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168 Warren Rd, Fort McMurray T9H5H8
Phone: 780-370-0369, E-Mail:
A dedicated, goal orientated lea...
Division/Operations Manager, Fort McMurray July – Nov 2015
Supervised Personnel: 250 - 350
• Coordinating manpower and equ...
and keep the tools developed in the hands of the Supervisor.
Field Maintenance Manager Dec 2014 – July 2015
• Direct partn...
• Evaluate and develop subordinates through quarterly assessment, instructional techniques and
• Control the ad...
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June 16 Daniel Jessome Resume


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June 16 Daniel Jessome Resume

  1. 1. 168 Warren Rd, Fort McMurray T9H5H8 Phone: 780-370-0369, E-Mail: Summary A dedicated, goal orientated leader, with supervisory and team building skills that have proven to promote an engaged driven work environment. With a 20+ year career in the Canadian Armed forces coupled with 5 years employed within the Oil and Industrial Cleaning Industry in Fort McMurray, my appreciation for safety, customer service and financial accountability supported by a strong level of leadership skills has permitted me to identify and promote strength in individuals and build teams that accomplish mission objectives. During my time with Suncor Energy, I refined a collaborative partnership with Contractors, Reliability, Logistics, Operations and Maintenance Execution teams to obtain the most cost effective, reliable and safe operation of the equipment I was responsible. During the past year at CEDA I have lead and managed the overall operations in the Fort McMurray region for the Dredging & Fluid Management team. Through strategic and progressive business planning, and leading the acquisition and execution of projects through to their completion, I have done so successfully with high accountability to the financial result. By communicating and building a collaborative partnership with internal and external stakeholders has proved to be instrumental in the success of the business. In excess of twenty five years experience employed in maintenance environments under some of the harshest conditions globally, it is my desire to continue employing those skills in an environment that further challenge myself, but also be beneficial to my future employer. Experience CEDA Industrial Services August 2015 – Present CEDA Dredging & Fluid Management (CEDA-DFM) is a self-performing contractor specializing in the delivery of fluid handling services for clients throughout Canada and the United States. CEDA-DFM has long term contracts with a number of leading companies and was involved in the world’s first reclamation of an oil sands tailings pond near Fort McMurray, AB. Director: • Leading the strategic and budgetary planning processes for Dredging & Fluid Management team at CEDA; • Prepare and administer operating budgets, providing recommendations on policies and goals desired, and implementing new/revised programs according to established guidelines; • Continuing to lead a strategic Operations and Maintenance Team with a strong sense of health and safety driven focus, financial accountability and leadership to accomplish both Regional and Corporate goal objectives while remaining competitive in a fluctuant market; • Lead by example and be accountable for the health safety and environment culture to my employees as well CEDA stakeholders at all times; • Continuously improving Loss Management practices through oversight of operational processes; • Utilize customer feedback to implement improvements and make adjustments to our service support to accommodate customer requirements that are in alignment with the Organizations strategic direction but not compromise our fundamental core values. CEDA DFM, Fort McMurray, AB Daniel Jessome
  2. 2. Division/Operations Manager, Fort McMurray July – Nov 2015 Supervised Personnel: 250 - 350 • Coordinating manpower and equipment requirements by evaluating and maximizing existing resources. • Preparing budgets, bids, and contracts, and direct the negotiation of research contracts. • Reviewing and providing recommendations on contracts and cost estimates. • Presenting and explaining proposals, reports, and findings to clients. • Developing and maintaining positive customer relations by leading through safe work performance and measurable key performance indicators. • Ensuring adherence to all company health, safety, environmental standards, policies and procedures and maintaining on-going knowledge of local, provincial and federal guidelines for full compliance. • Monitoring progress against project schedules and budgets; recommends allocation of resources as required accomplishing goals. • Providing leadership, strategic direction and vision for future growth and development by ensuring employees are informed, aligned and accountable. • Assessing, planning, and implementing training and staff development to improve employee productivity and overall organization’s performance. • Performing administrative functions such as reviewing and writing reports, approving expenditures, enforcing rules, and making decisions about the purchase of materials or services Suncor Energy July 2011 – July 2015 Mobile Equipment Maintenance Manager- direct support of Operations Oil Sand heavy mining equipment: Tracked & Auxiliary Department July 2011 – May 2013 • Department Manager with a team comprised of Reliability Engineers, Logistics, Planning & Scheduling, Technical Advisors and a Front Line Leadership team of 10 Supervisors, 2 Maintenance Coordinators and combined workforce of welders, lube, laborers and mechanics of 96; • Budgetary accountability in excess of 80 million dollars that consistently met or fell below target while providing a 90% physical availability to our customer; • Internal rebuild of 2 Caterpillar 992 Loaders rather than contract out produced a below budget and rebuild time with the collaborative approach of Reliability, Planning and Maintenance Execution • Challenged established maintenance strategies based on trend data to extend component life, reduce cost of maintenance that resulted in increase physical availability of both the D10 and D11 Caterpillar Dozer. Caterpillar Truck Shop May 2013 – Dec 2014 • Close collaboration with Caterpillar and Finning Partner to safely execute a preventative maintenance strategy in a planned maintenance environment. • Heavy focus on optimization of resource loading, coordination of supporting departments such as Maintenance Engineering, Logistics, Planning & Scheduling that brought the PA of the 797 fleet from below 63% to the budgeted target of 76% in a 7 month span of time; • Worked closely with the Hitachi Consultant Group to focus on optimization around work execution, Front Line Leader effectiveness and developed a Leader Standard Work job aid to sustain the project 2
