Integrating web-based technologies training module


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Used to help introduce a online training module for teachers on integrating web-based technologies in the educational setting.

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Integrating web-based technologies training module

  1. 1. Integrating Web-BasedTechnologies Training Module By Dan Gibson April 23, 2012
  2. 2. For the Next 15 MinutesPresentation introduction Course introduction PLN Discussion Web 2.0 “Smack Down!”
  3. 3. Objectives To locate worthwhile web-basedParticipants will review the content and tools for educationalIntegrating Web-Based Technologies purposes, participants will reviewcourse’s instructional need, layout, the concept of personal learningfeatures, resources, and networks, which will be focused oncommunication stream. web technologies and Twitter. Presentation Objectives To assess the presentationsParticipants will share at least one effectiveness, participants will takeWeb 2.0 tool that they have found part in a brief presentationvaluable. evaluation.
  4. 4. Instructional Problem/Needs AnalysisCLC’s director expressed need for new tech tools Revamp older Power Point briefings Requested Prezi training Other web-based (web 2.0) tools?
  5. 5. Recommendation for CLC StaffComplete an online training module Become aware of web-based tools Utilize beneficial web-tools Redesign their briefings with Prezi Connect with like-minded professionals Stay up-to-date with web-based ICT
  6. 6. LMS QuestionWhat LMS/CMS did you use? Coursekit/Lore Moodle Blackboard
  7. 7. Coursekit/LoreIntegrating Web-Based Technologies: Introduction to Web 2.0 Creating Social Bookmarking Accounts Using Prezi Connecting to PLN’s Locating Additional Resources
  8. 8. Personal Learning NetworksConnecting with professionals in many different areas of education Blogging experiences Sharing resources Bookmarking links PLN for Educators Diigo PLN Sites
  9. 9. PLN Questions1. Do you have a professional Twitter account?2. Do you have an active blog?3. Do you have a social bookmarking account?4. Do you use other edu-social networking sites? (i.e. Edmodo, Classroom20, Edupln, etc.)
  10. 10. Professional Learning CommunitiesEdutopia – Discussions, Blogs, Videos, andnetworking opportunitiesEduTecher– Well-vetted tech tools and ideasfor the classroomThinkfinity –Ideas, lesson plans, connections toreliable affiliate sites
  11. 11. Social Networking for Educators• Twitter (@hoosier_teacher)• Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr• Classroom2.0• The Educator’s PLN• Edmodo• My Big Campus• Learning Connection• HP Teacher Experience Exchange (?)
  12. 12. Twitter Hashtags to Follow •#edchat •#elemchatWhat Hashtags •#edtechdo you follow? •#4thchat •#evscnetwork
  13. 13. Web 2.0 “Smackdown”• What kind of apps, software, web-tools, and/or web-services helps your students create and connect, improve their skills, or makes your life easier?• What web-based technologies have you heard of or tried?
  14. 14. My Web 2.0 Helpers• –Classroom mgmt• –Word clouds• –Digital Storytelling• –Safe student blogging• Haven’t used but look cool… –
  15. 15. Web 2.0 “Smackdown” _5b5ihvPwQByZbLKw4v7plehcyniXll4ow/edit
  16. 16. Evaluation• Adobe Connect Survey• eN4wtZojFngg
  17. 17. Thank you for your time