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Blogging Basics & Some Tips


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This slide deck has a basic overview of what blogs are and there are some basic tips for teachers as they get started.

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Blogging Basics & Some Tips

  1. 1. BLOGGING BASICS & TIPS @hoosier_teacher
  3. 3. What is a blog? Originally called “Web Log” Online writing area Posts are in Reverse Chronological Order
  4. 4. Classroom News Blog (informational) Mirror Blog (reflective) Showcase Blog (e-portfolio) Literature Response Mixture of the above Common Types
  5. 5. Example Blogs
  6. 6. Common Terms Posts- A published writing on blogs main webpage and are constantly being pushed down by new posts. Pages- These are made the same way as posts but are static pages that stay in the same place and can be used as a reference. Comments- Followers comments attached to posts. Archive- Older posts that can be searched and read. Blogroll- A list of related or connected blogs. Tags or Labels- Labels associated with the content of a post, which help with searching. Hypermedia- various forms of communication that connect to other areas on the Internet.
  7. 7. Resources Ideas for the Classroom Blog Learning to Blog Using Paper First by Karen McMillan, 2010 8 Tips for Blogging by Lisi Gopin, 2012 14 Steps to Meaningful Student Blogging by Pernille Ripp, 2011 Five Reasons First Graders Would Rule the Blog World Why Students Should Blog-My Top Ten by Pernille Ripp, 2010 How to Start a Blog by Tracey Gardner focus on Blogger 7 Things You Should Know About Blogs Education Blog Directory with Several Examples Kidblog Support Page by Kidblog BrainPOP Blog video
  9. 9. 56 Share Share with students Share with parents Share with teachers Share with administrators Share with...
  10. 10. If a post isn’t Tweeted, Pinned, or +1-ed, does it make a sound? SOCIAL MEDIA
  11. 11. Connect Read other teacher’s blogs for inspiration. Collaborate with others. Ask for feedback through Google Form Surveys Encourage positive inter action through commenting.
  12. 12. What’s for homework? What does Mrs. T do all day? What are other teachers doing in their classrooms? My son said you didn’t teach this. I’m not good at math and I can’t help my daughter. What did you learn at school today? KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE
  13. 13. GO MOBILE Download the Blogger app. Quickly add images and new posts on the go.
  14. 14. Include AT LEAST one image... Photo Pin Pics4Learning Take your own pictures Make your own graphics Pin the photo to Pinterest INCLUDE IMAGES photo credit: <a href="">Pedro Vezini</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
  15. 15. TAG/LABEL POSTS Tags and labels allow your blog readers to locate posts quicker through searches or tag clouds in the sidebar or footer
  16. 16. Improve your blog as you develop your tech skills and understand blogging If you like a certain feature within a model blog, learn how to include the feature on your blog GROW AS YOU BLOG
  17. 17. POST IT Of course, think before you post. But like Nike says, “Just Do It!”