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Boyle County, KY Employment Report: Q2, 2012


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This is the EDP's employment report for Boyle County, Kentucky, for the Second Quarter of 2012, which is compiled by the Boyle County Industrial Foundation.

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Boyle County, KY Employment Report: Q2, 2012

  1. 1. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP Boyle County Quarterly Employment Report: Q2, 2012Based upon the confidential quarterly report provided to the Boyle County Industrial Foundation (BCIF),the Danville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership (EDP) presents the following generalemployment data for Boyle County for Q2 2012 (April 1 – June 30) with comparisons to the past quarter aswell as to the previous two to four years.INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYMENT: BCIF monitored employment for 18 Boyle County industries thatemploy 25 or more employees. Three (3) firm did not respond, so their employment levels were heldconstant. Current and past quarter employment levels are as follows:Q2—2012 Q1—2012 Net Change3,199 3,044 + 155Employment growth from the new Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems wheel assembly/distribution center, theDana Holding Corporation expansion, and significant re-hiring at three (3) other firms resulted in a strongincrease in jobs for the industrial sector over Q2.Comparing the status of Boyle County’s industrial employment as of June 30, 2012, with previousemployment levels in the previous four years (2008 – 2011), Q2 yields the following comparisons:Q2—2012 Q2—2011 Q2—2010 Q2—2009 Q2—20083,199 3,039 3,208 3,382 3,811Net Changes: + 160 -9 - 183 - 612NON-INDUSTRIAL EMPLOYMENT: The BCIF tracks the self-reported employment of eleven (11)non-industrial employers, in both private and public sectors, with over 100 employees. BCIF tracks healthcare, retail, education, banking, government, and transportation sectors. Two firms did not respond, so theiremployment levels were held constant. Current, past quarter, and one-year comparison employment levelsare as follows:Q2—2012 Q1—2012 Q2—20113,801 3,842 3,818Net Changes: - 41 - 17Non-industrial employment lagged behind industrial job growth for the quarter, and is roughly flat from oneyear ago. Growth in the health care sector was offset by reductions at government and public school entities.TOTAL OVERALL EMPLOYMENT: In light of the above statistics, total employment for BoyleCounty in Q2 2012 with previous quarter and year comparisons is as follows:
  2. 2. Boyle County Employment Report: Q2, 2012Page 2Q2—2012 Q1—2012 Q2—20117000 6,886 6,857Net Changes: + 114 + 143OVERALL LABOR FORCE STATISTICS: For all sectors of the Boyle County economy, the KentuckyOffice of Employment & Training reports the following data for Boyle Countians in the most recentquarters available: Jun ’12 (Q2) Mar ’12 (Q1)* ChangeEmployed 11,364 11,038 + 326Unemployed 1,236 1,265 - 29Unemployment Rate 9.8% 10.3% - 0.5% (* = adjusted)An annual comparison of unemployment rates reveals the following: Jun ’12 Jun ‘11 ChangeUnemployment Rate 9.8% 12.2% - 2.4%Please contact the EDP if you have any questions or have any suggestions about how this quarterly reportcan be more meaningful to you, your organization, or agency.For more information:Jody A. Lassiter, JDPresident/CEODanville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership(859)