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Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for protection and migration from on prem


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Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for protection and migration from on prem

  1. 1. Dan Rey
  2. 2. Fuel Oil Pressure Tire Pressure Temperature Speed RPM Cruise Control Windshield Wipers Clock Air Temperature Radio and Entertainment Odometer Operational Insights is your IT dashboard just like you have in your car.
  3. 3. Rain Sensing Wipers Cruise Control Automated Volume Control Auto High Beam Automatic Transmission Azure Automation is the ability to Create automated tasks to make life easier Virtual Machine startup and shutdown Data Migrations Orchestrated failover SQL tasks Storage cleanup Alert remediation
  4. 4. Accidents Happen Spare Tire, Spare Battery, Spare Car? Azure Backup enables you to restore the broken parts of your car
  5. 5. Garbage Wrappers Clothing Gadgets Cords Paperwork Coats Drinks Food Junk Desired State Configuration is like having your car detailed
  6. 6. Azure Site Recovery is like the car rental. You need it while your car is being repaired. You turn it back in and stop paying once the repairs Are completed.
  8. 8. Watch the Channel 9 Show, “Your Premises or Mine” Get the latest On-Premises and In-Cloud technologies. Try Azure for free. Sign up for a free one-month trial. Register for an IT Innovation Series event Topics include Cloud Infrastructure, Window Server 2016, Windows 10 and more.