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Qual Smart Npd Overview


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Overview of Qual-Smart NPD and how we can assist in your product development.

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Qual Smart Npd Overview

  1. 1. A Partnership in Successful New Product Development and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC
  2. 2. Qual-Smart NPD provides expertise in product development by delivering product /service requirements as well as management throughout the entire product development process Product Development Market Research Product Requirements Product Management TestingPrivileged and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC. 2
  3. 3. Qual-Smart NPD OverviewQual-Smart NPD provides expertise in product development by delivering product/service requirements as well as management throughout the entire productdevelopment process.Tap into over 20 years of product development/marketing expertise within thewireless industry. View Profile Dan is a veteran of the wireless industry with over 20 years experience in developing products and services. He began his wireless career with Sprint Spectrum (Sprint) in 1996, later joining Virgin Mobile as one of the first 40 employees. Dan’s footprint extends beyond carriers by leading the marketing and product development team for TV Guide Mobile. For the last several years, he has been a product marketing consultant with Verizon Wireless leading the product development efforts for the Verizon Developer Community. Dan is an expert in designing and launching new wireless products and services that range from App Stores/portals to new technology platforms.Privileged and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC. 3
  4. 4. Four Pillars of Product/Service DevelopmentStep 1: Market AssessmentUsing Market Research to Identify User NeedsSmart development begins with market insights...  Engage in extensive internal interviews with key stakeholders  Undertake qualitative market research with external users (consumers, developers, etc.) through methodologies such as online bulletin boards, focus groups, and IDIs  Deliver actionable top-line and full reports of findings...Insights not only build a better product, they help justify that betterproduct to all involved.Privileged and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC. 4
  5. 5. Step 2: Develop Product Requirements / WorkflowsDocument the desired user experienceSmart development means outlining what you want andhow it should work to facilitate development efforts... Develop Product Requirements Documents for Development , Training, and Testing Efforts  Develop user flows / customer experience  Create wireframes to aid in communicating desired look, feel and functionality  Work cross-functionally to vet desired functionality  Validate customer/user experience...And keep all parties moving toward the same end-goal Examples of these types of documents can be provided upon request. Privileged and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC. 5
  6. 6. Step 3: Product / Project ManagementManage vendors who will develop your productSmart development includes managing the process...  Collaborate with internal teams to develop and manage product/services, including:  Generate buy-in of key stakeholders  Manage release schedules & workflow processes  Establish product roadmap of new features/requirements  Ensure optimal product performance by clearly defining processes Project Plan, where Qual-Smart will, through status calls and project dashboards....  Ensure deliverables are met  Internal and external resources are kept abreast on project progress...To ensure the project stays on Qual-Smart has been certified in thetrack and in line with your product following software developmentvision. methodologies:Privileged and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC. 6
  7. 7. Step 4: System Testing (UAT)Validate your Product by managing your User Acceptance TestingSmart development requires testing as a key component... Qual-Smart offers End-to-End Testing Services including:  Define Test Plan & Strategies  Offer online bug-tracking system to review, track, and resolve outstanding issues (supports unlimited users)  Ensure desired functionality through testing, documenting, and tracking issues & resolutions  Conduct user acceptance testing (UAT) on your teams behalf  Issue Tracking  Collaborate with internal / external partners to resolve issues  Email Notifications  Bug/Issue Reports...Ensuring the desired user experience is delivered.Privileged and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC. 7
  8. 8. Why: Expertise in Wireless Products And Services Development Over 16 years within the wireless industry working for wireless carriers as well as content providers.  Sprint  Virgin Mobile USA  TV Guide – Mobile  Verizon WirelessExpertise in: Business Case Development Market Research to Inform Strategy and Tactics New Platform Launches From Strategy through Go to Market Development of New and Innovative Products/Services Content Management Vendor Management Focus is on gleaning illuminating findings; transforming them into actionable insights; and transferring these insights into innovative products. 8Privileged and confidential - Qual-Smart, LLC. 8