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North American Coating Laboratories Intro


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North American Coating Laboratories provides coatings for a variety of customers in the polymer and glass optics markets. The company’s 45 years of experience in both dip- and vacuum-applied processes make NACL one of the most respected organizations in the optical coatings field. NACL’s coating competencies include protective, scratch-resistant, reflective, antireflective, filter, conductive, ITO, chemically resistive, and DLC infrared coatings among countless others. North American Coating Laboratories is an ISO 9001-certified organization that was founded in 1974.

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North American Coating Laboratories Intro

  1. 1. WE'REHERETOHELP North American Coating Laboratories "Excellence in Optical Coatings Since 1974"
  2. 2. WHO IS NORTH AMERICAN COATING LABORATORIES? HERE TO HELP SINCE 1974 Family owned and operated business established in 1974. ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System in place. 38 employees, 3 shifts with capacity for 7 day per week service. Fiscal growth average of 28% over the last 3 years. NACL 2020
  3. 3. NACL: CORE COMPETENCIES COATINGS OFFERED Protective Scratch-resistant Metal and Dielectric Mirror Anti-Reflective 260nm - 14 microns Conductive/ITO Broadband Conductive AR Long & Shortwave Pass Filters Dichroic Laser Filters Hydrophobic Numerous Custom Designed Films Severe Abrasion DLC for IR applications NACL 2020
  4. 4. NACL: CORE COMPETENCIES SUBSTRATE EXPERIENCE Polycarbonate Acrylic Glass Propionate Metals/alloys Polystyrene/PVC Crystalline/IR Materials NACL 2020
  5. 5. INDUSTRIESSERVED Automotive/transportation Military Medical Consumer device Avionic Laser Marine WE'RE HERE TO HELP NACL 2020
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS Forecasted Sales growth of 28% for 2020FY Business expansion from 29,000 square feet to 35,000 square feet by end of calendar year Recent capital investments of $650,000 More to come! THE FUTURE NACL 2020
  7. 7. WE'RE HERE TO HELP THE NACL DIFFERENCE Stable, family owned company with over 40 years of optical coating experience. An industry leading developer and producer of a wide range of coatings for optical and other plastic and glass applications. OUR HISTORY Specialized knowledge and experience in both dip-applied and vacuum- applied processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Our expertise makes us the ideal R&D partner. OUR PRESENT Expanded use of our state of the art 42,000 square foot facility with clean room environment capability. Increased sales growth of more than 28% for three consecutive years. OUR FUTURE NACL2020
  8. 8. NACL 2020 "Building successful & long-lasting partnerships"
  9. 9. SUCCESS STORY: PONTIAC End customer said it was impossible to dip- coat Pontiac Information Display Lens. We were told our coating would never be durable enough. OUTCOME Have successfully coated upwards of 2.5 million to date!
  10. 10. SUCCESS STORY: KIA MOTORS Custom engineered an Anti-reflective coating for compatability with IMD Lens. OUTCOME Have successfully coated upwards of 1.7 million to date!
  11. 11. SUCCESS STORY: CORVETTE RADIO DISPLAY LENS Designed an anti-reflective coating with a smudge-resistant top coating to resist abrasion, an dchemicals typically used in end user cleaning. OUTCOME Have successfully coated upwards of 3.1 million to date!
  12. 12. SUCCESS STORY: CADILLAC INFORMATION DISPLAY LENS Paired our polysiloxane hardcoating with an Anti-reflective treatment for optimum optical performance and abrasion resistance. OUTCOME Have successfully coated upwards of 4.1 million lenses to date!
  13. 13. SUCCESS STORY: CAMARO INFORMATION DISPLAY LENS Custom engineered our thermally cured poysiloxane hardcoat for maximum optical performance and abrasion resistance in conjunction with assemblers sonic weld process. OUTCOME Currently in full scale production.
  14. 14. SUCCESS STORY: REFRIGERATION TRUCK EASY VIEW CONTROLLER A NACL full sourced substrate. Engineered a hybrid dip hardcoating and anti-reflective coating to help resist typical long range commercial truck cleaning agents. OUTCOME Have supplied 600,000 units to date.
