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Student freelance plan site


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Reverse Tide's sample plan for students to achieve greater job success upon graduation

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Student freelance plan site

  1. 1. © 2015 Reverse Tide LLC IV. Our Plan For You! Each school year has a goal… - What you want to achieve academically? - What you want to achieve through skill learning? - What you want to achieve in terms of experience? Learning Plan Freelance Plan Goals The learning plan is a suggestion of:  What topics/skills are beneficial in today’s working world?  What topics/skills does the typical college major not necessarily cover as well as online courses do?  What are things we suggest for each year of college based on where we think you’ll be at? The freelance plan is a suggestion of:  What would look great on a resume when you graduate (experience that nobody else will have coming out of college)?  What are easy freelance jobs for a college student to get?  What are easy skills to learn (hint, they’ll be part of your learning plan)? You can mix and match based on whatever you think is best… this is just a suggestion!
  2. 2. © 2015 Reverse Tide LLC Freshman Year  Begin developing skills you can use to advance your freelancing capabilities (and later full-time job skills)  Establish a top rating on Upwork  Ignore rates for now. Consider this an investment of your time  Bulk up your resume from nothing to something that can get you freelance jobs with more ease Learning Plan Freelance Plan Goals  Basic Computer Science: The idea here is not to learn a specific programming language just yet. We think you should become diverse in your technical knowledge to begin with. You should have a solid foundation in databases, networks, data mining, and understanding of the tech industry. We make this easy for you with our curriculum of courses at Reverse Tide Computer Science – link Feel free to use some your university elective courses to learn as well!  Become experts at Excel and Powerpoint: Chances are you will need to become proficient for your university studies anyway so this should be pretty simple. We want you to go above and beyond, however. With excel, learn all about pivot tables, data analysis capabilities, creating detailed charts, and more. With Powerpoint, you need to start making professional looking presentations. We provide recommendations for how to do this at Reverse Tide Office Software - link  Research: Become familiar with what companies need more information on and how best to present it to them. Observe what they do with this information and how they turn it into a profitable enterprise.  Marketing: Even if you’re simply pasting links to a business Twitter feed, start establishing how a company creates awareness, generates leads, and converts interested parties into customers. Try to get a regular gig rather than just a short-term project if possible NOTE: These are easy jobs and should be worthy of 5 star reviews. You can make a personal decision on what rate you will accept but understand you may be competing for jobs with people in India and the Philippines proposing $3-5/hour. Even if you have to go lower than you traditionally find acceptable, consider this in a similar way as people accept unpaid internships. You are doing this for personal growth/learning, real-world experience, and to build your credentials (and reviews are important on Upwork for future jobs). It’s an investment and not a job. Again, completely your decision but our Freelancing Plan assumes you are aiming for education and resume building goals
  3. 3. © 2015 Reverse Tide LLC Sophomore Year  Begin to specialize. It’s time to start thinking what industry interests you most (your major) and what skills you will acquire. We suggest a few technology routes below that would be useful to pair with an industry major like health care, engineering, or business.  Continuing to build your credentials on Upwork. You want people that can put in writing how great you are… find projects and employers that will help you accomplish that goal. Learning Plan Freelance Plan Goals  Expand your technical skills. This year should be dedicated to learning more in-depth technology. It is unavoidable in today’s economy and combined with your practical experience, will look tremendous on a resume. We suggest choosing among a few: Programming – There is so much need for this in any industry and any company and it pays very well. Our curriculum - link Data & Analytics – Another excellent choice, as being able to mine and manipulate data is extremely important no matter what your major. Our curriculum – link Networks – Learning the skills necessary to become a network administrator are really topical, as networking technologies continue to expand. You’ll be vital in virtually any industry and can consider careers in development, cyber security, and more. Our curriculum - link  Get a technical job but try to find something easier. For example, help someone with Excel spreadsheet creation or help a business find the right software for their needs. You want to pair this with the technical skills curriculum you choose in your learning plan  Think about expanding to some other easier jobs. Perhaps more challenging marketing jobs or trying a copyrighting gig (just a few suggestions). While we recommend taking the next step up, still stay at basic levels for now as you want to keep establishing your profile, reviews, and diversifying your resume. We also believe skill development is more important in your early college years, as there is still ample time for more complicated projects over the next two years
  4. 4. © 2015 Reverse Tide LLC Junior Year  Complex projects: Aim for projects with a complexity level on par with the jobs you’ll apply to as a graduate. Your peers will likely start applying to big, well-known companies for internships. While that is certainly worthwhile during your summer, we’d guess the learning you’ll achieve freelancing is greater than you’ll get in a 10 week summer internship program. However, the positives of an internship are being able to practice interviewing, getting some brand name recognition on your resume, and experience in industry. Your choice! Learning Plan Freelance Plan Goals  Focus your time: As we mentioned, we’d spend less time studying and more time focusing on freelancing gigs and the outcomes you want later on. You should be experienced enough in both your studies and freelancing that you know where skills gaps exist and need more learning time.  Make a decision about your future: One other option is a do-over in whatever you chose for specialization. You’re still plenty young and have tons of time to learn. If you’re not enjoying the skills you learned or the major you chose, change it. If the jobs you’re doing aren’t satisfying, change direction. Remember that the path we’re proposing is a sample one and not something to be beholden to. The ultimate aim of freelancing and teaching yourself new skills is to stand out in your search for a great career. Stay true to that goal!  Build real experience: Whichever topic you learned during your sophomore year should be the focus of your freelancing. Spend less time on courses and more time learning through experience. The story you will eventually want to tell on your resume and during interviews: • You self-taught yourself a skill at the same time you gained industry knowledge through school • You applied that in real-world jobs • You got tremendous reviews on each project you did (which you can print out and show employers). Start being very picky about what jobs you accept. It should be purely for resume building purposes, skill refinement, and perhaps some better fees. Make sure you are capable but also challenge yourself. If you get jobs complex enough, you’ll stand far above the generic responsibilities of your peers during their internships
  5. 5. © 2015 Reverse Tide LLC Senior Year  Make decisions. This is where you are now mature enough to decide what comes after college. You should have progressed pretty well in a skill, an industry, or doing certain types of jobs. Do you want to continue that path? If not, no big deal. Learn new skills and reinforce that on your resume through freelancing.  It’s time to polish your resume. It shouldn’t be an exercise in creation, as you should have been adding to it as you go along with each freelancing gig. However, it’s time to get it into final stages. Learning Plan Freelance Plan Goals  Communication skills: Naturally in dealing with your own clients, you will have developed sales, customer service, and presentation skills. Now you’re ready for the major leagues. Consider really taking charge of your presentation and writing skills. Technical proficiency is great but the most successful among us are great at being able to communicate technical ideas. Practice interviewing even when you’re not interested in the job. Really start networking with people in industry. Consider some courses to bolster your skills. This is a skill you never want to stop improving in…. now is the time to start these habits.  Improve as necessary: As you survey your career options, you might need to bolster certain skills or learn something new to further set yourself up for success. We are always here to help and have an already impressive roster of subject curriculums. It will continue to grow as content emerges in other subjects! Bookmark our site Reverse Tide and continue to help us grow.  The perfect experience: Consistent with whatever career you’re most interested in, you’ll want to take stock of your resume and see if you have directly applicable experience. Having diverse and technical experience is great. However, you want to look your interviewer in the eye and confidently say you’ve done that job before and done it successfully. It’s all about quality and less about quantity now. Figure out what you want and get yourself the qualifications to get there!