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Harn social media strategy

Social Media Strategy for the non profit organization University of Florida Harn Museum of Art

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Harn social media strategy

  1. 1. Harn Museum of Art Social Media Strategy By Damian Fuentes
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Executive Summary • Social media Audit • Social media Objectives • Online Brand Persona Voice • Strategies/Tools • Timing/Key dates • Social media Roles and Responsabilities • Social media policy • Critical responsa plan • Measurment/KPI
  3. 3. Executive Summary • The Harn Museum of Art offers many professional opportunities for students to advance their professional careers. Our target audience is University of Florida students that could benefit from an internship or volunteer opportunity at the Harn. • The Harn faces several specific issues when striving to get students to utilize the museum professionally. Our research shows that the Harn lacks audience outreach; the social media platforms of facebook, twitter and instagram are followed by few university students and are not posted on consistently. University administrators, professors and staff are also mostly unaware of the opportunities at the Harn museum and thus do not direct students to them. Students have reported that the Harn appears boring or unattractive making the attraction of interns difficult. There also exists a clear lack of awareness among students that the Harn even offers internships. One of the largest threats faced by the Harn is students are not choosing to do their internships and volunteer programs with the Harn, but instead, choosing to do it with other UF programs or outside programs. Students that are not familiar with all the offerings of Harn internships will look past it and apply to different organizations. The Harn also does not offer paid internships so if a student can find an internship that gives them credit, experience and pay he or she will most likely choose that alternative. • In order to address these issues, we will focus on the internship opportunities already offered by the Harn and develop additional opportunities. We will conduct a survey among targeted students to determine awareness levels of Harn internships, how many students have considered applying for an internship or have already applied in order to better elevate Harn awareness among students. We will conduct surveys among students who currently intern at the Harn and ask what they enjoy and do not enjoy about the programs. We will run a focus group to determine what students look for in a Harn internship program in order to prepare a plan for the Harn to cater to these desires. Using a social media campaign, we will increase internship opportunity awareness among university students by 5 percent over the next year and then follow up with a survey to measure outreach success.
  4. 4. Social Media Audit Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate Fcaebook 6493 7 post per week 4% Twitter 2829 6-7 tweets per week 5% Instegram 1039 4 post per week interactions per post 34 Youtube fArt 62 4 videos per year 38 views per video last year
  5. 5. Website traffic Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Facebook 7,754 visits 34.30% 31% Twitter 25 visits 3.80% 2.70% Instegram No Data No data no data youtube 304 total video views no data no data
  6. 6. Audit demographic Age Distribution Gender Distribution Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need 70% 55-75 Women 52% Facebook Isntegram Checking upcoming events 20% 31- 54 Men 48% Instegram Facebook 10% 14-30 Twitter Twitter
  7. 7. Social Media Objectives • Using a social media campaign, we will increase internship opportunity awareness among university students by 5 percent over the next year and then follow up with a survey to measure outreach success. Increase Facebook followers in Facebook and Twitter by 25% in 4 months Increase the number of post in Instagram by 2 post per day, since is the network with more interactions Upload at least 1 video a month with a specific subject of the month and share it in Facebook content. We need more social media presence and interaction with the followers in order to change the image of the museum to make it more atractive and fun for students
  8. 8. Online Brand Persona and Voice • Adjectives that describe our brand: Cultural Historical Boring No fun • When interacting with costumers Friendly Informative Encouraging
  9. 9. Strategies and Tools • Owned: Every event that the museum hosts, we are gonna make sure that staff members upload at least one image using #UFHarnexperience to share interns experience working at Harn museum and images to attract future people in upcoming events • When members and students arrive for registration mention the hashtag and encourage them to use it when taking photos of their visit • Earned: Monitor Twitter for keywords and terms: museum, art, internship, UF internships, UF. Conduct a giveaway free meal for a student and a friend at the Camelia Court Center café on Instegram that requieres the student to follow and like a picture at Harn. • Tools • Hootsuit • Buffer
  10. 10. Timing and Key Dates • Holiday dates Spring break (one week break) St. Patrick´s day Easter day Mother´s day Independece day • Internal dates  February 18th- Gallery Talk: Tourist´s view of “Meant to be Shared”  February 24th – members party
  11. 11. Reporting dates • Reporting will oncur every half of the month from February through May. • 4 months of increase awarness among college student in social media before june when many applications deadlines are due
  12. 12. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities • Marketing Director – Rebekha Dain • Social Media Manager – Damian Fuentes • Social Media Coordinator – Aubrey Hoffman • Supporting Social Media Team Members • - Richard Ochkrad (social media support) • -Jenna Gray (customer support)
  13. 13. Social Media Policy • Social media is an important tool for the museum to recruit new talent and share experiences of the daily life in the museum. With more engagement with students and the community in social media, we can achieve an increase of involvement with the museum. Reach to different communities and students nearby the area of Gainesville, and make the museum attractive to volunteer and to visit. As an employee and representative of Harn Museum I´m expected to demonstrate best practices and a sense of formality in the use of social media by following some simple guidelines: • Be clear and concise • No discriminate • Upload relevant information to increase engagement • Solve customer problems or doubts • Offer best customer service through messages • Be authentic • Be polite • Be original
  14. 14. Critical Response Plan • Scenario 1: Inappropriate comment on Facebook from a visitor • A. When comment is detected Inform to social media manager responsible Delete comment If the comment comes from a member, contact the director of marketing to take further action If not, social media manager and coordinatordiscuss the impact and evaluate for further action
  15. 15. • Critical response 2: Visitor complain • A. Social media manager analyze the comment with customer support and provide the best response to complaint Response immediatley the comment on either of the 4 social media networks in order to provide the best service Contact the museum to evaluate the complaint and take further action If a member staff is involve, sync with employee responsible for the complaint to see if disciplinary action is required.
  16. 16. Measurement and Reporting Result • Quantitative Kpi´s • Reporting period 4 months • Data of February 17th, 2017 • Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Facebook 6,495- 3% 35% Instegram 1,040- 1% 16% Twitter 2,829-0% 12% Youtube 62- 0% 0.02%
  17. 17. Web traffic data Source Volume % of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Facebook 124 visits - 4% Growth 35% 8% Instegram NO DATA 244 likes pictures No data twitter 16 visits . 10% growth 4 retweets 12 likes 4% Youtube 2 views- 0% no data
  18. 18. • Our Facebook followers has grown by 21 likes in 2 weeks, on track to hit the target of new 200 likes and follows in a 4 month timeframe. It’s important to note that the average interactions per post have increased by 50% from 16 to 32 . ‹The social content team has done a remarkable job of posting new upcoming events and pictures of the art. We have far surpassed our goal of increasing visual content by 30% in 4 months on Facebook and Instagram and achieved a 300% increase on both channels. A key tactic to this growth has been our ability to track user generated content with the #UFHarnexperience hashtag and share it on our networks. This content is received very well within our community and we want to increase awareness in the UF community in order to attract future interns