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VR for Learning & Training


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Virtual and augmented reality are primed to change learning/training forever. It vastly improves the experience and outcomes for instructors and students.

This proposal talks about how learning & training can be improved in VR/AR. It also discusses the business case for interested organizations.

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VR for Learning & Training

  1. 1. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC Virtual Reality: The Opportunity for Learning & Training Institutions / Departments August 17, 2017
  2. 2. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 2 Introduction Learning tools changed forever with the internet. The ability to communicate and share information instantly and easily transformed how we learn. The internet provided a lot of great benefits. You could scale training by pre-recording it and letting viewers use it on their own time. It included text, graphics, video, audio, and more. It enabled users to follow along and do exercises while it was on the screen. Learning changed forever. You have how-to Youtube videos, online courses, and information sites like Wikipedia. You have social communication and collaboration tools. It’s definitely better than localized classroom teaching, which was costly, inefficient, and impossible to scale. But there are still many weaknesses. We still haven’t figured out great experiential learning. Or immersion. We still rely on screens and other 2-dimensional objects. And distance learning is still pretty difficult. All the studies prove in-person provides superior outcomes. Not anymore! Virtual and augmented reality are the future of learning/training and an amazing opportunity for you!
  3. 3. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 3 Virtual reality has been around for decades. But only recently has the technology reached a level suitable for mass consumption. We’re finally at a time where computing memory, graphics, processing power, connectivity bandwidth, and hardware engineering have converged to make a quality product possible. Virtual reality was released to the broad market between 2015-2016. Five dominant players are manufacturing hardware: Sony (Playstation), Google (Daydream), Facebook/Oculus (Rift), Samsung (Gear), and HTC (Vive). There are other smaller manufacturers in the market as well. This has been the first release and like all major new technology before it, forecasted adoption is small compared to established markets like PCs, mobile, etc. Augmented reality is just starting to get major traction despite having more challenging technology hurdles. Microsoft’s Hololens have been released to developers and we’re seeing amazing use cases and stories in learning, training, and entertainment. Magic Leap looks amazing and Apple is rumored to be working on an AR solution. Pokemon Go was one of the most successful games in history. Observers all agree that this is a high growth, high potential industry. The potential for disruption is substantial across many industries… communications, social media, education, entertainment, and more. RT Virtual Reality believes this is an opportunity on par with a mid 1990s Internet based investment. As we know, some of our largest companies were created in those 10-20 years. The world transformed itself in an era known as the Information Age. Everything we do has been transformed. Every industry. This is why anyone associated with learning or training should be taking notice. This technology WILL change it forever. Getting involved now is a wise move. Introduction
  4. 4. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 4 What can VR/AR offer to the learning & training industry? - Studies show significantly higher knowledge retention from VR/AR learning programs - You have greater potential for immersion, experiencing the lesson, and collaborating - VR/AR is more fun for both learner and teacher - Pairing the technology with data analytics gives instructors an advantage in improving quality and outcomes - Modernizing the curriculum This proposal will outline basic ideas in how and why you should make virtual/augmented reality investments TODAY. RT Virtual Reality then provides more detailed, customized services to corporate L&D departments, schools, governments, and other learning institutions based on individual goals. Our contact information and service details are found in the back of this paper. Introduction Section Page Learning / Training VR/AR Uses - What’s Possible Today - Possibilities Coming Soon - Futuristic Possibilities (5-10 years) 5 The Learning & Training VR/AR Business Case 8 Additional Things to Consider About VR/AR 9 RT Virtual Reality – How We Can Help You Benefit 10
  5. 5. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 5 VR/AR Learning Uses - Today 3-D Models Most learning is done via 2-dimensional images, videos, or plain text. This is not ideal. VR/AR allows 3 dimensions, which improves science, engineering, architecture, and other physical learning/training subjects Immersion Studies prove that we don’t retain most of what we see or hear. But when we see, hear, feel, experience, AND collaborate… retention drastically improves. This is great for subjects like history, geography, and science. Experiential Learning Gaining experience is the best way to learn. VR/AR allows any simulation to be programmed. No more memorization. Learning can be all about gaining experience. There are countless learning and training use cases already, despite the technology being less than two years old. What can you do to enhance learning/training? A few of the many ways…
