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Designing For Stigma: A Framework


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How might we design products for populations in which stigma is part of their experience? In this talk, we will explore a design mechanism to begin answering this question. Understanding how to address these types of problems will enable us to design solutions for some of the largest challenges humans face today - in Healthcare, AI, Finance, Government, etc.

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Designing For Stigma: A Framework

  1. 1. Designing For Stigma: A Framework hi@danmmiller.comDesigners + GeeksDan Miller
  2. 2. Framework Reframe Architect Research Experience
  3. 3. Framework Architect Research Experience Reframe
  4. 4. What are you talking about? ! The framing effect is an example of cognitive bias, in which people react differently depending on how something presented.
  5. 5. Clue
Period and Ovulation Tracker Reframed as a tool to help women know what is going on in their bodies, and to be empowered by that knowledge.
  6. 6. Methods Perceptual Maps
 Resource: Marketing Strategy, Text and Cases: Cengage Learning.
 Use this exercise to collect data about user perceptions of varying products and services. Online Ethnography
 Resource: Doing ethnography today: Theories, methods, exercises.
 Design by Metaphor
 Resource: A guide to metaphorical design
 Use this exercise to collect qualitative data from any online platform/community. Use this exercise to explore an idea or problem through the application of many different metaphors.
  7. 7. Framework Reframe Architect Research Experience Architect
  8. 8. WTF are you talking about?! Architecture Innovation is innovation that comes about by reassembling existing components of a system. "
  9. 9. iPhone
Next Gen Smartphone The original iPhone had arguably the same components as the leading Nokia phones. November 2007
  10. 10. Methods Co-Design Workshops
 Resource: From user-centered to participatory design approaches.
 Design and the social sciences: Making connections.
 Use this exercise to include, and make sure, the people we are designing for are at the center or the process. Direct Experience 
 Video Prototyping
 Resource: Using video for early interaction design. In Collaboration in Creative Design.
 Use this exercise to create a photo narrative of using a product or service when involving users is not possible. Use this exercise to create a video prototype to explain your idea or show how people might interact with your solution in the future, based off a scenario.
  11. 11. Framework Reframe Architect Research Experience Research
  12. 12. Seriously…WTF are you talking about?! When I say research, I am referring to rigorously test ALL your assumptions consistently, in addition to traditional qual/quant research practices. #
  13. 13. Level Therapy
Mental fitness platform We included many different types of users from the very beginning.
  14. 14. Methods Think-Aloud Protocol
 Resource: Protocol Analysis.
 Use this exercise to collect data about what your users are thinking are their are using your, or an existing product. Service Blueprints
 Resource: This is service design thinking: Basics, tools, cases..
 Competitor Analysis
 Resource: Competitive marketing: a strategic approach.
 Use this exercise to assess all of the steps - visible and invisible that exist in a system. Use this exercise to understand where your prototype fits in the market compared to existing solutions - offline and online.
  15. 15. Framework Reframe Architect Research ExperienceExperience
  16. 16. FOR REALS…WTF are you talking about?! Too often, we try to design solutions without first- hand experience…still. For stigmatized communities the stakes are too high. $🚫
  17. 17. Our solution was born out of our experience on both sides of the market. Level Therapy
Mental fitness platform
  18. 18. Methods Autobiographical Diaries
 Resource: Diary and Narrative Methods. Research Methods in Psyc.
 Use this exercise to document your experience while using a prototype or product twice a day for five days. Empathic Modeling
 Resource: Empathic modeling in teaching design for all.
 Use this exercise to explore how your design applies to people with reduced sensory or physical capabilities. Use this exercise to assess a prototype or existing problem by assigning different team members to act out different roles of the scenario. Role-Playing
 Resource: Evoking the future. Drama and props in user centered design.

  19. 19. Thank you - Send feedback! hi@danmmiller.comDesigners + GeeksDan Miller