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Fair trade laos (ftl) certification guideline 2017


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Presentation of the new FTL certification guideline (2017): principles, process, costs etc.

Fair trade laos (ftl) certification guideline 2017

  1. 1. FTL Certification guideline 1 Update: March 2017
  2. 2. Introduction Why to develop a new FTL certification system 2 Approach and process References - Building network/community of social businesses - Extend the new business sector - Have a sound certification system • Searching information from related document • Organize consultative workshop with members and other business organization. Once in VTE and LPB • Consult with Saoban and AgroAsie • Lao labour Law, 2013 (No.43/NA) • UN Global compact. • 10 Principle of Fair Trade, World Fair Trade Organization. • Certification (Standard Operating Procedure) by Fairtrade International. • Fair Trade Federation Code of Practice. • Fair Trade USA standards.
  3. 3. FTL Principles 3 Principle 1:Vision towards sustainable practices Principle 2: Fair for Employees Principle 3: Fair for producers or suppliers Principle 4: Capacity building. Principle 5: Non-discrimination, gender equality and respect culture Principle 6: No child or forced labor Principle 7: Environmental stewardship Principle 8: Fair for consumers Principle 9: FairTrade promotion Principle 10: Fund for Good Minimum Standards Progress standards
  4. 4. Certification Process 4
  5. 5. Eligible Applicants • Producer organization • Marketing organization (e.g. retailers) • Services business organization Hotel, Guest house, Restaurants,Travel Agency 5
  6. 6. Monitoring Internal control system Assigned staff for internal inspector Member Train (Internal Control system) and consult Annual self-assessment report and improvement plan Employees/ProducersRandom check FTL principles & internal control system workshop Inform when employer does not treat them fairly or comply with the principles 6
  7. 7. • FTL members have a right to use FairTrade Laos’ Logo on the poster, website, retail shop displays and other communication materials Logo Usage 7 • Only regular members allow to use FTL logo on their products upon the fully compliance FTL minimum and progressive standards, especially Principle 3: Fair for producers and suppliers
  8. 8. Certification Cost (ask for updates) size of member/Applica ant Application Fee (LAK) Annual Fee (LAK) Small Producer 50.000 500.000 < 10 people: 10 - 30 people: people: > 30 people: 50.000 100.000 150.000 1.000.000 1.500.000 2.000.000 Membership Fee 8
  9. 9. Certification Cost (ask for updates) Product Certification Fee 9 Number of producer group Fee (LAK) 15 groups 500.000 Next added producer producer group + 50.000 kip
  10. 10. • Members do not make progress on the improvement towards FTL progressive standards after receive two official notifications from FTL according to membership timeframe • Members do not comply the membership agreement • Member do not fulfil the monitoring obligation as mention in the FairTrade Laos guideline • Members do not pay an annual membership fee FTL membership will be terminated after 3 years. However, the membership will be terminated before three years according to below conditions: Termination of membership 10
  11. 11. Certification Committee 11 There are three people in charge in Certification Committee Mr.Vorasone Dengkayaphichith Mrs.Vilayvanh Saysanavongphet Mrs. Chanthila Kongthongthip
  12. 12. Thank you 12 Web site: FaceBook: Contact us: