Introducing Jentla


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Jentla provides cutting edge multi-site Web Content Management Solutions (CMS) based on Joomla, the Open Source framework.

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Introducing Jentla

  1. 1. Introducing  Jentla  
  2. 2. Evolu2on  of  the  web  CMS   CMS   Mul2-­‐tenant   Par2al  Mu2site   True  Mul2site   CMS   CMS   aware  CMS   Examples   Examples   Examples   Joomla     Drupal   Sitecore   Etc.   Alfresco   Oracle  (Stellent)   All  extensions   na:vely   mul:site  
  3. 3. The  Jentla  Suite  for  Joomla     N-­‐:er  Joomla  sites Jentla  N      Core  enterprise  CMS  and  N-­‐:er  mul:site   Jentla  F      Forms  framework   Jentla  BI    Pentaho  business  informa:on  integra:on   Jentla  V      Powerful  video  management   Jentla  E      Mul:-­‐modal  eCommerce   Manager
  4. 4. Move  admin  to  the  App  layer   Broaden  the  webmaster’s  scope:   • Site  builds   • Applica:on  upgrades   • Applica:on  security  fixes   • Use  full  ITIL  approach  with  staging  sites   • Lower  TCO  without  sysadmins  doing  webmaster  role   IT  manages  the  core  infrastructure  and  Marke:ng  manages  the   web  applica:on  
  5. 5. Recogni2on  for  Jentla   Strategic  100  Rising  Star  Award Strategic  100  Rising  Star  Award 2009  SoVware  Innova:on  Award  
  6. 6. Some  Jentla  customers   Prime  TV,  Australia’s  largest  regional  TV  channel FSCJ,  7th  largest  Edu  in  USA,  90,000  students Mission  Australia,  top  Australian  charity
  7. 7. Open  Source  Commitment   •  Released  over  500,000  GPL  lines  of  code   •  Joomla  Extension  Cer:fica:on   •  Board  Member  Open  Source  Industry  Australia   •  Founder  Brisbane  Joomla  User  Group  
  8. 8. Jentla  Engagement  Model   Customer   Crea2ve   Content   Engagement   Architecture   Delivers  synergy  and  s:mulates  development  
  9. 9. Jentla  Engagement  Model   Blue  Sky     Integrator   Innova:on  and     High  value  Services   Development  effort   Low  value     Strategic   integrator   Partnering   Complex   Simple   Opera:ons  effort  
  10. 10. Vital  ques2ons  for  Mul2site?   Can  your  CMS  group  sites  for  content  publica:on  and  admin?   Can  you  promote  your  brand  across  all  sites  and  let  site  managers  add  local  content?   Can  your  CMS  personalise  content  per  site  very  simply?   Does  your  provider  offer  flexible  hos:ng  op:ons?   Is  your  CMS  built  on  community  based  Open  Source  soVware?   Does  your  CMS  have  a  range  of  over  3,000  pre-­‐built  extensions?   Does  your  CMS  have  a  powerful  mul:page  forms  framework  built  in?  
  11. 11. Online  Brand  Maintenance   My MLM local site Brand  Header   Lead  Ar:cle  –  School   does  really  well  at  Maths   Maintain  brand   presence  by  controlling    Head  Office   every  site  while   Ride  to   P&C   Spelling   allowing  local  content.   school   Report   Bee   day   New  science   School   curriculum  explained   Brand  footer  
  12. 12. Online  Brand  Maintenance   My MLM local site Brand  Header   School  closed   Real:me  emergency   Monday  due  to   response.    Head  Office   Swine  Flu.   Add  business  value  to   the  websites.   Swine  flu  precau:ons   School   Brand  footer  
  13. 13. Online  Brand  Maintenance   My MLM local site Brand  Header   Lead  Ar:cle  –  School   does  really  well  at  Maths   Real:me  return  to   regular  content    Head  Office   Ride  to   P&C   Spelling   school   Report   Bee   day   New  science   School   curriculum  explained   Brand  footer  
  14. 14. Jentla  CCK   Administrator   Content   Content   Website  visitor   Contributor   Contributor   Define  Data Create  Display Select  Data   Views  Site   Defines fields, A look and feel Presenta2on   View  data   fields types and for the data. Adds  data  to  the   Views  web  page   possible sets of field values. display     Form   Input  data   Creates a form. Saves  or  submits   form  
  15. 15. Jentla  CCK   Very  powerful  mul:page  forms  workflows  
  16. 16. Jentla  CCK   Tags  can  fit  into  any  template  
