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Characteristic properties


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Characteristic properties

  1. 1. Chapter 2 Powerpoint Dan Shelanski
  2. 2. Characteristic Properties• Density• Viscosity• Conductivity• Malleability• Hardness• Odor
  3. 3. Density M ______D= Always in g/mL Quantitative V
  4. 4. ViscosityResistance to flowing Can vary with temp. Qualitative
  5. 5. ConductivityThe resistance to flowing of heat Can vary with temp. Quantitative
  6. 6. MalleabilityThe ability of a solid to be hammered without shattering Qualitative
  7. 7. HardnessComparative test between two objects to see which one will scrape the other Qualitative
  8. 8. OdorWhat something smells like (remember to waft) Qualitative
  9. 9. Classifying MatterA Mixture or Pure Substance?
  10. 10. Matter Pure Substance MixtureElement Compound Homogeneous Heterogeneous
  11. 11. MixturesTwo or more substances that are notchemically combined with each other andcan be separated by physical means. Thesubstances in a mixture retain theircharacteristic properties.
  12. 12. ElementSimplest form of pure substance. Theycannot be broken into anything elseby physical or chemical means.
  13. 13. CompoundTwo or more pure substances (elements orcompounds) chemically combined that donot retain their characteristic properties.They can be broken into simpler substancesby chemical means.
  14. 14. Chemical Changes
  15. 15. Change in colorChange in color is a clue that the matter has produced at least one new substance.
  16. 16. Production of gasWhen to substances are put together and they release bubbles/gas, it has made a chemical change.
  17. 17. Formation of a precipitateAny solid that forms a liquid mixture is called a precipitate.
  18. 18. Name 6 physical properties
  19. 19. What is a colliod?
  20. 20. Whats the difference between aheterogeneous mixture and a homogeneous mixture?
  21. 21. What is the smallestparticle of an element?
  22. 22. Will a chemical changeoccur if a Mento is putinto carbonated water? If so what type or types?
  23. 23. Bonus Will a banana explodeif it is thrown in a large body of water?