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RELEASE: Boyle County Industrial Foundation elects Dr. Carmen Coleman to Board of Directors


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This is the September 21, 2012 media release from the Boyle County Industrial Foundation announcing the election of the Danville Independent School District Superintendent, Dr. Carmen Coleman, to its Board of Directors.

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RELEASE: Boyle County Industrial Foundation elects Dr. Carmen Coleman to Board of Directors

  1. 1. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP Media ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION . . .September 21, 2012 Contact: Jody A. Lassiter, President/CEO Danville/Boyle County EDP Phone: (859) 236-2805 E-mail: BOYLE COUNTY INDUSTRIAL FOUNDATION ELECTS DR. CARMEN COLEMAN TO BOARD OF DIRECTORSDanville, Kentucky—At its regular meeting on Thursday, the Boyle County Industrial Foundation electedDr. Carmen Coleman, Superintendent of the Danville Independent School District, to its Board of Directorsfor a 3-year term. Coleman’s seat was vacated by Patti Powell, Vice President of Stuart Powell Ford-Lincoln-Mazda, who did not seek re-election to the board for another term.Dr. Coleman has served as Superintendent for the Danville Independent School District since 2009. She wassought out as a potential board member to continue the tradition of strong ties that the Industrial Foundationhas had with local education. Over its 50-year history, BCIF has had multiple education leaders serve on itsboard, including Dr. Pam Rogers, formerly Superintendent of the Boyle County School District; BobRowland, formerly Superintendent of Danville Independent School District; and Dr. Michael F. Adams,formerly President of Centre College. Dr. John Roush, the current President of Centre College, also serveson the Industrial Foundation board.Upon her election, Dr. Coleman remarked: “It is truly an honor to serve as a member of Board of Directorsfor the Industrial Foundation. The opportunity to work closely with others whose mission is to ensure thatour very special community continues to thrive and grow is just really exciting.”BCIF Chairman John Albright commented: “Dr. Coleman is an excellent addition to our board. Sherepresents one of our top-performing local school districts, and will bring a strong educational perspective toour business development efforts.”The Boyle County Industrial Foundation was established in 1961. It is the lead Partner within the EconomicDevelopment Partnership for the mission of business development. In its role, BCIF (1) manages andimproves existing real estate assets for sale or lease for industrial and/or commercial development; (2)monitors, assesses, and responds to opportunities for acquisition of additional land and/or buildings tomaintain a competitive stock of real estate assets for industrial and/or commercial prospects; and (3)facilitates and supports the activities of the Danville/Boyle County Industrial Council, the local advisorygroup of industrial facility managers. ###