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370 september 28_Fact sheets blogger relations


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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370 september 28_Fact sheets blogger relations

  1. 1. JOURNALISM  370   SEPTEMBER  28,  2011  
  2. 2. BLOG  OF  THE  DAY  •  h=p://  
  3. 3. COFFEE  TALK  •  h=p://  
  4. 4. LET’S  TALK  BLOGGERS    •  Here’s  how  I  target  bloggers   •   •   •  •  Good  old  fashioned  grunt  work   •  What  blogs  are  bloggers  reading?   •  RSS  feeds   •  Follow  the  trail….  •  Bloggers  can  be  your  best  friend  or  worst  enemy.    •  Prepare  for  both.  
  5. 5. Blogger  RelaTons   The  Differences  •  77%  of  Internet  users  read  blogs  •  89%  of  journalists  conduct  research  on  blogs  •  72%  of  bloggers  blog  to  share  experience  •  61%  of  bloggers  supplement  their  income  by   blogging  •  Bloggers  may  not  have  a  big  audience;  that   audience  might  have  a  big  audience.  
  6. 6. Blogger  RelaTons   The  Differences  •  Bloggers  don’t  break  news  •  Bloggers  answer  to  readers  and  communiTes,   not  editors  or  news  directors  •  Bloggers  didn’t  graduate  from  J  school,  let   alone  Scripps  •  Bloggers  don’t  have  daily  deadline;  they  don’t   need  press  releases  •  Bloggers  can  get  paid  to  promote  products;   they  just  have  to  disclose  payments.  
  7. 7. Blogger  RelaTons  •  Define  The  Ask   •  Do  you  want  to  giveaway  products?   •  Do  you  want  a  guest  post?   •  Do  you  want  an  interview?   •  Do  you  want  to  be  part  of  their  links  page?   •  Do  you  want  permission  to  use  their  name  as  part   of  future  outreach?  
  8. 8. Blogger  RelaTons  •  Build  A  RelaTonship   •  What  do  they  like  to  write  about?   •  How  do  they  want  to  be  pitched?   •  How  far  in  advance  to  they  work?   •  What  is  their  favorite  post?        
  9. 9. Blogger  RelaTons  •  JusTficaTon:  Offer  a  simple  declaraTve   sentence  as  to  why  anything  you’re  pitching   would  ma=er  to  the  blogger’s  readership.   •  Does  it  solver  a  reader’s  problem?   •  Will  it  spark  a  conversaTon  that  helps  generate   more  traffic  to  the  blog?   •  Are  you  responding  to  the  blogger’s  needs?  
  10. 10. Blogger  RelaTons  •  Make  The  RelaTonship  Last   •  Many  bloggers  use  their  blog  as  a  revenue   generaTng  instrument.   •  How  can  PR  pro  drive  quality  traffic  to  the  site.   •    Link  Building   •    @menTons  on  Twi=er  and  Facebook.          
  11. 11. Blogger  RelaTons  •  Content       •  Product  Reviews   •  Research  Findings   •  New  Data  
  12. 12. Fact  Sheets  
  13. 13. FACT  SHEETS  •  Facts in outline or bullet form that reporters can use when writing a story•  Types of fact sheets –  Upcoming event –  Organization profile –  Summary of product or service•  FAQ format is a frequently used variation•  If you use bullet points, outlines are key.  
  14. 14. FACT  SHEETS  •  Organize  your  facts.  •  Everything  can  be  broken  down  into  two  or   three  groups.  
  15. 15. FACT  SHEETS  h=p://­‐US/chipotle_story/where_did_we_come_from/where_did_we_come_from.aspx  h=p://­‐US/fwi/fwi_facts/fwi_facts.aspx  
  16. 16. MEDIA  ADVISORIES  •  Tell assignment editors about upcoming news events or opportunities or local angles.•  Format –  One page –  Headline –  Brief paragraph outlining the story with necessary 5 Ws and H –  Contact information  
  17. 17. MEDIA  KITS  •  Basic media or press kit includes… –  Main news release –  News feature –  Fact sheet(s) –  Photos or graphics with captions –  Biographical material on key players –  Brochure(s)•  If you have money, many will splurge on a clever delivery system to catch attention.•  If you’re smart, save money and deliver through a CD, email, or your website.
  18. 18. Let’s  think  like  a  reporter  again  1.  Senate  Bill  Five  polling  numbers  Tghten.  2.  COTA  raises  bus  fares  3.  Hospital  readmissions  increase  medical  costs.  4.  Mayoral  candidates  spells  out  goals  in  presentaTon.  5.  FBI  nabs  killer/hijacker  from  crime  in  New  York  40   years  ago.    6.  School  Voucher  plan  in  the  Ohio  Statehouse  angers   public  school  officials.  7.  Bill  Tghtens  consent  rules  on  aborTon  for  minors  8.  Columbus  Public  Schools  signs  new  contract  with   COTA  
  19. 19. Let’s  think  like  a  reporter  again  6.  New  School  Voucher  plan  in  the  Ohio  Statehouse   angers  public  school  officials.  8.  Columbus  Public  Schools  signs  new  contract  with  COTA  2.  COTA  raises  bus  fares  5.  FBI  nabs  killer/hijacker  from  crime  in  New  York  40   years  ago.    3.  Hospital  readmissions  increase  medical  costs.  1.  Senate  Bill  Five  polling  numbers  7.  Bill  Tghtens  consent  rules  on  aborTon  for  minors  4.  Mayoral  candidates  spells  out  goals  in  presentaTon.