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fDi markets overview


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fDi markets overview

  1. 1. Overview of fDi Markets Strictly Confidential
  2. 2. Contents • Introduction 3 • Database Details 4 • Lead Generation Module – new 12 • Benefits 14 – Investment promotion strategy 16 – Market and sector profiling 18 – Identifying target investors 20 – Profiling companies 22 – Performance evaluation 23 – Marketing and PR 24 – Lead generation – new 25 • Staffing, Technical Support and Training 27 • Client List 28 • Testimonials 29 • Why fDi Markets? Unique Selling Points 30
  3. 3. Introduction • The fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times Ltd is delighted to submit our proposal for providing fDi Markets. • fDi Markets is an online FDI database, market research and investor targeting tool, accessed through an annual subscription. • fDi Markets is the market leading FDI database. It has tracked nearly 100,000 FDI projects investing over $7 trillion and creating 20 million jobs. • fDi Markets is the exclusive source of FDI project data for the UNCTAD World Investment Report, The Economist Intelligence Unit and World Bank. • Over 150 Governments around the world and many of the world’s leading multinational corporations currently subscribe to fDi Markets. • We are convinced that fDi Markets will significantly improve the ability of your agency to attract FDI.
  4. 4. Database Details
  5. 5. Database Details – Intelligence Sources • fDi Markets is produced in the UK using a team of multi-lingual analysts, who are full time employees of the Financial Times Ltd, ensuring the highest quality staff conduct the data research. • Our team search over 8,000 news sources, including the proprietary sources of the Financial Times Ltd, to identify FDI projects. • An additional 2,000 + industry and government sources are searched daily for news of FDI projects and inter-state projects in the USA. • When a project is identified, the project is validated with company sources, which allows further company information to be captured, including decision making contacts, and is entered into fDi Markets. • Only new and expansion projects which lead to new jobs being created and capital being invested are recorded i.e. Greenfield investment • The information then goes through a strict quality control process.
  6. 6. Database Details – Data Tags • The below information on each FDI project is captured. The database is fully searchable by these data tags. – Parent company name – Investment company name – Company turnover and website – Company profile – Company contacts and position – Project description – Source country, region, city – Destination country, region, and city – Jobs and investment amount – Cluster, sector and business activity – Type of project (new, expansion, co-location) – Motives for investment – Geographic markets served by the investment project
  7. 7. Database Details – Sectors Covered • Every FDI project is tagged to a sector, as shown below. fDi Markets covers every sector, unlike any other FDI database available. Sectors have been aligned as close as possible to SIC codes, and a list of SIC codes is available. – Aerospace – Consumer Electronics – Non-Automotive Transport – Alternative/Renewable energy – Consumer Products – Paper, Printing & Packaging – Automotive Components – Electronic Components – Pharmaceuticals – Automotive OEM – Engines & Turbines – Plastics – Beverages – Financial Services – Real Estate – Biotechnology – Food & Tobacco – Rubber – Building & Construction Materials – Healthcare – Semiconductors – Business Machines & Equipment – Hotels & Tourism – Software & IT services – Business Services – Industrial Machinery & Equip – Space & Defence – Ceramics & Glass – Leisure & Entertainment – Textiles – Chemicals – Medical Devices – Transportation – Coal, Oil & Gas – Metals Warehousing & Storage – Communications – Minerals – Wood Products
  8. 8. Database Details – Clusters Covered • Every FDI project is tagged to a cluster, as shown below. A cluster is defined as the end-user industry for the project. A cluster is not sector- dependent, allowing true industry value chains to be identified. • For example, a software development centre by HSBC is defined as being in the “Software & IT Services” sector and in the “Financial Services” cluster. – Construction – Life sciences – Consumer Goods – Physical Sciences (Chemicals, Metal, Mining) – Creative Industries – Professional Services – Energy – Retail Trade – Environmental Technology – Tourism – Financial Services – Transport Equipment – Food, Beverages & Tobacco – Transportation, Warehousing & Storage – ICT – Wood, Apparel & Related Products – Industrial
  9. 9. Database Details – Activities Covered • Every FDI project is also tagged to a business activity, as shown below. A business activity is not sector-specific and shows the actual activity being conducted by the new investment. – Business Service – Logistics, Distribution & Transportation – Construction – Maintenance & Servicing – Customer Contact Centre – Manufacturing – Design, Development & Testing – Recycling – Education & Training – Research & Development – Electricity – Retail – Extraction – Sales, Marketing & Support – Headquarters – Shared Services Centre – ICT & Internet Infrastructure – Technical Support Centre
  10. 10. Database Details – Technology/Product Search • An industry search function allows the user to instantly build a database for any search words, including specific technologies such as Wind, Wireless or Solar. This is saved on the application, and the full suite of fDi Markets tools are available to analyse this database. Our team can assist with key word searches if required.
