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The global headquarters for Denyo Company, Ltd., is located in Tokyo. Denyo manufactures high-output diesel electric gener...
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RELEASE: Denyo moves North American HQ to Danville


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This is the 12-13-11 joint media release from Denyo Manufacturing Corporation and the Danville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership announcing the relocation of Denyo's North American headquarters from Los Angeles, California, to Danville, Kentucky.

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RELEASE: Denyo moves North American HQ to Danville

  1. 1. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP Media ReleaseFor Im med iate Rele ase FOR MORE INFORMATION . . .December 13, 2011 Contact: Charlie Cox Marketing & Communications Coordinator Danville/Boyle County EDP Phone: (859) 583-4341 E-mail: Denyo moves North American HQ to DanvilleDanville, KY -- Danville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership is pleased toannounce Denyo America Corporation and its affiliate Denyo Manufacturing Corporation haverelocated their North American corporate headquarters and staff from Los Angeles to Danville."Denyo Manufacturing Corporation is proud to have officially become a Kentucky Corporation,"said Joey Harris, plant manager for the Danville Denyo facility."We physically moved the Denyo America Corporation office and its two employees from LosAngeles into our facility in August. The Corporation move was official as of November 29."Harris continued, "Danville simply has all of the necessary ingredients to help assure our futureinvestments and our growth aspirations will be successful. The state and local government have andcontinue to be supportive. This community, as well as the other businesses and industries within it,network together in a special way. The Boyle County Industrial Foundation and the rest of theDanville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership have been a great resource to usduring our growth over the past 16 years. It is fitting that this happens during the year of the BCIFs50th anniversary.""Last and most important, the labor force in this area is second to none. The dedication and positiveattitude of our 123 Denyo Manufacturing Corporation employees that we currently have here cannot be matched any where else in America.""Denyo is already investing $6.9 million to build a new 19,401-SF facility to add a high-tech e-coating operation at their Danville plant to improve their generator production. Its a greatcompliment that Denyos leadership is covering that investment by relocating the companys U.S.headquarters from Los Angeles to Danville," said EDP President/CEO Jody Lassiter."We are honored by Denyos confidence in our community as a great place to work and do business,and we are committed to our close partnership with Denyo to aid their continued success inDanville/Boyle County."
  2. 2. The global headquarters for Denyo Company, Ltd., is located in Tokyo. Denyo manufactures high-output diesel electric generators. The companys website can be found at ###