  3. 3. and keep the tools developed in the hands of the Supervisor. Field Maintenance Manager Dec 2014 – July 2015 • Direct partnership with multiple facets within Mine Operations leading the support of maintenance on Heavy Hauler Caterpillar and Komatsu equipment; • Accountable for assets dispersed between two mine sites that encompassed two maintenance facilities, 5 Fuel and Lube Islands; • A mobile repair fleet of 20 service vehicles, 3 Lube Trucks, 2 Heavy Hauler Tow Trucks and a wide variety of auxiliary and support equipment; • A Maintenance Team of 88 Mechanics, Welders, Lube Attendants led by 8 Supervisors and 2 Maintenance Coordinators that choreographed the response maintenance. Lord Strathcona Horse Regiment (Royal Canadians) Aug 2010 – July 2011 Maintenance Manager – An environment that is not only comprised of 30+ Leopard Main Battle Tanks, it holds in excess of 250 wheeled vehicles, 1500 various weapons and over 2000 pieces of ancillary equipment. Responsibilities included eight different mechanical workshops composed of over 80 technicians comprised of welders, heavy and light vehicle mechanics, optic, radio, weapon and supply technicians as well the management of a tool crib, and sub contractors. • Monitor the flow of workshop production both in and out of the workshop. • Project and prioritize production depending on requirement. • Assign tasks that challenge my section supervisors and mentor them as leaders. • Be familiar with the Regiment's fleet of vehicles and all ancillary components at all times, monitor the vehicle off road report(VOR) and provide detailed updates on production to the Chain of Command as required. • Conduct production meetings and coordinate the efforts of the workshop that guides them in a direction to produces high volume output, emphasizing safety and quality of work. • Provide sound advice to the Maintenance Officer on technical issues, Land Equipment Maintenance Systems (LEMS), manning concerns and general administration. • Evaluate and develop subordinates with quarterly assessments. Provide subordinates with training and advancement opportunities in a stimulating rewarding workshop environment that promotes career progression. • Brief the Commander on the Unitsl equipment and manpower issues in both written and verbal correspondence. • Strong interpersonal skills to deal tactfully and courteously with fellow employees, vendors. contractors and address any conflict without delay. • Maintain physical stamina and robustness to sustain extended field deployments and long working hours setting the example for others. • Enforce all safety protocol, maintain a sound safety program and implement change in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines. • Encourage and develop group cohesion in a positive and healthy work environment. National Support Element, Task Force Afghanistan Feb 2008 – July 2010 Ancillary Maintenance Manager – Responsible for the production of three different maintenance workshops composed of thirty six technicians of both military and civilian manpower. • Motivate and sustain a high morale within the maintenance section while working extended hours to obtain production goals with high accountability coupled with tight time requirements. • Ensure all safety protocol are being followed as per Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines, Make available WHMIS and Hazmat training, and provide once a week safety briefings. 3
  4. 4. • Evaluate and develop subordinates through quarterly assessment, instructional techniques and mentoring. • Control the administration of manpower, assign tasks, prioritize and monitor their wellbeing in a highly volatile work environment. • Balance the rotation of crews and equipment and ensure no compromise to minimum requirement was permitted. • Provide situational and production reports to higher authority. • Create and maintain preventative inspection cycles and correctional repair schedules. • Ensure a highly productive and safe work environment that ensured no delay or impact to mission goals were experienced. Education • Suncor Intermediate Leadership (March 2012) Front Line (Nov 2012) • Alberta Mine Safety Association Nov 2011 • Suncor Situational Leadership Feb 2012 • Suncor Real Time Coaching for Managers June 2012 • Canadian Armed Forced Advanced (Feb – Mar 11), Intermediate (Feb – Mar 08) and Primary (Feb – Apr 99) Leadership Qualification Courses that focuses on the role of the Non Commissioned Officer in the areas of Duty, Loyality, Integrity and Courage. These courses are graduated in complexity related to the application and promotion of leadership, potential within as a leader and instruction of the principals and effectiveness related to the application. • QL6A Course (Senior Leadership Technical Supervisor Course) • Instructional Techniques Course • Land Maintenance Management Program Course (Production Planner’s course) Training and Development Labor Relations Collective Bargaining within Unionized Environments Five Dysfunctions of a Team Performance Planning and Review SAP Workshop Manager SAP Human Resources SAP Planner Course Negotiating Skills for Managers and Supervisors IBN Dispute Resolution Return to Work Awareness Harassment Advisor Performance Management Expenditure Financial Management Conflict Management Risk Management Writing Skills Lvl 1 Ethics Program WHIMIS Trg DND Microsoft Access Lvl 1 Communication for Leadership Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word 4