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  • Engagement is the critical aspect of social media. Engagement helps develop a connection with the customer and it can help create a solid image of your business in the consumers mind. The other key benefit of engagement is that it helps develop trust which is the most important aspect of SM. If someone trusts you they will in turn tell others and this can result in a snowball effect.
  • When looking up a business I look up facebook info more relevant and all in 1 place. If not on it more likely not on anythingWhether its just a funny video/image or running a comp, reach can be extensive [Denny Hayes example 200 to 8500 in 1 Day, Rayovac, vouchers saw following go from 200 to 5000 in 48 hours Compared to offline soucres the cost can be miniscule in comparisonPeople will get irritated and unlike you. Toast exampleTurn a negative into a positive. Could spend HOURS on it posting and trying to talk to people, but for little returnOverall aim of Facebook engage and promote the brand
  • 2/3 times daily as Facebook is a lot more permanent than twitter and you don’t want to be continuously putting stuff up and clogging up newsfeeds as people may unlike you. In this way it can improve your editing skills as you have to choose carefully and not just put up random irrelevant stuff.The best way to determine the best time is to put stuff up at different times over a week/few weeks period and see the results.Splitting content is important is vital as by having varied content you can achieve the 4 key goals (Reach, Talk, Engaged and Virality) E.g Links for reach, photos for virality Video for…….Use the ad feature and Facebook analytics to help identify your audience and even the platform they use to see your profile. Important as you can tailor your products/info to this segment.Schedule saves time and helps you avoid having to spend all day on it.
  • Sheepwalk Farm MD, Thesis MeCheck every morning instead of newspaper. # and see whats happening in REAL TIME1 to 1, no middle person. Relevant/Influential people see and RT you to a large audience.Its manners when followed to follow back, doesn’t have to be always the case. You want an audience that’s relevant not someone who offers get more followers etc.What can you post up that’s different from Facebook. MD standpoint a lot of articles and facts we find are a result of twitter.Direct Message are the Spam of social media.
  • There really isnt a limit to the amount of tweets you can put up. However if your RT then leave a gap of an hour at least as 1 RT per hour has shown to be the best.Tweriod is a useful tool to tell you when your audience is on twitter morning, noon and night and also weekday, weekend, Monday and Sunday Split your content between RTs that add value for your audience, own viewpoints/info/advice, if you have a blog provide own info and promote the business (4-3-1 rule).# and find out info and connections. If its topical watch info roll in real time.Schedule is great as it avoids you having to be on 24/7. Spend some time on it though.
  • This year is the year of the video response rate of 300% Music all on youtube (ad example)It makes content more personal and interactiveComments people put up on Youtube are far worse, anonimity is biggerYoutube filters are in a word crap. Put in a certain category could spend all daySound is good
  • If twitter is the intro than LinkedIn is the official link. The professional image of your business online. It’s the best way to develop an online relationship as LinkedIn views quality over quantity.Gets you into contact with people with expertise [thesis example]If your looking to employ of find people its great in this regard (think of it as an interactive CV)There can be so many groups out there (time efficiency, also will these people engage with you)Are there enough relevant people on LinkedIn to put time and effort inThesis example a case of trial and error
  • Get Stat
  • Social Media can be very good for businesses provided you have a clear purpose
  • Social media slides for workshop

    2. 2.  Social Media Core Objectives  The Big Three  Other Key Tools
    3. 3. CORE OBJECTIVES  Engagement – Get People to Talk  Purpose
    4. 4.  Minimal Cost  Customisation  One size fits all  Develop Relationships  Feedback
    5. 5.  Everyone is on it  Great to engage people/get noticed  Promote your business for FREE  Don’t post too much  Don’t have a business only focus  How much time you spend on it
    6. 6.  Posts - 2/3 Times Daily  Time - Test out and see  Split Content (Word, Image, Video)  Likes and Shares are Key  Identify your audience/segment  Schedule
    7. 7.  Great for introductions  # for instant news  Direct link to relevant people/groups  Follow and be followed  What to post up  Direct messages
    8. 8.  Tweets – 4/15. 1 hour rule  Time – 8am to 7pm. Test out  Content – Split  Great Search Tool - #  Schedule
    9. 9. YOUTUBE  Video is the next big thing  2nd biggest search engine after Google  Video is multi purpose  Beware the trolls  Search Issues  Video Quality
    10. 10. LINKEDIN  Great to develop relationships  Professional Groups  Great for finding people with relevant skills/info  Which groups to join  Reach  Will people engage with you
    11. 11. GOOGLE+  Get relevant news.  Video Conference  SEO Purposes  Who else is on it  Group Management is Stricter
    12. 12. Demographic Female Male
    13. 13.  China – 712 Million Users  Russia – 90 Million Users
    14. 14. PURPOSE  Traffic to website  Traffic to Shop  Create Brand Awareness  Expert in Field  Generate Sales  Just for the sake of it
    15. 15. RESULTS DRIVEN  Time is Money  Facebook Insights  Google Analytics