  15. 15. SUCCESS STORY: HEAD-MOUNTED CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DEVICE Designed a reflective coating capable of adhering to Zeonor for use in a head-mounted consumer electronics application. Optically engineered the seamless integration of a broadband anti-reflective coating on a curved prism to increase light through-put and overall visual acuity. OUTCOME Have coated upwards of 1.9 million units to date.
  16. 16. SUCCESS STORY: U.S. MILITARY NIGHT VISION GOGGLE SYSTEM Designed a narrow band anti-relfective coating capable of resisting the harshest climates and environments on earth. manintain 1 of 2 ITAR certification in United States for coating application. OUTCOME Have coated upwards of 4.2 million to date.
  17. 17. SUCCESS STORY: US MILITARY EMI/RFI SHIELDING Custom engineered an Index matched Indium Tin Oxide coating for maximum optical performance and conductive resistance in conjunction with assemblers homogeneously embedded wire mesh shielded window assembly. OUTCOME Pioneered the application of Index Matched Indium Tin Oxide on Polycarbonate windows for maximum impact resistance and light weight construction.
  18. 18. SUCCESS STORY: NISSAN ELLURE CONCEPT SEDAN Designed and applied a transparent/reflective mirror coating for custom machined 21" acrylic wheel covers. OUTCOME Unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show November 2010.
  19. 19. SUCCESS STORY: CONCEPT AUTOMOTIVE TOUCH-SCREEN DISPLAY Custom designed an off-axis anti-reflective coating to index match a low ohm ITO coating for a concept car design center console touch screen interface. OUTCOME Provided chemically strengthened glass for program to meet numerous North American and European crash standards.
  20. 20. SUCCESS STORY: PANORAMIC VIDEO CONFERENCING LENS Currently apply durable anti-reflective coatings to a Zeonex lens set for commercial�cell phone video conferencing applications. OUTCOME Full-scale production currently underway at 25,000 lenses per month.
  21. 21. SUCCESS STORY: HEAD-MOUNTED MILITARY DISPLAY Currently apply 4 separate vacuum and dip-applied coatings including anti-reflective an drugged aluminium based mirror to a military head mounted display device. OUTCOME Display optics passed numerous advanced military specifications including fungus growth, salt spray, and severe abrasion.
  22. 22. SUCCESS STORY: RUGGEDIZED POLYMER COATED MILITARY GUN SCOPE Currently apply a ruggedized anti-reflective coating to a gun scope used in extremely harsh environments. OUTCOME Display optics passed numerous advanced military specifications including fungus growth, salt spray, and severe abrasion.
  23. 23. SUCCESS STORY: AUGMENTED REALITY THERMAL IMAGING SITE Currently supply a ruggesdized thermally cured polysiloxane hardcoating to sophisticated TIR optic used in the world's first in mask Thermal Intelligence System for firefighters.
  24. 24. SUCCESS STORY: CROSSOVER AUTOMOTIVE INFOTAINMENT LENS Currently supply a durable vacuum applied hardcoating to a rear seat infotainment lens. Full scale production underway.
  25. 25. Equipped with ion sources and quartz crystal monitors for the highest precision applications. Vacuum Pumping configurations are tailored to the substrate material and end product requirements. COATING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS: DENTON VACUUM CHAMBER COATING SYSTEMS
  26. 26. Equipped with a robotically driven dipping mechanism for precision thicknesses. Polysiloxanee based lacquer for polycarbonate and acrylic material. Thermally cured for maximum durability and performance. Optimum durability and product life cycle improvement. This treatment has passed a 336 hour salt/sulfur dioxide spray test. Class 100 clean room environment. Specifically tuned to act as an excellent base layer for vacuum coating applications. COATING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS: DIP APPLIED COATING SYSTEM
  27. 27. HOW CAN WE HELP? HERE TO HELP SINCE 1974 More�rapid lead times due to capacity and proximity. Lower shipping costs because�of proximity R&D staff available with Spectrophotometer and weatherometer testing capabilities. 30+ years of experience in vacuum and dip applied coatings. NACL 2020