Evian Live Young Marketing Campaign Overview


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An overview of Evian's Live Young marketing campaign and the rise of social media as part of their comms mix

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  • Evian Live Young Marketing Campaign Overview

    1. 1. Evian live young A Campaign Overview March 2014
    2. 2. Evian live young
    3. 3. Campaign history • Evian, owned by Danone, has been producing bottled water since in 1879 in Evian-le-Bains • Nowadays Evian water is marketed to adults as a premium brand, making the connection of Evian water with a healthy lifestyle • To maintain its status several limited editions of the bottles have been made by high-end designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and the Haute Couture Limited Edition designed by Christian Lacroix (opposite) • But in 1935, Evian was first marketed as being the water mothers should use in powdered milk solutions for babies • In 2009, this campaign was reborn in a slightly different guise…
    4. 4. Rollerskating Babies • Rollerskating babies was the first ad in the Evian Live Young series • The ad was an immediate online hit, and to date has received more than 73m hits for the main version, though there are many spin offs, local versions, and imitations • It currently holds the Guinness World record for the most viewed TV advert online • It spawned off-shoot content, such as this deliberate piece of ‘found footage’ Baby Break Dance, viewed 17m times http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLUJdpDfXZ A#t=4 Digital display and FB campaign
    5. 5. Baby inside you • Despite the success of the ad campaign, sales of Evian actually dropped in 2009- 10 due to the worldwide recession afflicting Europe and the US, Evian’s key markets • The campaign developed in 2011 to a new route, hoping to try and help recapture lost share of sales, Wake the Baby inside You • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg1j AWtWUaU#t=7 • The campaign this time touched more of Evian’s owned and earned assets • It was also a more digital campaign, utilising social media and stunts to greater effect
    6. 6. Sharapova brand spokesperson • Maria Sharapova used extensively at events for Evian, fitting them in around her tour schedule
    7. 7. Sharapova brand spokesperson
    8. 8. Baby inside you • Maria Sharapova attends a Live Young event in New York, where people could make their own version of the advert • This was captured for YouTube
    9. 9. Think before you app • App created to turn your tweets into a fairly rudimentary game • Not a lot of downloads or buzz around this
    10. 10. facebook • Facebook site is well-liked • Regular activity, all around a strong campaign theme • Drives promotions, also experiential
    11. 11. Experiential • Experiential pushes, such as the #LiveYoungJanuary have been happening this month • Giving away space hoppers in London was one idea • Sending in a selfie of yourself pulling a squirrel face was todays! • Levels of success difficult to quantify..
    12. 12. Twitter • Very low Twitter following • Not a regularly used channel for their audience • Shows the pitfalls of Twitter for brands which don’t have a very strong following, or an awful lot to say
    13. 13. LATEST CAMPAIGN: BABY & me • Latest campaign, baby & me launched last April http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfxB5ut-KTs • It was the most watched TV ad campaign of 2013 on You Tube, beating even John Lewis, with 70m views • It spawned 334 imitations, and in the UK, was shared on social networks almost 7m times • A long-mooted app, allowing users to see themselves as babies has been promised on the site for months now. Let’s hope it arrives soon! • Evian sales have grown significantly, thanks in part to a hot summer, and buoyant emerging markets sales, the Waters division of Danone is up 7% for the first three quarters of the last financial year, a transformation in fortunes
    14. 14. Has social media changed evian’s media planning? 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 UK TV CINEMA PRESS LIVE ON YT 27/4 – 1 spot £115K 9m Views 16/4 – 27/5 £1,106K 258m Views 20/6- 3/7 £568K 132m Views 1/6- 13/6 £513K 120m Views 28/12-31/1 £1,807K 450m Views May-Jun £206K 201 4 Jan DetoxWimbledonWimbledonWimbledon 1st Jul 73m views 16th Jun 17m views 14th Apr 4m views 19th Apr 70m views Films regularly released on YT prior to TV release First film released 6 months earlier (in UK) Non-dancing babies far less popular Latest spot had just 30% the ATL investment First film teased with ‘found footage’ YT-only spots Afford additional bigger Press. Social Jan campaign
    15. 15. KEY TAKE OUTS FOR MARKETERS • Evian have created a range now of very shareable content, creating a huge amount of Earned media value • The campaign is successful due to a number of factors: – Universal appeal of babies – Lack of language barrier – Use of humour, tongue in cheek ‘cool’ – Broad premium product appeal – there’s no embarrassment in sharing a bottled water commercial • Certain elements have not been as successful: • Use of apps looks messy and uncertain • Twitter account not popular or regularly used • Sharapova is universally known but not universally liked by sports fans • The second campaign Baby Inside, was not a You Tube hit, despite high levels of TV spend, and Print • Key take outs for Marketers: • When looking to engage very broad audiences, use universal materials and themes • Humour is key to the charm. • Minimise language, and words, and use music, preferably a well-known soundtrack, as it makes communications much easier to share and be understood