  17. 17. Jentla  CCK  Uses   The  CCK  Field  tag    for  the  CCK  Field  Radius_Name:     {{CCK_RADIUS_Name+label+display[Operator,Supervisor]+editable [Supervisor]+required[Supervisor]}}   Defines  these  display  and  access  rights  for  the  CCK  Field:     Display  to  Operator  and  Supervisor  website  group  members   only     Label  to  be  displayed     Editable  by  Supervisor  website  group  members  only     Required  input  by  Supervisor  website  group  members  only     An  enterprise  class  implementa:on  of  field  extensions  
  18. 18. Form  Example:  Online  student  study  applica2on   Student  view   Study     Applica2on   Applica2on   Applica2on   Applica2on   thankyou     rejec2on     Success   form   page   page    page   Also  email   Also  email   applicant   applicant   Staff  view   Review   Add  to     educa2on  and   rejected   visa  criteria   applica2ons   Approve     Study    applica2on   Jentla  BI     Reports   dashboard  
  19. 19. Jentla  BI  Reports  Example:  Student  Applica2ons   Drill  into  student  study  applica:on  data:     What  percentage  of  Country  A   applicants  start  but  do  not  complete   the  online  applica:on  form?     How  long  do  students  from  Country   B  take  between  first  contac:ng  the   school  and  becoming  paying   students?     What  sec:on  of  the  online  form   took  longest  to  complete?     How  oVen  do  students  jump  off  the   page  to  other  sec:ons  of  the  site   while  comple:ng  the  form?   Enterprise  class  repor:ng  from  an  easy  to  use  dashboard  
  20. 20. Site  Personalisa2on  tools   Automated  replacement  of  on  page  tags  customised  per  site   Generic  Ar2cle   “Our  goal  at    <%%school_name%%>    is  to  improve  the  educaGon  outcomes  of                                                                                     children  in    <%%school_locaGon%%>    .”                                                                                           Customized  on  the  site   “Our  goal  at  Mackay    P  rimary  School    is  to  improve  the  educaGon  outcomes  of                                                                                 children  in                                .”   Mackay Improved  Search  Engine  Relevance   Site  visitors  can  find  relevant  content  more  easily  
  21. 21. Content  Workflows   System  Admin   Contributor   Approver   Publisher   Rights  to  publish  and   manage  content  on  all  of   the  sites  –  Can  delegate   publishing  rights   throughout  the  network.   Site  Admin   Contributor   Approver   Publisher   Rights  to  publish  to     areas  of  their  local  site   delegated  by  the  System   Admin  user.   Publishing  Process   No:fica:on  emails  are   DraV   Submiied   Approved   Published   sent  automa:cally  to   review,  rework  or  publish   the  content.   Rejected   Old  
  22. 22. Copying  Sites  and  Sharing  content   Site   Site   Create  full  exact  replica  sites  in   approximately  one  minute.   Create  hundreds  to  thousands   from  a  batch  CSV  lis:ng.   Exact  replica  site  copies   Very  strong  features  for  content   propaga:on  between  sites   Ar2cle   Ar2cle   using  advanced  site  grouping   rules.   Copying  ar2cles  between  sites  
  23. 23. Joomla  Extensions   Components   Modules   Plugins   Language   Templates   packs   Sponsoring  the  Jentla  Extension  Cer:fica:on  programme.   Full  remote  control  over  modules.   Joomfish  conversion  to  mul:site  aware  extension  for  Language  Packs     Full  remote  control  over  templates.     On  a  large  mul:site  implementa:on,  the  Jentla  extension  tools   save  hundreds  of  hours  
  24. 24. Joomla  core  upgrader   Site   Site   Site   1.x.x   1.5.x   1.6.x   Jentla  is  the  only  Joomla  soVware  with  a  built  in   upgrader  for  Joomla  1.0  >  1.5.     Upgrade  hundreds  of  Joomla  1.5  sites  in  minutes.   Jentla  will  be  ready  for  Joomla  1.6  when  it  is  released  
  25. 25. Impor2ng  exis2ng  Joomla  sites   Pre-­‐exis:ng  Joomla  sites   Jentla     can  be  imported  under  the   Manager   central  control  of  Jentla   Third  Party   Manager  and  their  content   hos:ng   shared  amongst  other  sites.   The  cost  of  upgrading   legacy  Joomla  sites  is  vastly   Site   Site   Site   reduced.   Imported  sites  can  remain   in  situ,  but  controlled  by   the  Jentla  Manager  
