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370 January 4 Class Overview


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370 January 4 Class Overview

  1. 1. JOURNALISM 370 JANUARY 4, 2012
  2. 2. ASSIGNMENTS: NETWORKING• Networking with students and professionals is critical to finding a job after graduation.• LinkedIn is the best professional online resource to network.• A week from today, you’ll send me a list of how many LinkedIn connections you have.
  3. 3. ASSIGNMENTS: NETWORKING• You’ll make 50 new connections this quarter. 10 should be from outside Ohio University.• By the final day of class, you’ll send me a list of new connections you made this quarter.• If you have 50 connections, that’s 100/100.• If you make 40 connections, that’s 80/100.
  4. 4. ASSIGNMENTS: MEDIA KIT PREP• In this class, we will go over various elements that make up a media kit. – Press Release – Fact Sheet – Bio/Feature – Op Ed – Radio PSA – Pitch Letters
  5. 5. ASSIGNMENTS: MEDIA KIT PREP• In this class, we will also address professional communication that allows you to do a media kit. – Client status memos – Statements of work
  6. 6. MEDIA KIT PREP: READING MEMO• Bosses gloss over things.• Clients ask for more than they should sometimes.• Memos help employees protect themselves.• Memos create paper trails.• Memos synthesize gobs of content
  7. 7. MEDIA KIT PREP: READING MEMO• The reading memo is summary of what you learned from the text.• It’s one page max.• Reading memos will prove to me you read the text.• They will help you learn how to siphon lots of content into a short space.
  8. 8. MEDIA KIT PREP: GRADING OVERVIEW• There are eleven assignments listed above.• Each will be worth 100 points• I will drop your lowest score, average your other scores to a single percentage, then multiply by 2 to create your grade.• So if your average grade on ten assignments is an 87.4%, that would equal 174.8 points.• I’ll round up to 175 points
  9. 9. MEDIA KIT: FINAL PROJECT• You will create a media kit for an actual client.• Even though we will go over every element of a media kit, it is your discretion as to which tools you will use for the media kit. – Some may choose to not use an op-ed. – Others may not want to put in a PSA• Every media kit will include a news release.• Every media kit will include a memo to me explaining why you did what you did in creating the media kit. This is your chance to explain the theory you used in creating the content.
  10. 10. MEDIA KIT: FINAL PROJECT• The news release will be graded on a 200 point scale.• Every other component of the media kit will be graded on a 100 point scale.• I’ll average all scores, create a percentage and multiply that percentage by 3. – If you submitted 5 documents, the total would be 600 points. If you earned 570 points, that’s a 95%. That would equate to 285 points.