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First run ... just for us, not for meeting. I think the locations would be fun.

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  1. 1. No Holds Barred Productions Ryan Loco James Law
  2. 2. Show Premise • This show will feature two young, charismatic friends who will travel the planet in search of amazing sporting events and other activities to get involved with. • Amazing nightlife, food, travel and fun. • They will attend a different event each month of the 2011 Colander Year • They will require a limited production team
  3. 3. Ryan Loco
  4. 4. James Law
  5. 5. January • January - UFC For the Troops 2 January 22nd • It’s good to support the troops, the UFC and it’s in Texas.
  6. 6. February • Superbowl in Dallas Texas • February 6th, 2011
  7. 7. March • March St Patty’s Day Dublin Ireland • Ireland's national holiday, in the days leading up to St Patrick's day, the Dublin city centre becomes alive with arts and entertainment. The main attraction is the St Patrick's Day parade, always held on March 17th, where you and 700,000 other green colored festival goers will cheer on the parade, drink and dance.
  8. 8. April • April - Songkran April 13th-15th • Songkran is the celebration of the Buddhist New Year that takes over Thailand for 3 full days in April. The goal? To “cleanse” everyone and everything in sight. Yes, prayer is involved but the main way of cleansing is to douse everything in water. Participants are all armed with buckets, water guns, hoses and whatever they can get their hands on that can get others wet. Even the police are not spared from being soaked! You gotta love Thailand for that fact alone
  9. 9. May • May Kentucky Derby May 7th • Suits, Hats, Betting, Booze, Women and Horses. If you can’t get laid here, turn your dick in at the front desk for a pair of knitting needles. Legit the most fun day you can have, and the parties at night are legendary. Can’t miss fun.
  10. 10. June • June – Cannes Film Festival –South of France • For tickets, write to: Cannes Film Festival, 71 Rue du Faubourg St. Honore, 75008 Paris, France. Check out their web site at: Cannes Film Festival
  11. 11. July • July - Tour De France, Paris …2nd-24th • To mark this hundredth anniversary in the appropriate way, in 2011, the Galibier will be climbed twice after an interval of 24 hours. The finish of the18 th stage will be judged at the summit, which will be the highest finish in the Tour’s history, at an altitude of 2, 645 meters
  12. 12. August • August – MLB Daily Double Chicago/Boston • That’s right sports fans. We’re going to pick a date in August and catch a Cubs game in Chicago at Wriggley and a Red Sox game in Boston at Fenway! Ultimate MLB Daily Double. Note the double Rainbow!
  13. 13. September • September - Miss American Pageant AC, NJ • Mannaze and Loco travel to New Jersey and check out the inner workings of the 2011 Miss America Pageant. It’s going to be insane, 52 of the finest women in America, and Loco. What could go wrong?
  14. 14. October • Octoberfest - Theresienwiese, Germany • Oktoberfest, the celebration of beer, is the biggest festival in the world with over 6 million people attending annually. Reportedly over 6 million liters of beer are consumed within the beer gardens there.
  15. 15. November • November – 1month Away from soldiers Home from Iraq • Ok guys, all the troops are scheduled to come home December 31st, 2011. I think it would be awesome to head over in November and interview soldiers, get a look at what is going on and see what these guys think about coming home. We’ll be joined by Army Master Sergeant William Frank. We’ll get behind the scenes tours, helicopter rides behind lines and it’ll be access most major networks don’t get. An amazing opportunity.
  16. 16. December • Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships • Did I mention this takes place in Acapulco? Cliff diving is nuts, so it’d be cool to check this out.