  6. 6. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 6 VR/AR Learning Uses - Soon Virtual Seminars Imagine being able to witness and participate in seminars via VR. Listening to speakers, touring trade shows, etc. The tech is possible today but sub- optimal. This will soon change. Learning Data Analytics A challenge with current learning is measuring success. We use exams to measure competence. But what if we could go deeper? Measure student responsiveness, eye tracking, or collaboration? Or test them on field work in VR (before flying a plane or using expensive machinery for example). Real-Time Hologram Tutorials Today, we use classrooms to teach. Then experience happens on-site. What if holograms could deliver training on-site so when you’re doing the “real job”, you can easily reference training materials, information, or schematics via hologram. While the current VR/AR release isn’t equipped for some of these learning uses, it’s on the way. Developers are working to make these things possible and it should be available in the next few years…
  7. 7. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 7 VR/AR Learning Uses - Future Collaborative Classrooms At some stage, VR will be able to replicate the current classroom in a virtual world. You’ll be able to stand up, move around, talk to others, and do anything else you currently do in a physical room. This will significantly change how education is delivered, as it loses any geographic constraints. Advanced Analytics Because all learning & training activity takes place in a virtual space, everything can be measured and analyzed. This ensures quality improves in every way: content, instruction, delivery, and outcome. Customized Learning Without local learning models, we can vastly scale delivery. This means content quality wins. And it means we can customize for specific learning needs. Learning won’t be one-off but continual and inexpensive. In 5-10 years, VR/AR will change the world. It will be all around us and change everything. Learning & training is among the biggest beneficiaries of this technology. Here are the exciting things in store for future VR/AR versions…
  8. 8. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 8 Learning & Training VR/AR Business Case While VR/AR is fun technology, we provide a service that few others are looking at. How can we ensure your business needs are met? We’re business specialists and appreciate that any investment needs to accomplish both financial and non-financial goals. Here are a few for learning & training… Benefit Details Learning & Training Outcomes - Studies prove greater student retention in VR/AR - Experiential learning always produces a better outcome compared to memorization - VR/AR is fun for the student. They will be more passionate about training and continuing education Learning & Training Cost - You don’t need to train on expensive machinery or using expensive in-person simulations - Up-front costs of creating a great VR/AR training experience are high but it scales afterwards - Training can be conducted remotely Learning & Training Process Improvement - Scales the process of delivering training - VR/AR can be used on a continual basis rather than current one-time instruction methods - VR/AR can be used in the field; not just the classroom or lab - Geographical constraints are lifted This is the future - VR/AR will be the de facto training method in the future. Building capability now gives you competitive advantage - You will have already mastered and upgraded your learning while competitors start using VR/AR years from now
  9. 9. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 9 What Else to Consider? At RT Virtual Reality, we help businesses, institutions, governments, etc consider all elements of a VR investment. What other considerations are important before taking the next step? VR Strengths & Weaknesses Why is virtual reality destined to become such a dominant medium? What are its limitations? We explore these variables in our article LINK The Road to VR Mass Adoption In order to understand VR’s current state vs its future, we look at the current version’s issues, and predictions for how they will be fixed LINK VR For Business The introduction to thinking about virtual reality in a business, government, or investment context. This video series considers VR’s present & future LINK • Story-telling in Virtual Reality • List of All Business Use Cases (>100) • How to Create & Distribute A VR App • What is Good VR vs Bad VR • Education in VR – A Mass Brainstorm • Much more (customized for you) On RT Virtual Reality website ( Premium Content Included With Our Services:
  10. 10. © 2017 Reverse Tide LLC 10 RT Virtual Reality How can we help your organization more specifically? We provide many services to bring a positive VR/AR investment to our clients… VR Market Assessment VR Strategy VR Content Creation Full Education Consulting A one-time assessment that helps your organization understand VR/AR’s potential: - Understand the VR market - Sample current apps - Brainstorm ways to use it as a resource - Detail current use cases - Forecast its future viability We provide a holistic strategy for learning & training VR/AR use: - A detailed financial business case - Specific use cases, strategies and outcomes - Project planning (budget, timeline, resources, etc) - Vendor selection - Presentations, approvals, etc We manage the project to create your custom VR/AR learning & training content and development: - Content tech and non-tech specifications - Manage development and design - Benefit realization tracking - Tech Support Education is our specialty. And while we’re passionate about virtual reality specifically, we’re happy to focus on your holistic needs: - Evaluating education business model improvements - Additional technology opportunities - Modernizing learning/training curriculum - Skill based learning programs