  11. 11. Database Details – Markets Covered • fDi Markets covers every country, region and city worldwide
  12. 12. Lead Generation Module - New
  13. 13. Lead generation module – ‘Investor Signals’ • A new module is being added to fDi Markets in May 2010 called ‘Investor Signals’. • 5 investor signals are being tracked to generate new business leads. • The signals being tracked are shown on the right. The signals provide early warning that a company may be considering investment before they have made the decision on where to invest • The signals module is available for a small additional fee to existing fDi Markets customers
  14. 14. Benefits of subscribing to fDi Markets
  15. 15. Key benefits of fDi Markets • The key benefits of having access to fDi Markets include: 1. Developing your investment promotion strategy 2. Market and sector profiling 3. Identifying target companies 4. Profiling companies 5. Performance evaluation 6. Marketing & PR 7. Lead generation - new
  16. 16. Benefit #1: Investment Promotion Strategy • The fDi Markets database allows Government agencies to their investment promotion strategy based on real time empirical evidence on the actual size and growth in Greenfield FDI in all markets and sectors worldwide. • fDi Markets is a unique investment promotion strategy tool for: – Identifying and prioritising target markets for FDI – Identifying and prioritising target sectors for FDI – Setting investment targets based on the number of FDI projects, jobs and capital investment to be attracted
  17. 17. Benefit #1: Investment Promotion Strategy Example – Creative Industries is the highest growth FDI sector
  18. 18. Benefit #2: Market and sector profiling • For each sector and for each country/state your agency is targeting for FDI in-depth instant analysis is provided on fDi Markets. • This analysis is invaluable for informing investment officers on where the opportunities are in the sector or market being targeted and for developing their marketing plans. • fDi Markets also provides a report tool, which will produce a MS Word report with full analysis on every segment you are targeting – saving much time and resource in putting together studies.
  19. 19. Benefit #2: Market and sector profiling Example – Analysing the Creative Industries sector
  20. 20. Benefit #3: Identifying Target Firms • fDi Markets contains a database of over 50,000 actively investing companies, which can be searched and is constantly updated. • Over 500 new investors are being added to the database every month. • fDi Markets is unique in that companies can be ranked by the number and size of their actual investments (which is the best technique to identify target companies) as well as turnover: • fDi Markets will ensure that your agency is building relationships with: – The most strategic companies in your target segments – Companies which do not yet have a presence in your country or region, but which are expanding globally – Newly emerging companies, investing across borders for the first time – Companies establishing regional HQs in your region – Companies investing in your location to provide after-care services
  21. 21. Benefit #3: Identifying Target Firms Example – Identifying target companies from India in Creative Industries
  22. 22. Benefit #4: Profiling Companies • fDi Markets provides a company profile on every company making an investment project, which is updated each time the company invests. • A company report is available on every company. • The company reports provide unique and indispensable information on the company to prepare for contacting or meeting the company. • The company report includes: – Overview of the company – Turnover and website – Key contacts we have identified for each FDI project the company has had (where contact name can be found). We also record the month and year we added the contact – Analysis of the global investments of the company – Profiles of investment projects
  23. 23. Benefit #5: Performance Evaluation • fDi Markets will allow your agency to track its performance in attracting FDI based on the number and size of projects attracted and comparisons with other locations. • Market share can be easily calculated for specific target segments, so your agency can see in which segments it is performing strongly and in which areas performance is below the market share that is expected. • fDi Markets tracks the jobs and capital investment of every project. Patent-pending algorithms calculate estimated jobs and investment when the actual figures are not released by the company. • The typical accuracy of these estimates is over 80% when the sample includes at least 20 projects, and for random testing of 1,000 projects near 100% accuracy is achieved. fDi Markets can therefore reliably assess the impact of FDI on your economy in terms of employment creation and capital investment.
