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Simm2 M Presentation Sp May 2009 V1


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SIMM2M presentation

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Simm2 M Presentation Sp May 2009 V1

  1. 1. SIMM2M Network QoS & LBS platform for M2M applications Product Presentation May 2009 1
  2. 2. M2M Service Providers Challenges u Inconsistent network coverage & packet data services u High OPEX due to network problems u M2M customers require guaranteed service availability and performance u Service providers and their M2M customers need to assure network QoS for each M2M terminal u Using traditional technologies for, M2M end-point level network QoS management is not practical 2
  3. 3. SIMM2M Overview u Network Quality of Service monitoring and diagnostic platform for M2M service providers u Data is harvested from unlimited number of M2M terminals using a: v SIM card applet (+ embedded SIM) ; or v Collection agent embedded directly on Telit’s module u Provides real-time insight into each M2M Unit’s: v Quality of Service v Location and mobility u GIS representation; User-friendly, customized web portal 3
  4. 4. High Level Architecture SIMM2M Backend Web based user interface UMTS GSM Telit 4
  5. 5. SIMM2M Modules Inventory Management Presence Management GIS Representation Troubleshooting Analysis
  6. 6. SIMM2M Alerts Alert Description Service Restore Issued upon restoration from a complete service loss GPRS stability Issued upon excessive PDP context reconnection attempts over a predefined time period Terminal restart Issued whenever the M2M terminal boots and attached itself to a PLMN Reception Level degradation Issued when RX level value experienced by the M2M terminal has dropped below a preconfigured threshold Reception Quality Issued when the RX Quality indicator value experienced by the degradation M2M terminal has risen above a preconfigured threshold Location/Access Technology Issued following a handoff: regular serving cell change or or PLMN change handoff from GSM service to UMTS or PLMN change Periodic “keep alive” A service status report following the elapsing of a predefined reporting time period HW replacement Issued following a change of IMEI
  7. 7. SIMM2M Location Services u Provides real-time, visibility into location and mobility aspects of unlimited number of M2M terminals u Raw information may achieve an accuracy better than 100m in urban/suburban environments
  8. 8. SIMM2M basic end-point control Command Description Start Allows user to activate event driven reporting for a specific/group of end-points Stop Allows user to deactivate event driven reporting for a specific/group of end-points Report now Allows user to initiate a request from a specific end point (or group) to report its current service status Reset SIM card Allows user to reset a specific SIM card (or group) in the M2M terminal and forces re-registration of the M2M terminal to the PLMN
  9. 9. Advanced Collection Agent Control Command Description Set thresholds Allows the user to set the following thresholds and report triggers data throughput, reception level and quality, network setup and disconnection events, network address changes, etc. thresholds as report triggers. Set periodic Allows the user to set a regular report interval. reporting Set service counters Allows the user to set reporting based on occurrences over a time period. E.g. Excessive packet data drops, excessive terminal restarts, excessive GSM Quality threshold crossings over time. Historic QoS Allows the user to configure and control QoS parameters statistics collected over time configuration Set event triggers Allows a user to configure which events and parameters a collection agent or group of agents shall be sensitive to. E.g. Signal strength, quality, restarts, coverage loss, location changes, throughput, network changes, packet data session drops, etc…
  10. 10. Data Collection & Reporting u Performed by a pure software based, non intrusive, energy efficient, low footprint: v SIM card applet; or v Collection agent embedded on Telit’s GSM modules u No impact on M2M terminal; no need for integration with M2M application u On the fly management and configuration of data collection u Event driven reporting and alerting u Supports on-demand, last few days, historical and statistical information reporting 10
  11. 11. Unique Features u Provides real-time, historical and statistical visibility into network performance for each M2M unit u Allowing immediate pinpointing of failures or poor service for each endpoint or a group of endpoints u Enables to distinguish between network and hardware related issues u GIS based monitoring of location/mobility for each M2M terminal u Over the air reset of the SIM card 11
  12. 12. Unique Benefits u Substantial decrease in service costs and on-site technician visits u Differentiator – pre/post sale – increases customer’s stickiness u Reduction in false terminal replacement and fixing u Empowers customer service representatives to offer better and consistent service 12
  13. 13. Compliant Modules for SIM Version Vendor Tested modules Cinterion (Siemens) MC35, MC39, MC55/56, MC75, TC65, TC63 WaveCom Fastrack family Telit Late firmware versions from the last year Motorola G24 Enfora Enabler IIG / IIIG – depending on firmware version
  14. 14. Thank You Dan Amir +972(54)4561440 14