  26. 26. High  Availability   Load  balancer   Out  of  the  Box   Site   Site   Jentla  delivers  applica:on   Site   Site   Site   Site   Site   layer  High  Availability  in   minutes.   Load  balancing  between  any   number  of  Joomla  sites  with   fail-­‐over  if  one  iden:cal  sites   crashes  achieved  without   Load  balancer   database  replica:on.     Infinitely  scalable,  just  by   Content   replica:ng  a  site,  crea:ng  a   Jentla     Jentla     grouping  of  sites  and  adding     Manager   Manager   exis:ng  and  newly  replicated   RSS  Content   sites  to  the  group.  The  sites   are  then  configuring  behind  a   Standby     load  balancer.   Jentla     Manager  
  27. 27. Site  Grouping   Examples:   Geography   Publishing  groups:        State        Region        District        City        School  
  28. 28. Site  Grouping  examples:  By  Interest  (Sport)   Geographical  site   State  Level   Region  Level   District  Level   School  Level   groupings Group   Group   Group   Group   Ra:o  of  children  in   <Region_name>   Football  in   College  recrui:ng   sports  across   inter-­‐region   <District_name>   in  <school_name>   Example  Shared  Ar:cles <state>   sports  prep   Content  weigh:ngs  by   State,  Region,  District,   District  Levels Focus  in  State  Level     Blended  emphasis   Blended  emphasis   Focus  on  School   content Favoring  Region   Favoring  District     Level  content   Level   Level   Content  can  be  personalised  to  share  amongst  mul:ple   websites  based  on  any  commonality  grouping.    
  29. 29. SaaS  Op2ons   Snort/External  firewall VPNExternal   Jentla  Enterprise  Cloud   Firewall Load  Balancer Hos2ng   We  separate  the  files  on  a   cloud  server  storage  and   DNS/Mail the  databases  on  separate   tuned  database  servers  so   YUM DNS compared  to  regular   dedicated  hos:ng,  ours  is   Management  Layer   very  responsive.   Cloud  Storage Web Web Web Monitoring   24*7  Remote  monitoring  on   Frontend  Layer   HTTP,  Disk,  IO,  CPU,   memory.  For  security  we   monitor  intrusion   Switch/   detec:on,  intrusion   Internal  Firewall preven:on  and  file  integrity   management.  Backups  are   Load  Balancer also  monitored.  SMS   messages  are  delivered  to   the  customer  and  the   developer  for  any  issues.   Master Slave Slave Nagios HIDS Backup VPN  Access   Systems  administra:on    Logging  Layer   access  is  only  available  via   Database  Layer   virtual  private  network.  
  30. 30. No  Hacking  the  Joomla  core   ZacWare  is  working  towards  a  best   prac:ce  approach  to  developing   Joomla  extensions.     We  never  hack  the  Joomla  core  CMS   to  add  Jentla  func:onality.    
  31. 31. Feature  List   Features   Jentla  N   Features   Jentla  N   Publishing  workflow   Site  Replica:on   Delegated  publishing  authority   Site  Admin   Front-­‐end  ACLs   Admin  Dashboard  (site  health)   Image/flash/video  management   Automated  Upgrades   Version  control   Site  import   Link  management  and  preserva:on   Site  Groups   Content  sharing   Automated  SEO   High  Availability   Advanced  CCK   Staging  Environments   Mobile  device  ready   Mul:site  aware  extensions   Global  Replace   Merge  Tags   Category  Hierarchy   Auto-­‐generated  Menus  
  32. 32. Mobile  made  easy   5  steps  to  new  mobile  sites   1. Replicate  site   2. Create  Site  Group  including  both  sites   3. Apply  mobile  template   4. Create  redirects  for  mobile  devices   from  main  site   5. Send  all  new  content  to  Site  Group   Both  sites  will  stay  as  content  replicas  
  33. 33. Admin  and  Content  TCO   Joomla  100  websites  =  417  days/year,  Jentla  =  10  days/year     Site Creation 38 days Extension Upgrades 21 days CMS Upgrades 31 days 19 days Security Alerts 417 days 13 days 21 days Template upgrades 42 days Multi-site Search and replace site text Multi-site Search and replace site images Article updates
  34. 34. World  leaders   Ease  of  use,  templates  &   +   Mul2site  CMS  pricing   extension  set   and  features   Con:nuous  updates  are  included  in  a  Jentla  subscrip:on.     Outcompe:ng  across  the  general  CMS  feature  set.  
  35. 35. Ques2ons/Discussion   Damian  Hickey