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Eng niss draft presentation post 2015_launch

  2. 2. OPENING OF THE NATIONAL CONSULTATIONSON POST 2015 AGENDA IN THE KYRGYZREPUBLICJanuary 31, 2013Djunushaliev M.T.National Institute for Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic
  3. 3. What are the national consultations?Period:• January, 2012 - March, 2013Purpose• wide discussion on "DevelopmentAgenda in Kyrgyzstan post 2015"• building a global vision of “The FutureWe Want”• impact on intergovernmental processesin the development agenda post 2015
  4. 4. 2010 -MDGSummitRio +20UNSystemTask TeamSGs High-levelPanel ofEminentPersonsWorking Groupon SustainableDevelopmentGoalsAdoption ofthe post-2015 UNdevelopmentagendaWhat are the national consultations?
  5. 5. UN System Task Team: Proposed integrated framework for realizing the “Future WeWant" in the post 2015 UN development agendaHuman rightsEqualityStabilityEnvironmentalSustainabilityPeaceand securityInclusivesocialdevelopmentInclusiveeconomicdevelopment
  6. 6. The subjects of the national consultationsInclusive economicdevelopmentEconomic growthand employmentFood security andagricultureEnvironmentalSustainabilityEnergyWaterEnvironmentalsustainabilityInclusivesocialdevelopmentDemographicdynamicsHealthcareEducationFamily as aninstitutionInequalityPeaceand securityGovernanceConflicts andinstability
  7. 7. Methodology of the national consultationsTraditional NontraditionalGovernment sectorCivil societyScientific and expert communityPrivate sectorAverage householdMigrants (internal and external)Families of migrant workersSmall scale traders + business +farmersWomen (heads of households, farms)Ethnic minoritiesCommunity groupsOlder peopleTeachers, doctorsInternational organizationsYouth (14-28 years)Children (under 14 years)Stateless personsRefugeesWorkers in the informal sectorPeople with disabilities. Families living with peoplewith disabilitiesGroups, directly or indirectly affected by conflictand / or natural disasters + border communitiesUnemployedMembers of PLHIV community and key populationsat higher risk (IDU, SW, LGBT)
  8. 8. 1. National consultations by selectiveinterviews653respondents2. Conducting focus group discussions345respondents60 respondents3. Interviewing experts and individualmembers of key groups at higher risk345respondents5. Survey via social networks1,000respondents(expected)According to a samplesurvey on country23 focus groups ofstakeholdersScientific and expertcommunity, PLHIV, IDU,sex workers, LGBTCivil sector, government,local governmentInternet community4. On-line survey via mailTotal pre-coverage: ~ 2,500 respondentsMethodology of the national consultations
  9. 9. Methodology of national consultationsYouth, ethnic groups, families of migrantworkers, women, community groups,members of the PLHIV, IDU, SC, LGBTChildren, cross border population andpopulation affected by conflict or naturaldisasters, small-scale business + smalltraders + farmersAveragehouseholdsUnemployed, members of PLHIV, IDU, SC,LGBT, informal sector workers, refugees,migrants, retireesPeople with disabilities +their familiesPublic employeesStatelesspersons
  10. 10. Base questions of the national consultationsHow do you want to see the future of Kyrgyzstan in 15 years?Name three areasWhy do you consider these three areas important?What do you need to do to achieve these? What is stoppingyou?Who can help to achieve these?What can you do for these?
  11. 11. The results of the national consultationsReport on theNationalConsultations• April 2013UNGeneralAssemblySeptember2013Intergovernmentalprocess and discussionson the developmentagenda post 2015End of 2013 – 2014
  12. 12. UN jointly with the NISS KRinvite citizens to take part in the nationalconsultations and join the discussion of the FutureWe Want post 2015: assist with the collection of voices fill in the questionnaire of the nationalconsultations share the information with partners, friends andinterested partiesYour role in the national consultations
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!For questions regarding the content of theconsultations, please contact the National Institute forStrategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic: Tel.: 0312 39 20 60, 0555-509-918 by mail: post2015kgz@gmail.com through the website:www.2015.kg