  24. 24. Benefit #6: Marketing and PR • Access to an FDI database tracking investment into your region and country can be a powerful marketing tool. • Projects are added typically the same day a company makes an announcement, and a profile of each project is provided. • fDi Markets has a built-in e-mail newswire service, and multiple e-mail newswires can be set up for each specified user. This facilitates real- time tracking of FDI into your location as well as into target sectors and markets for sector teams, sales reps, and overseas offices. • Clients are permitted to use information provided by fDi Markets in press releases and marketing materials. • This could include press releases or updates on the latest projects being attracted into your location and rankings comparing your location success with competitors – carrying the independence and credibility of fDi Intelligence, Financial Times Ltd
  25. 25. Benefit #7: Lead generation • The new ‘investor signals’ module, being launched in March 2010 providing the most comprehensive tracking of investor investment intentions available. • It will provide early signals of companies that are already considering or are likely to invest overseas, together with profiles and contacts of the companies. • The investor signals module, in combination with the current FDI database, will make fDi Markets the most comprehensive lead generation system available to investment promotion organizations. • Note that the investor signals module is available at an additional fee
  26. 26. Benefit #7: Lead generation Example: Investor signals for Latin America – Cobiscorp
  27. 27. Staffing, Technical Support & Training • fDi Intelligence provides the highest levels of customer and technical support to our clients. • Am experienced, dedicated account manager is provided for each client. • We provide either face-to-face training workshops or online ‘webex’ training, with further training provided during the subscription when new product features are launched. • fDi Markets can be accessed 24/7. Our reliable and fast servers ensure continuous access to fDi Markets. We also provide customer support and a technical support helpline. • Product usage is constantly tracked and we can provide usage reports to clients upon request.
  28. 28. Client list • fDi Markets has over 150 Government clients. Example include: National Regional – APEX Brazil – Business Porta Califronia – Corpei Ecuador – IBW Wales – Dubai DED – Invest Victoria – IDA Ireland – Ontario EDT – Invest in America – ARD Paris – Invest in Canada – Probarranquilla – Invest in Spain – Scottish Development – Invest Hong Kong – Stockholm Business Region – Proexport Colombia – Texas DED – UK Trade and Investment – Think London • Many multinational corporations and consultancies use fDi Markets for site selection and business development including among others: Microsoft, Dell, Barclays, BASF, Royal Haskoning, Deloitte, McKinsey, Mercer, Frenger, Marsh & McLennan.
  29. 29. Testimonials “Our international marketing efforts have improved dramatically since we started to use fDi Markets. Now that we are able to identify companies that are active outward investors, targeting potential investors has become far more effective and far less complex. Our intelligence unit subscribes to several databases but none that have proved so useful, fDi Markets has proved to be a most prudent investment tool that no IPA should be without.” (Wesgro, Cape Town region) “fDi Markets is a valuable source of sector, market and company intelligence for our international investment team and this resource has significantly reduced the time required to conduct FDI project analysis.” (Invest Northern Ireland) “We would give up our travel budget to have access to fDi Markets” (UKTI, Japan office) “A very well conceived project” (Microsoft, Redmond site selection team)
  30. 30. Why fDi Markets? Unique selling points 1. The only database tracking FDI in all sectors and all countries worldwide 2. The only database providing real-time global market data on FDI 3. The only database providing FDI analysis, investor targeting, and business leads in one easy-to-use business application accessible 24/7 4. E-mail newswire 5-10 times more comprehensive than any similar service 5. Credibility of using the exclusive source of FDI project data for the leading FDI statistics organizations – UNCTAD, EIU, World Bank and BEA