer and Amazon is yours for the taking @DanSaunders86
  34. 34. @DanSaunders86
  35. 35. @DanSaunders86
  36. 36. @DanSaunders86
  37. 37. G I F S F R O M G I P H Y . C O M @DanSaunders86 Thank you.