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Letter to Danville City Commission - NO to Earmarking EDP Funds


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Published in: Business
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Letter to Danville City Commission - NO to Earmarking EDP Funds

  1. 1. Mayor Bernie Hunstad bhunstad@danvilleky.orgMayor Pro Tem James H. Atkins jh.atkins@centre.eduCommissioner Kevin Caudill bluegrassapprais@bellsouth.netCommissioner Gail Louis nglouis@bellsouth.netCommissioner Ryan Montgomery ryan@mandmky.comMayor Hunstad and Commissioners Atkins, Caudill, Louis, and Montgomery:I strongly urge the Danville City Commission to approve its designated $120,000.00 appropriation tothe Danville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership (EDP) without earmarking the useof those funds for a specific purpose.I am opposed to the City Commission taking this action for the following reasons: Earmarking has never been imposed by the City Commission as a condition for its appropriations, nor is the Commissionapplying this proposed policyequitably to all non- governmental agencies which receive City funds.It appears that the EDP is being singled out. This proposed policy also sets a troublesome precedent that may be abused by future administrations. Earmarking the use of the City’s funds by the EDP limits the discretion and fiduciary responsibility of the EDP Board of Directors in budgeting and expending its revenues strategically to pursue its business development mission. As a Partner, the City has a direct voice and vote on the EDP Board of Directors to determine how the EDP’s funds are expended. Earmarking a portion of the City’s appropriation for “business development” suggests a false choice between this and necessary expenditures for the EDP’s personnel and operations. Allof the EDP’sfunding is expended in pursuit of its business development mission. The City’s appropriation will be meaningless without the necessarystaff and resources to carry out that mission across the Partners.Thank you for considering my position on this important matter to our community.Sincerely,______________________________