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Announcing ParaPublishing Affiliate Program


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We have one easy program with two offers which can make you hundreds or more each month.

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Announcing ParaPublishing Affiliate Program

  1. 1. For immediate release . . . Contact: Barbara Gaughen (“gone”),, +1-805-968-8567In today’s tough economy, every new revenue stream you create canmake the difference between expanding and cutting back year afteryear.We have one easy program with two offers which can make youhundreds or more each month—just by mentioning them to yourclients, website visitors, blog, and newsletter subscribers.We invite you to take part in our affiliate program.Just sign up using the link below and after you have received yourconfirmation that you are in the program, you will be providedwith links you can email directly to authors andwith buttons that you can put on your website for visiting authors toclick on--to register in these programs.Here is what is in it for you:Global eBook Awards: $25 for each category registered by anentrant. It is not uncommon for one author to register for severalcategories.In its second year, the Global eBook Awards plans to repeat andamplify the success of authors who entered the first time around;authors reported increased eBook sales--even without winning--andeach day authors continue to receive clicks on their dedicated webpage. All entrants nominated receive a virtual “Nominated” sticker thathas been reported to increase sales alone; finalists and winners
  2. 2. receive additional discounts and rewards.See for details about this offer.Para Promotion Program: $100 for each registration after enrolleespay in full. This new program walks authors step-by-step through DanPoynter’s own set of tools, tips, tricks as well as new and classicmethods for both the seasoned and rookie author.See for details about this offer.These programs are open all year, so your affiliate rewards never stop.With our links on your site, and no cost to become an affiliate, youhave nothing to lose but additional revenue.Put your mailing list, blog, website, etc. to work—for you. Sign uptoday and start earning tomorrow.See Contact our Director of Programs Becky Carbone,+1-805-968-7277, Affiliate Program NR-Announcement