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RELEASE: KHS Launches Danville Tour on ‘Explore Kentucky History’ Smartphone App


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This is the 1-8-13 media release from the Kentucky Historical Society.

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RELEASE: KHS Launches Danville Tour on ‘Explore Kentucky History’ Smartphone App

  1. 1. Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage CabinetFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Chelsea Compton502-564-1792, ext. KHS Launches Danville Tour on ‘Explore Kentucky History’ Smartphone AppFRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 8, 2013) — The Kentucky Historical Society features historic downtown Danville ina new smartphone application tour.KHS launched a series of “ExploreKYHistory” smartphone tours in summer 2012. Available tour themesnow include Civil War, War of 1812, Abraham Lincoln and University of Kentucky. Explore Danville,Kentucky is the first community-based tour.“Explore Danville, Kentucky,” includes 19 historical markers, all within walking distance of Danville’sdowntown business district, pertaining to Kentucky’s pioneer past, the state’s founding, early medicaladvancements, education, the Civil War and more.“Danville is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts,” says Jennifer Kirchner, executive director of theDanville-Boyle County Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Our community is grounded in preservation ofour buildings, traditions and heritage, and now because of this useful and well-designed app, it is veryeasy for visitors to take a stroll through our rich past at their own pace. Danville is a beautiful small townwith a picturesque Main Street that has many interesting stories to tell through its history. We are sothrilled to have this resource in place to share our alluring and captivating piece of Kentucky with therest of the world. Danville is a truly a unique town where preservation meets progress.”“This app has been created to allow local historical societies, museums, tourism offices, libraries, MainStreet programs and others to use ‘ExploreKYHistory’ as a platform to develop their own tours basedupon historical markers in their communities,” said Stuart Sanders, KHS professional servicesadministrator. “The Danville tour, the first community tour to be added to the app, will be a sample tourfor these organizations to help guide them as they create their own community tours.”Tour content and images were collected by KHS in partnership with many community organizationsincluding Centre College, the Danville-Boyle County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the EphraimMcDowell House, Mary Girard at the Boyle County Public Library and Jim Holmberg at the FilsonHistorical Society.
  2. 2. Based on the Kentucky Historical Marker Program, the “ExploreKYHistory” smartphone app combineshistorical markers, related items in the KHS collections and community-submitted images and storiesinto mapped points of interest. Related historical markers across the Commonwealth are then groupedtogether into tours.The Kentucky Historical Marker Program, administered by KHS in cooperation with the KentuckyTransportation Cabinet, tells Kentucky’s story through the people, places and events that have shapedlocal communities across the Commonwealth. These markers highlight the importance of place inKentucky’s collective history, in order to build strong communities for the future. The markers are on-the-spot history lessons that make connections between history, place and historical evidence housed inthe Commonwealth’s many historical organizations. Through the program, Kentucky’s history is madeaccessible to the public on markers along the state’s roadways.The Explore Kentucky History smartphone application is available free of charge at iTunes, Google Playand Users who have already downloaded the app will have immediateaccess to the “Explore Danville, Kentucky” tour and previously released Lincoln, Civil War, War of 1812and University of Kentucky tours. More tours are set to be released soon. For more information aboutsubmitting a community tour, contact Stuart Sanders at 502-564-1792, ext. 4420 -30-An agency of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, the Kentucky Historical Society,established in 1836, is committed to helping people understand, cherish and share Kentuckys history byproviding connections to the past, perspective on the present and inspiration for the future. The KHShistory campus includes the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History, the Old State Capitol and theKentucky Military History Museum at the State Arsenal. For more information about the KentuckyHistorical Society and its programs, visit