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Consumer Relations International


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Consumer Relations International

  1. 1. Pubicrelations471
  2. 2. Consumer relationsresearch• Organization’s reputation has higher impact. • Not just its real reputation • How is it perceived • Review sites• How do they get along with consumer groups? • This can prevent a problem from turning into a crisis• Companies are so afraid of bad reviews, they forget about ways to get good reviews. This is a chance to play offense.
  3. 3. Consumer relationsaudience research• Company employees• Customers • Professionals • Middle class • Working class • Minorities• Others • Consumer Groups & Publications • Community Leaders • Media
  4. 4. Consumer relationsobjective nuances• Prevent a situation from becoming a crisis.• Increase positive reviews.• Improve response times.• Empower employees to help consumers so PR people don’t have to douse flames.Social media, social media, social media, social media, social media, social media, social media Fight lawyers
  5. 5. Consumer relationsseven programmingnuances• Employer employees to help.• Create an ombudsman who has teeth to throw you under the bus. Be self reflective.• Call consumer groups before they call you.• Have an educational system in place for consumers. Even if they never use it, you can refer to it when bad things happen.• The more you play offense, the less you play defense.• Control media, and take conversation offline.• Have FAQ to anticipated questions.
  6. 6. International prresearch nuancesClient Research: Reputation of company and industry in saidcompany.Opportunity Research: Can the company do what they saythey can do?
  7. 7. International prresearch nuancesAudience Research: Know the turf • Politics • Economic • Environmental • Cultural • Who has the power to get stuff done? Chances are it’s not the same as here in the states.
  8. 8. International probjectives• Awareness• Acknowledge• Accept• Start small• Give yourself time
  9. 9. International prprogramming• Offer olive branch• Cultural exchange is a great way to do that• Network the room, and meet with key leaders• This is a great way to create news and feature opportunities with awards programs, celebrations or other events.• Participate in the holidays of the nations where you are visiting• There is interest in Western thinking, but that has to be a two-way street
  10. 10. International prprogramming• You need uncontrolled media to validate your work• You need a web presence that backs up what you claim to be• Your expertise can be great controlled media, but that trust isn’t earned until you offer the olive branch
  11. 11. International prprogramming• Verbal and nonverbal cues are different• You’re evaluated on your thoughts and how you handle the cultural differences.• Effort matters.