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A Freelancer's Guide To Handling Difficult Clients

A new client contacts you about a project they want you to do. You quickly negotiate a price. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. You are really excited to start the new project and make some money so you start right away. You get a couple days in and the client is adding all kinds of things to the project that they thought would be included. On Friday they remember that they never told you the project needs to be completed by Monday. Knowing that it is impossible to finish the project by Monday you get a sinking feeling. Meanwhile, the client thinks that what they are asking for is perfectly normal. After all this is their first website. Quickly you begin to curse the day you met the client and wish you never took on this project.

Having the skills to design and develop a website is only part of what you need to become a successful freelancer. Working with clients and managing expectations are essential skills to have as a freelancer. This session will be an open discussion about how to work with clients and manage projects.

Some of the topics discussed will be:

How to make sure a client is a good fit before jumping into a project.
How to set clear expectations for the client and the freelancer.
How to make sure you get paid for your work.

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A Freelancer's Guide To Handling Difficult Clients

  1. 1. A Freelancer's Guide To Handling Difficult Clients A Freelancer's Guide To Handling Difficult Clients
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