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Branches of Government


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This is just a short presentation on the branches of government in the United States for my students.

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Branches of Government

  1. 1. The United States Political System
  2. 2. The Branches of Government
  3. 3. Executive President
  4. 4. Executive Legislative President Congress
  5. 5. Executive Legislative Judicial President Congress Courts
  6. 6. The Executive Branch
  7. 7. All executive power in the government is vested in the President of the United States.
  8. 8. The President is both the head of state and government, as well as the military commander-in-chief and chief diplomat.
  9. 9. The Vice President becomes President upon the death, resignation, or removal of the President. Their only other duty is to serve as President of the Senate and break any tied votes in the Senate.
  10. 10. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in two hours after Kennedy was assassinated.
  11. 11. The Cabinet The Cabinet is chosen by the President and approved with the quot;advice and consentquot; of the U.S. Senate, are a council of advisers to the President.
  12. 12. The Legislative Branch
  13. 13. The Legislative Branch is Bicameral. That means there are two houses. Senate House of Representatives
  14. 14. The Senate is the Upper House.
  15. 15. Each state has two senators. There are 100 senators. They are elected every six years.
  16. 16. The House of Representatives is the Lower House.
  17. 17. There are 435 members. They are elected every two years.
  18. 18. The House and Senate are equal partners. Legislation cannot be made without the consent of both chambers.
  19. 19. The Judicial Branch
  20. 20. There are nine Supreme Court Judges. They are appointed by the President. They only leave if they retire or die. It is the highest court in the land.
  21. 21. The System of Checks and Balances
  22. 22. Executive President Legislative Judicial Congress Courts
  23. 23. Why …have checks and balances?
  24. 24. By creating three branches of government…
  25. 25. The Founding Fathers built a quot;check and balancequot; system into the Constitution. This system was built so that no one branch of government could become too powerful.