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Arx1 Factslist


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ARX1 fingerprint reader replaces classical doorlocks

Published in: Technology
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Arx1 Factslist

  1. 1. ARX1 is an innovative product which enables a safe and comfortable way to enter your apartment, house or office by means of your fingerprint. This is the first fingerprint reader which meets all the important criteria that makes it suitable for the end consumer market: It uses a state of the art fingerprint recognition technology and can be used by anyone: even children, the elderly and people with damaged fingerprints because of manual labor. Failure to enroll rate is 0% which means up till now everyone has been able to use it. It is the most user friendly solution ever made. ARX1 operates as a stand-alone unit. No connection to a PC, no additional passwords or keycards are needed to enroll or delete fingerprints. Even a non-technical person is able to master its functions in no time. The design of ARX1 is a result of co-operation with TEM, a leading Slovenian producer of high-quality switches. Its small size helps ARX1 blend with the interior so that it doesn't attract unnecessary atention while being an aesthetic element in its surroundings. ARX1 is installed on the wall beside the entrance rather than directly on the door. This makes it suitable for a wide range of access points. Technical data: output relay: 12V, 3A power consumption: max. 220 mA interior unit voltage: 100 - 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz exterior unit voltage: 12 VDC operating temperature range: -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) operating humidity range: to 90% exterior unit dimensions: 79x79x62mm interior unit dimensions: 90x70x58mm installation: on top of an electrical mounting box min. 60 mm Ø sensor type: Atmel Fingerchip - thermal encryption type: 64-bit rolling code memory type: flash (fingerprint templates remain in the database in case of power failure) identification level: professional (high level of minutiae) capacity: 1000 fingerprint templates user interface: 2 buttons, 3 color LED, buzzer