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OKI C831-TS Mug Bundle


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OKI C831-TS Mug Bundle offers a complete mug imaging system based on using the OKI C831-TS printer along with Forever transfer paper and Metalnox mug press. The OKI C831-TS is the most versatile tabloid printer in the market working with cotton and many other fabrics and also working with any blank used for dye sublimation. For added information please go to

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OKI C831-TS Mug Bundle

  1. 1. 11 oz. Ceramic Mugs High quality and durable 11 oz. ceramic mugs. Available in white color. Available in 1 piece mug and 48 mug pieces per bulk pack. • 11 Ounce High Quality Ceramic Mugs • Environmentally and Dishwasher Safe • Great for Promotional Events and Giveaways • Made for OKI C831-TS FlipIt (HS) Hard Surface Transfer Paper High quality 1-step transfer paper designed for hard and smooth surfaces. Available in 8.5” x 11”, 100 sheets per pack. • Easy 1-Step Weedless Transfer Paper Solution • Outstanding Color Output • Great for Ceramic Mug Imaging • Made for OKI C831-TS OKI C831-TS Mug Bundle Perfect for Full Color Imaging of Ceramic Mugs, Customized Mugs, Promoting Business and Events T-Shirts and More! Mug Add-Ons $2,095 Metalnox Mug Heat Press Professional 2” x 7” heavy-duty manual mug press. Available in single and quadruple cylindrical heat platens. • Available in Single and Quadruple 2” x 7” Heat Platens • Consistent Heat and Pressure Distribution • Fully Digital Temperature Control • Made for OKI C831-TS What Else Can I Print? $395 $65 $1.10 • Full Transfer Imaging Solution to for Mugs • T-shirts, Promotional Mugs, Cylindrical Hard Surfaces • Marketing Materials Including Newsletters and Sell Sheets • OKI C831-TS Printer is Virtually Maintenance Free • OKI C831-TS Printer Offers Fast Printing at Up to 35 Pages/Minute • OKI Two Year On-site Warranty for USA and Canada The OKI C831-TS LED laser transfer printer can image heat transfers for light and colored t-shirts, hard surfaces such as aluminum, wood, glass, ceramic mugs, promotional items, mousepads and more. In addition, the OKI C831-TS can image marketing materials in full color such as heavy weight card stock, vinyl stickers, window clings, brochures, envelopes and more. What Else Do I Need? T-Shirt Transfer System • Metalnox EL 600 Heat Press (16”x20”) $1,595 • Forever Laser Transparent Paper (8.5”x11”) $61 Golf Pack Bundle • Golf Ball Boxes (2 Gollfball Boxes in 11”x17”) $120 • Golf Bag Tags (4 Tags in 8.5”x11”) $50 • PolySign LowTack (8.5”x11”, 100 sheets) $100 OKI C831-TS Consumables • OKI HD Toner ( Black | CMY ) $130 | $200 • OKI Image Drums (CMYK) $211 Questions? Please Contact: $1,495 Single Quad